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Wildflower Oracle ~ Mental Clarity

If you believe in something then you should live it...
There are degrees because, yes we all have to do the day to day living, make a living, bring up children and function on many levels. What I mean is, if something really resonates with you then you LIVE with it woven into all the clothing, fabrics, textures and sensations of your life. 
The lens through which you view the world is tinted with it, the sounds are enhanced with its understanding, the words are richer for it and the actions you move with have a grace of knowing that comes from your connection.

The Lesson...
So it was a double edged lesson for me earlier this year when I met another who also works with Flowers and ended up listening to this person moan about how people 'take it too far' and that it doesn't really matter what attributes ones adds to flowers as they pretty much mean what you want them to.  The person even went through mutual Facebook friends and made fun of some and their Floral obsessions.

What did I do?
Shamefully now I remember painfully, nothing. I smiled with the mask of 'goofy good girl ~ non confrontation' and was mute. I thought this person knew more than I did, they obviously had far more success and seemed much more confident at the time.
Perhaps, I thought, I was silly and obsessed. They knew better than I. 

My Lesson...
The lesson of that day has come full circle now when I realized that when you really live something, there never is a moment when you should ever be ashamed of what you believe in. That others have their own agendas, lives, beliefs and Paths and any negativity towards my own or another's is their personal problem not my mirror to gaze into.

Flowers are incredibly important to me, they always have been.
They enhance everything that I do 
They never take away from my life, they add to it incredibly. 
I have learned many lessons, made amazing connections, received messages, helped others and lived a much richer life because of their gifts. 

What YOU Believe In...
You have to realise that if you have something you are deeply passionate about, you will encounter others on the Path who have much to teach you, much to share and others you in turn my walk beside. There will be others who jump onto to Path with a marching band behind them , to grab what they can as fast as they can and they will even try to push you off the path in various ways.

Stay True, Stay Strong...  
If you believe in something with all your heart then it is
YOUR Passion... YOUR Path... YOUR Purpose!!
You won't be the only one in the Universe with the same and THAT is a wonderful thing. 
Embrace those who are interested in working alongside you and walk away from those
with the seemingly the same passion  but who would deter you in yours in any way.

SO a Wildflower Oracle Postcard with a Mental Clarity Spray for you to create!
I find that I often need something like this in times when my emotions get a little bit too
swayed by the energies of others. But gaining a bit more mental clarity, I find I am able to stay th true course! ENJOY!!  

If you click on this picture, you will be taken to a larger image which you can save and print out. 


Happy Blessings! <3 xx