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October 2013

Beltane Waratah Gift for YOU!

Blessings of Beltane to each of you! 
And in the Northern Hemisphere... Blessings of Samhain
and YES... Happy Halloween! ;) 

As I'm here in Australia and I connect very closely with Nature, I observe Beltane today. 
It is the beginning of Summer, the joyous time of everything associated with fertility.
things are fiery, alive, energetic and powerful. 

The energy brings up a lot of things that need to be resolved, especially between lovers, in order to move forward. This is also true of anything that you may be creating at present. The coming together of entities in order to create something! 

I always feel the mighty strong powerful Australian Waratah embodies the spirit of Beltane. She flowers around this time, she is a flame in the green fertile bush, tall strong proud and bursting with beautiful passionate energy. 

A full in depth Waratah Oracle & Essence Guide is HERE at this link:
 A Beltane Gift for You. 
You may like to decorate your Altar with this image or just add a bit of Beltane to your 

home or work pace right now to bring in that fertile energy! 
I only ask that you do not reproduce this image for anything other than your personal use. 
If a friend would like one, please have them download their own.
Do not post on the internet at all. 
This is a GIFT for you.
You may like to print it out on nice card-stock or paper and frame. 


*click on this image to be taken to a full sized (A5)
high resolution image to download for printing  


Four Seeds to Grow Your Life Passion!

I had a really great chat with a very dear friend yesterday about Life Passion & Purpose and the need to develop a strong foundation, one which takes a great deal of dedication and depth on many levels. 

Cheralyn, the Rocks, Sydney October 2013
Cheralyn, October 2013, The Rocks, Sydney 

Often I get asked when teaching art or metaphysical subjects just
how to go about finding this Life Passion. 
People don't know what to write about, what to paint, what to even teach other people.
 They just want to DO it, they love the IDEA of writing books, painting artworks, creating oracle decks or teaching but really they don't know WHAT to actually write, paint, create or teach. You then see these people scrambling around, picking up a miss mash of other peoples work and sticking it together as their own. 

Your Passion is already there,
you have the seeds,
you just need to sort them out and get to work.


While inspiration is everywhere and I encourage you to seek mentors and to be inspired, you need to do your own work and to find out what

So before even think of writing that book, teaching that class, you need to learn.........
WHAT your Life Passion IS and live it a bit more to build the foundation on which your work will stand.  

How do you KNOW this is your Life Passion? 
EASY! I wake up each morning in my Life Passion Garden! I never ever have one second of doubt as to what my new work will be! I know what needs to be tended to today. What requires some research, who I have to connect with, what I'm going to share. I'm not lost on a desert planet, I'm right here in my garden and I have work to do.

If you don't know what you are doing or you have to sit sifting through what is being created by others or popular at present to find what yours is,  then you are NOT on the Path of your Life Purpose.
Me?  I can't wait to RUN out into my Life Purpose Garden and research, read, meet other people in my field, go to talks, LEARN and SHARE! 

The energy that will drive you each day and never let you down is your Life Passion but you need to know what it is! People who don't know, cover it over with WAY WAY too much glossy 'insight speak'. They are parroting the work of others, they are unsure of what they are doing and



If you find yourself slipping into this STOP. Well Pit Stop... pull over and let's sort this out. 

You should never ever have to rely on mumbled mystical speak when explaining your work no matter how esoteric it is!! STOP IT! :) It's not a good fit for you if that's what you are doing. 
Because that is EXACTLY what it is!  

There is a MASSIVE difference between work created to fit the market which brings short term reward if any, and work that is instantly recognisable as something 'special'. We often wonder, what is it about that body of work or even that single publication.  You could spend a fortune on Marketing books and you know, they will give you a few tools, but the SEEDS are ALREADY IN YOUR POCKET.


You have three of these seeds already and one you will have to go on a long journey to find. Together they will create a wonderful garden in which you can grow and your Life Passion can flourish.
A Perennial Flower 

An Annual Flower
A Wildflower
An Exotic Flower 
Grown together... they create your Life Purpose Garden.
This is the place you and your work, be it Art, Writing a Book, creating an Oracle Deck, in fact anything at all will flourish and you will run to with joy, confidence and complete oneness every day. 

LIFE PASSION SEED ONE: Your "Perennial Flower"!
What Flower Has Always Grown in Your Garden? 


Even in the tiniest ways ~ what is it that has been there for you. The thing that has given you a smile when you needed it, you have been naturally drawn to, that has stopped your train of thought or your actions to take notice of and join energy with.

This Flower will come back year after year, its already in your Garden, you just need to notice it, propagate it and tend it and then more will grow. 

For example, if you know ANYTHING about me, you will know for me, its Flowers. While it is true I did have a major event which created a deeper connection, it was long before, it was during my childhood that my intense PASSIONATE connection with Flowers began. Probably at the time, I didn't think of it as anything special or different, just a little girl who loved flowers A LOT. 
The dots throughout my life are joined in Flowers and are something I always gravitated towards, in my artwork, my first thing I think about in new places I call home, in home-wares, in clothing, in the things I noticed at events, places and surrounding people. I always what to know... what is YOUR favourite Flower! 
Explore by journaling, by meditating, by going for a journey walk, the thing that has been YOUR constant. Often its so close that we do not see it! 
*Have you always had an affinity with cats? So much so that you FEEL cat~like! 
*Do weather patterns entwine so closely with you that you feel your emotions have grown through them? Can you draw with clouds? 
*Have you collected butterfly wings and drawn the patterns in everything from doodles to the patterns in your ceramics classes and found dresses that made you LOOk like a butterfly? 
Sometimes they can be very general. That's ok too, its a GREAT start...
*You LOVE and adore animals.
*You are fascinated with the Natural World more than Technology

During this Pit Stop...
journal about the things that have woven a thread throughout your life. 

start with lists and look for patterns.
Let yourself dream, remember and explore. 

How do you know it's your constant, your perennial? 
After this exercises, when you talk about your Life Passion, you really can look through your life and relate moments and times of revelation very fluently. Nothing is a misty dim memory, it's a bright shinning touchpoint now you have revealed it's relevance. 


What Flower Grows Easiest and Most Abundantly in Your Garden? 


It's prolific, it's abundant, it's everywhere and grows no matter what. Perhaps some seasons she's a little hard to spot, she may need to be tendered a little bit more than other times, but she's there. Even the slightest encouragement makes her burst forth with joyful exuberant colour! 
You have something, that grows easiest in your Garden because it's the natural Wildflower that belongs there.  It may seem so far removed from art or metaphysical work but I assure you that the connections are there once you start to do the exploration. 
Mine? Artistic Creativity!  
I just do it. It's not that hard. I feel like my natural real self when I'm doing it. 
This cant even be an 'EXERCISE" for you... you should be able to answer this in a SNAP. 
No wrong answer QUICK WHAT IS IT???!!!! 

LIFE PASSION SEED THREE: Your "Annual Flower"!
Which Flower Makes you The Happiest?


You see this 'Flower" and you just smile so widely that everything seems better. The crappiest day ever is turned around, you could crawl out of bed with the flu to still do this, in fact it would make you instantly feel better. Annuals need to be planted each year, they need you to make them happen. Sure sometimes a few seeds can find their way into your Garden but really you need to be happy to make happy happen! 

So what is it in your life that makes you feel happy when it pops up with it's brightness, it's colour?
You need to do that! Plant those Annual seeds all the time. 
At this point I really don't want you to look back on your answers to your previous two LIFE PASSION SEEDS... just answer without finding the right 'fit' for what you have already found. I assure you, it will all come together later. 
Is is an Artform? Is it a Skill you have? Is it something you wish to do?
What ever it is, you will find that making it a bigger part of what you do and threading it through the things you are already doing, you will find yourself in a gorgeous Garden!! 
So what is it that makes you THAT happy? 

LIFE PASSION SEED FOUR: Your "Exotic Flower"!
Which Flower do you Desire Most?


There is something that you desire, that you would like to achieve, it is an Exotic Flower which you may not have the seed for already.  It's perhaps new, undiscovered even, rare and very precious and to grow it will take a lot of work, research and dedication. you can't just throw a few seeds around and hope for the best. Neither can you sit there wondering why it doesn't just sprout up there in your garden. 

You need to do something physical and real, get your hands dirty, be patient and you also need to study, research, connect with other enthusiasts of this exotic species and then you MAY in the future have the Exotic Flower you so desire. 
BUT this Exotic Flower that you so want so badly will die very quickly unless it is supported by the ecosystem of the other plants in your Life Purpose Garden. There has to be links, connections, a FOUNDATION of supporting work and when there is, a Great Garden will arise from your hands. 
All must be tended with care and with the same depth of purpose as the Exotic!
What is your Dream... your BIG life dream and desire?

How does this work in PRACTICE?
You work out what is the constant throughout your life, the thread that has woven through it, that one thing of greatest meaning to you. Alongside this is what you can do so well, that makes your heart sing and work with the greatest ease. That which makes you happiest should be entwined someway and then look at how these seeds you already have can work in together with what it is you desire. 
All together, living and interconnecting... a Body of Work with a strong foundation, touchpoints that have appeared each season to enrich you and a Garden in which the Passion of your Life flourishes! 

I wish YOU find your seeds and create a garden which is thriving under your dedicated hands. 

Your Life Passion! 


What are your seeds? 
What do you feel are the patterns which link them? 



How to USE Mercury Retrograde Energy

Oh let us all find a deep dark cave and hide. 
It is Mercury Retrograde time! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


The thing about Magic and Earth Energy is this...
everything has a positive AND a negative side, even good old feared Mercury Retrogrades.  
There most certainly IS good news and something can be gained
if you use the energy of this time wisely. 

So what is so feared about Mercury Retrograde.
What is it?
Well, it's the period of time that the planet Mercury appears from the Earth to stop and then turn back the opposite way in its orbit. As Mercury is named after and aligned with the Roman Messanger of the Gods you can see now why this period of time brings about communication 'issues'. 
Mercury is also a trickster! So beware. 

The Retrograde period lasts for about three weeks
and occurs three times a year. Right now? 

October 21, 2013 - November 10, 2013

The things that are most frustrating about a Mercury Retrograde are distruptions in communication and now more than ever these things are more evident and annoying as we live in an age of great reliance on very high end technology and communication! 
So! :  lost emails, internet disruptions, miss-understandings surrounding communication equipment, phone breakdowns, mouse mayhem, social media missunderstandings and melodramas abound! 

Relationship wise.... ohhhh watch out! A Mercury Retrograde can muffle meanings and intentions. 
For the sensitive, for the newer relationships, for those a bit tender at present this can be a very bumpy ride over three weeks. When you THINK you hear something 'negative' count to 20 before you open your mouth with a stinging reply! 

When I lived in the USA, I heard this following song... its a zippy old country tune and to this day, when I'm in the middle of a communication Mercury induced Muddle I sing it... in my head or YES out loud... MAKES ME SMILE and chill..... 


BUT here is the MESSAGE in that song.... 
Thanks Mr. Jackson.... :) 

CRUISE  that Mercury up and down the road!!!!! 
While you ARE crazy about it... lol 

Use Mercury Retrograde time to step back and REVIEW the things you are working on at the moment. Its a wonderful time to see what can be improved.

Remember Mercury appears to stop and GO BACK. 
So I like to think of the time as perfect for REVIEW. 

Due to the tricky nature of Mercury, I am also aware of the cheeky way that this information may be shared with me. OH am I being too kind to Mercury!?
lol... ok,  the CYNICAL or the ouch~inducing way, if I'm feeling a bit touchy, that I may find this information. BUT after you calm down, I'm sure you will realise that YOU TOOK NOTICE and perhaps had the information been shared in a more subtle way it might of slipped by you. 

This period is a great time to find lost items, reconnect with lost friends, uncover ideas that have half baked in your dreams and may show promise in the future and also, perhaps most importantly on a personal development level, it's a time of learning flexibility and using your intuition to a greater degree. 

Instead of sitting back in terror and  'blaming' Mecury Retrograde,
you can do something positive about it AND even productive. 

I like to think of CRUISING with Mercury Retrograde not DRIFTING! 
Be aware, be flexible, look a bit deeper, review. 

*Hold off very important communications and discussions if possible
*Filter perceived negative communication with the understanding of the current energy state
*Be extra mindful of important communications you do make and follow up!
*Use the time to Review current projects
*Have a tech break at the Retrograde start
*learn to count to 20 or sing a smile inducing song when the Retrograde energy kafuddles you

WildFlower Energy!
Right now I am Flower Misting my office space a little more often that usual and using a Communication Clear Flower Mist. 
I'm doing this pretty much between each different session of each project I'm working on. 
My advice to you would be to do the same. 
Create clear sections of time and space between each project/work period. 
Rebooting computers, clearing paperwork, Flower Misting and getting away for a little bit. Mercury likes to catch you out and trip you out right now so WATCH OUT. Work diligently, be tidy and methodical so you SEE the threads before they get lost. 

WildFlower Clear Communication Mist
To a 100ml spray bottle 
mix 80mls purest water you can find
with 5mls of brandy 
a piece of the clearest energectically cleanse clear quartz crystal 
and seven drops of the stock essence of EITHER of the following Flowers

*Bush Fuchisa

Mist areas you are working within regularly. 

ALSO, adoren your work area with either the REAL flowers or their images. 

See you on the other side of the Retrograde! :) 



How to Be Anything.......

Take time, slow down, create ART,
and understand the SACRED. 


You can't quickly 'stuff' these things into yourself. 
Layers need to settle on you, develop, meld and some need to be shed. 

I see too many people try so desperately to BE something
instead of being a PART of their PASSION!  

I was reminded of this last night while learning new dance steps in my class...
you have to figure out what works for you and then make it your own,
you can't just BECOME something because you wish it so. 
LOVE what you are doing FIRST with all your heart
and with deepest PASSION...
you will fall,
you will not understand the direction of the teachers
or examples at times
but as you keep practicing and you keep exploring,
as you develop relationships and bonds with others who share your passion

you will find yourself slowly growing into what it is you so desire. 

The first understanding is not to BE a Dancer, 
but to be part of THE DANCE 

Signature3  xx

The Avalon Wildflower Oracle

I was so blessed with my journey during the Northern Summer Solstice with my gorgeous daughter to the UK, Ireland and France earlier this year. I lingered and wandered for days in the lands of Avalon, explored the Chalice Well Gardens, sketched, listened and found so many wise and energy blessed visions through the wildflowers. 

Though not all the wildflowers I have included in this deck are native to the lands of Avalon, many have a special place in the hearts of those who journey here for they have flourished especially in blessed gardens of the Chalice Well and so I was moved to include them. 

The cards are all hand carved lino cut prints that are then hand painted. The oracle insights and healing guides attributed to each is derived from the stories of the people, the land and history, from flower therapy and essence work and from my own personal experiences. 

My next deck will be released very soon.
Today I wanted to share the first image... the cover.... 
To keep up to date with the progress of this deck:  

Sound Healing & Smiles


That's beautiful Natasha from Blessed Branches playing my favourite Musical Instrument, 

You don't have to be musically trained, inclined or experienced to make amazing music with a Gasong Drum. In fact I feel that the more 'free' and experimental you are, by loosening up and JUST PLAYING with out expectations, the more magical the music from a Gasong Drum. 

When playing, the sound fills the air, your body, your heart and that of anyone within the circle of the Gasong being played. Though Gasong creates drums with slightly different sounds, each has the same sound healing qualities ... that's the real Magic. 

Gasong Drums are made from a unusable gas bottle. 
Notes are cut in after sandblasting out from inside, then the coating of the gas bottles are ground off outside to bare metal. This prepares the bottles for the gorgeous colours that Gasong become.
To protect them, they are sprayed with gorgeous vibrant rust resistant paint.

The colours of the rainbow and beyond are used, in fact you CAN have a Rainbow coloured Gasong Drum if you wish.To further protect your drum they are finished with an estopol  coating. THIS makes them sunshine sparkle!

The notes are configured in a pentatonic format which is a sequence of 5 notes spaced over 12.
This makes them blend as you play them in any sequence. They never sound 'off tune' EVER! This means that anyone, even a person with no music ability WILL sound instantly a professional percussionist :)

Gasong vibrations emanate with their sound from the different sized notes. These sounds and the sound vibrations sooth our body muscles, balance our chakras and center our mind. Organically, each has a correlation with different textures and densities throughout our being and can be felt without any prior knowledge as a soothing sensation. Rest assured, even without being aware, beyond this happy soothing sensation, the longer term benefits and deeper healing and balancing are occurring. 

Sound Healing at its best! Meditation and a sense of well-being without even being aware of it happening. Perfect for very young children, those who may not be 'in to' meditation or complementary therapies or may not be able to participate or understand through illness or cognitive ability. The Gasong Drum music will even work with those without hearing as the notes will most definitely be felt as sound waves with the same therapeutic qualities by those in the drums magic circle. 

The beauty and magic of Gasong Drums is the immediate results. There really is no training that you need to undertake or books to read. You just pick up a drum stick or your hand and play... the healing begins for all who are in the Gasong Circle of Magic and Healing! 

A Little Goddess Told Me

I teach an on-line course...
"Creating Your Own Tarot & Oracle Cards"
loving it, there are some AMAZING decks comingout of this course
and really loving the topics we discuss at length in our forum. 

Something incredibly important came up this week. 

"Should you use the meanings that other decks use
for similar themes or your own?"

"Should you share how you came
by these Meanings?"

The heart of this questioning was MUCH DEEPER.

Some students had noticed a few deck creators and writers

had very left of center ideas as well as traditional based works and instead
of saying straight out that these are their visions,
had spoken about esoteric groups or ethereal beings no one
had heard of that had set them

on the path and gifted them this inspiration.  

SOME questioned the validity of these claims, others felt inadequate
because they hadn't had this type of cosmic tick in the box.  

Well I believe that, yes, these things do exist and, yes, people do get training and inspiration from
these places. If you are creating under this influence and guidance then that's fantastic and I honour it. Unfortunately its really easy to hide a whole of lot of bullshit in SIMILAR sounding fantasies and this is the lazy path, the fast and easy path for those who mearly seek to impress and to prop up the validity of their work. 

Its also tempting for the novice and those unsure of themselves, their passions and insights because they just don't seem to stack up against the other work out there at present. It's all backed up with 10 years of training as a Platinum Priestess under the Goddess Temple of Frazzlebottom and and the nightly visitations from Angel AzeKKKle from Planet 9b. 

You know what? As much as its fantastic to be dedicated to an organization and have the training and its wonderful to have ascended to a level that you speak with Angels (I'm not being sarcastic I really do honour these dedications when REAL),  it is more than ok  to just write and create what YOU live and study on your own.

Development and experience are mighty tools!

In fact I would go as far to say, that although all this 'other stuff' gives you something that can not be denied as valuable mentor-ship, you have all you need already to connect to the All, the Earth and to learn the work of Tradition,  and to be REAL! 

example: It's MORE than ok if you are writing an Insect Oracle,

see bees and have feelings and 'know' words, colours,
be inspired to write pages about what a bee means and
then read the work of other animal/insect dedicated initiatives
and discuss and go and study more and experience more! 

Cloistered Training and Visitations? 
If you have them, have access to them, fantastic, they are enhancements, 
but you have all you need to write books, paint cards and understand your world.
To be an Oracle! 

You just need to go outside, be quiet, be open and EXPERIENCE. 
You DO need to honour the traditional ascribed meanings as well
but they never discount your work, your insights if you are working
with true honest clear dedication. Tradition is foundation. 
This is what Oracle is all about this work, this blending, this exploration. 
The base meaning of Oracle Symbols are abstractions! 
The Oracle Writer is taking those abstractions and experiences
and creating a magical tool that can be used by those here now. 

(Greece: The Oracle of Delphi 19th Century, Granger)

The world has changed since the Oracle of Delphi.
It is changing and so is everything in it.  Those here now are the conduits of the new Oracle. 
Tradition should be observed but we can not undervalue
the new language and forms it will take, the additional meanings that will rise. 

perhaps the Mantle of High Priestess MAY assist you hearing the call
or the Visitation of Angles and Faeries may open your heart a little wider 
but it's IN YOU ALREADY. 


I know it may appear on the outside that it works for some,
this smoke and mirrors crap,
but it's just horrible and dishonest and really not your best work.

You don't want to have to live with this or ruin your work with it!

It's why these same people are always on the attack
at any little questioning of their work. 

If you are honest, true and real, you NEVER
feel like this or have to act this way. EVER. 

 <3 Cheralyn xx 

Vibrational Sound Healing

I am incredibly interested in certain Certification courses for various reasons. 

Though I did begin Naturopathy at a College, I never completed it as life got in the way at the time and really I wasn't interested in being "a Naturopath" in a clinic. 
There are Modalities that I AM interested in that enhance my work and my interests.
I consider myself a Flower Therapist, one with a connection and deep understanding of Flowers, their healing qualities and their energetic wisdom. I am also an artist and I teach. 

My certifications surround the well recognised Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers courses as well as various Energy Healing Modalities, smaller interest courses and also Reiki. There are also other flowers, paths and modalities and so naturally and I have bookcases full of references and my own well travelled experience and research to add. 

The biggest reason I undertake courses and certification at all is not so that I can hang a Certificate on the wall or prove anything, but because I am interested in THE COURSE the body of KNOWLEDGE. I want to learn from that organisation or person. I would like to explore and add to my own body of knowledge and I use all this combined experience and wisdom in my work. 

For the past few years I have been very drawn to Sound Therapy and I have been combining it with Vibrational Essences and Flower Therapy with great effect!

I have read extensively and I have looked for courses, in person and online but fallen flat. Some , obviously, are just nonsense and others ridiculously over priced. I began one a few years ago which has Eight levels to get through... each level is about $300. Level one was 6 quadrupled spaced 16pt font A4 pieces of paper that I could of read on Wikipedia about Tuning Forks. So I passed. 

So now with some trepidation I add Vibrational Sound Healing to my list of skills.
I've tried to find a course, a mentor, ANYONE, but fallen flat.

I've read all I can, I've experienced and experimented, documented and researched for three years.
Essences I've created using these methods have been incredibly enriched.
I have trained in Reiki and so am experienced in Body Energy work and understand the integration of this type of healing modality with the body.

My collection of  tuning forks has grown considerably to 31 forks and still increases as I explore new frequencies and methods. My collection of resources now has ground to a halt but I have my intuition and complimentary modalities to assist my further exploration and self training. 


I am SURE someone out there reading this will in fact let me know of courses, people, connections and I really hope so. They are a little hidden away but I really do welcome them!

"Why are People so Nasty in my Field!?"

I awoke with a Newsfeed and an email from a friend on the same theme... 
"Why are People so NASTY in my field and bringing me down?"
Sunflowers talking2

Well the thing is, across these was DIFFERENT FIELDS.

This type of 'thing' is unfortunately a side of human nature.
Not at all a nice thing. 

Some people are deeply insecure. 
This comes from not being authentic themselves or simply feeling unsure 
of their own work, self, beliefs and life. 

The easiest way to ensure their own validity is to seed doubt,
not only in your mind, but in anyone else in your shared field. 
(that's not a field you want to be in!) 

I have seen it in many fields of interest, workplaces and friendship circles. 
The easiest way for you to become top of the heap and to maintain your position
is to discredit those around you. 
Often this is under the cloak of being the champion of the group by exposing some 
undesirable feature or element in the other person or entity 'down there'. 

While in fact this may be desirable,
I mean we DO want to know about frauds,
rippoffs, shonky practice, its interesting to see HOW the information is being

shared. Is it INSIDIOUS? By this I mean is it ambiguous.

If someone or something really IS a problem,
then the news bearer needs to speak up CLEARLY and FOCUSED. 
If something is genuinely an issue and you feel compelled to protect others from it,
stand up speak out, contact the person directly and discuss.
A champion in their field goes to the source and they work to improve situations. 
The weak work in the shadows of the minds of others. 

Shadowy mumbles and 'warnings' about the possible
wrongdoings of others or other

things is just a way to make the news-bearers
own self and work seem somehow more

authentic, better, stronger and its the easiest way to do so.


This is also called DEFLECTION.
People are too busy raising pitchforks,
looking at themselves wondering if THEY too

are part of this evil that has been 'outed'
to really look closely at the Shining White Knight

condemning others and helping us all with whispered
or veiled generalised "INFORMATION".

I ALWAYS question WHY!
Why would this person tell me or anyone else.
Once I have THAT answer, its easy to then look at the validity of their claims.
Do they have evidence that these facts are true and what is the purpose of them sharing it.  
I don't need to know about the 'other' work 'out there' that is not good
which coincidentally you do as well.
I don't need to know about the expensive skin care products that you saw a person purchase. 
I dont need to know about the conversation you heard that wasn't really in line with what that person is about either. 

We don't need White Avenging Knights with Social Media megaphones,
we need people who are living Authentically and 
leading by PHYSICAL example.  

People feel threatened very easily.
You might not even be directly a threat
but what you are doing

somehow rocks the boat in their world. 

This often comes about because THEY are not authentic. 
Its something that burns inside them and they quickly point it out in others
for discussion. There is NOTHING wrong at all with healthy inquiry and you should welcome it. 
Just be aware of the game of public Inquisition and its origins. 

Ensure what YOU do is 100% honest and authentic! 
Then stick to it.
Focus even MORE on what you are doing and ignore. 
Blog-be authentic
It is WAY too easy to enter the game of COMPETITION 
and that is what a lot of these people want you to do! 
But they have given you a MASSIVE handicap
by delivering the first blow ~ 
A King Hit to your Self Confidence! 

They actually hope you won't get off the mat!!

Seriously if YOU know deep in your heart
that what you are doing and who you are
what you are doing is AMAZING!

TRUST ME! You have rocked a few boats
and the lazy captains have grabbed the easiest lines! 

I know its hard but its just wasting
your precious time and energy to otherwise
get caught up in CONSTANTLYdefending yourself and worrying.
Answer directly and be open. 

Understand too that we all make mistakes,
we all are not 100% perfect and unfortunately the 

weak, the insecure, the desperate,
will find those weaknesses and use them to feed 

their own energy and prop themselves up. 

They are frightened, 
threatened, not authentic,
insecure and yeah they 
are making mistakes because
THEY are human too. 

You have bigger things to do, be,
learn and experience.....

Go GET 'Em Tiger!  
Micheal P. Watson 

Ocean Care Day!

Oh LOVELY to be invited to Exhibit & Share again at OceanCare Day ...
this is a very long connection
and I am blessed to be part of the 20th Anniversary! 

Although wider issues are part of the day,
at the heart is the message "Act Local"
and getting people to be more conscious
of their choices and actions EVERY day.

Mermaid recycled
"Mermaid Kiss" Cheralyn Darcey
recycled found objects & ceramics
52 x 35cm
private collection Australia