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The Road Out of UNreality

Yesterday all day, people who I love the most where really hurting. 
Emotionally, physically, mentally.
The thread through it all that kept surfacing in varying degrees was what others
would think or had thought or are thinking.

We put far too much power in the hands of others when we focus so much energy on this.

Life is so transparent now. Its so easy for everyone to see in.
Its also really easy to build great big Billboards in front of our windows so people
see what we want them to.

Though Facebook and the world it reflects tells us otherwise,
no body is perfect or lives the perfect life and even if you are Miley Cyrus,
you have a day to day life that is pretty much like everyone else's.

The mentally and the energy of the world these days is a fast bright gaudy scrapbook
of what Google tells us it is.

The popularity search engine.
We fear that our mistakes might make it into the top 10 as much we desire
a place in it for the positive things in our lives.
There is an entire 1,000,000 plus OTHER pages on the search engine, look beyond.

Better still, go out into the world and experience REALITY.

Everyone stuffs up, everyone has problems and everyone is not as "great" as their last FB Post!
I'm not saying people are 'fake' and hiding things to be phoney,
ok SOME are, but what I AM saying is that probably most are like me,
we show the best side ourselves because we wish to be POSITIVE.

Unfortunately when you are down, feeling bad about yourself,
have made a mistake, it can seem like the rest of the world has reach the Wonderful World of Oz
and received every imaginable gift from the Wizard because they are as
Good and Perfect as Dorothy.
They all look at you like innocent Munckins shaking their heads in disappointment.

That's what it SEEMS like, but its NOT how it IS!
The truth is, everyone is actually in Kansas worrying about the tornado and
living life as best they can.

On the other side....
Don't be so quick to judge.
I have noticed that the people who are the most Self Righteous and 'perfect' and 'outraged'
are the usually ones hiding the most.

It's called DEFLECTION.

And many are just Sheep following what they think their audience wants to hear...

A very interesting chat I had a few months ago was with someone about their youth.
Oh they slept with every Rock Star around at the time, each night a different big name front man....
they where a real life 'Banger Sister'. On and on it went.

But then how the tables turned when someone SINGLE in their midst had a one night stand.

Sometimes they forget which stage they are on.
Be really kind to YOU. 
Don't compare yourself to ANYONE.
Life is a great big Map and there are going to be some hostile territories,
some places you would rather forget and the going will get tough and you will lose the road
entirely at times.

You will also find your way again, create new paths and find something really amazing
you never knew existed out there so don't throw it away or give up EVER!

I wish that you are ALL OK today and that you stop
and think before you Judge yourself or anyone,
yes even Miley.

LOVE & healing from sadness.......