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Full Moon in Pieces ~ Xanthorrhoea (Spear Grass)

Next Session: Create & Self Publish YOUR Oracle & Tarot Deck ONLINE COURSE

It was so exciting earlier this year when my dream became a reality
and I published my first Deck. 

RIGHT now I'm up to sharing Week Three with the first Session of my course and the excitement, progress and energy in our classroom and private forum is just wonderful. 

I'm also about to publish my next two decks.....
"Wildflowers of China Oracle" & "Wildflowers of the Earth Oracle" 

Self Published with my complete control and seeing what I dreamed come to be, exactly how I had seen it in my vision! 
Along the way so many people have written to me and asked me how I did it, how they too can do it and so because I already teach in person and online I began putting this course together. 
In it I show you exactly how I self publish my decks and yes I did do it with NO MONEY upfront at all. 
And you can too...... 

ONLINE COURSE: Creating & Self Publishing Tarot & Oracle Cards
with Cheralyn Darcey course fee $130
videos, audios, worksheets and comprehensive notes 

This 6 week course begins ON  MONDAY 14th OCTOBER 2013
You can start when you like, come and go as you please and you can have access for a full 12 MONTHS as well as have full access to the private forum for that time. 
You do not need to be online at certain times, the classroom with all the features is open 
all the time. The forum is open all the time for you to access too! 
I LIMIT Spaces to 20 to ensure my commitment to each student.  
We booked out last time.... 

to book  (option to pay via deposit or in full)
and for lots more information GO TO THIS LINK: 




"Yay thank you so much for the motivation Cheralyn Darcey. I was thinking of looking into getting someone else to do the paintings for my deck until I started your course ......... I know that if we all let the artist within come forward in what ever medium speaks to us we will all create something special, unique and heart felt. The creativity is amazing." Laura 

Oh My Goodness Cheralyn I cant express to you how grateful I am for the information you cover ........ You have covered everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Thank you soooooo much!   
I had been getting a bit overwhelmed by all the questions being asked on the forum and I was thinking "how come I'm not thinking of these questions?" but I took a step back and thought "dont panic this is what the course is about and you will learn all of this". After reading this weeks lesson I am VERY assured .........
Thank you again!   Pam xxx


Possibly the most worrying aspect of creating your cards but I have tried so many different ways, done the legwork for you and have found the Holy Grail. After years of trial and error and giving lots of companies the go, I have found a few options that I will present to you and my favourite. Then I will walk you through the entire process. The quality of the cards is beautiful! Professionally printed and everything I dreamed they would look like. That deck "The Australian Wildflower Oracle" has been sold all over the world. 

In my course I not only share with you how to publish but how to create a deck from scratch. I am a lifelong tarot and oracle reader, a very dedicated student of the cards and a collector with well over 150 decks and counting!! You may already have a fantastic structure idea, or none at all. I really cant wait to get our forums open to let the discussions, learning and sharing begin!

Some of you will have artwork ready in full, begun or perhaps you are not an 'artist' at all. (Well thats not true as we are ALL Artists!) I will be sharing with you how to make a Deck a reality through whatever level of Artwork you have from none to a gallery. Those with none? I have a few really easy, very effective ideas that you can use to create decks using collage, photography and even children's artwork! We shall also discuss finding Artists and collaborations and you can start right here in your Course Forum, who knows that amazing idea for a Deck of Sunrises COULD include a Watercolour Painter who would love to work with you! 
I will be assisting you and sharing with you EXACTLY how to prepare your artwork for printing too. YES it is a little tricky at times but thats ok, again I've done it, I've worked it out and no matter your skill levels with computers I do have easy tricks to make it happen! 

I am so excited already meeting those who are joining me in the course. 
There are authors, there are artists, people with dreams to do this, people who are interested in seeing how its done and can't wait to get started. Some just thinking about creating a deck and looking at how to start. There are those who have been trying unsuccessfully for years either to finih their decks or have been rejected or ignored in mainstream publishing and just need that little bit of extra help to make it happen.
Seriously, no matter what level of experience or length of time you have been 'at it' I am ready for you to come and share my enthusiasm to make your dreams and visions realities. 

 to book and for lots more information GO TO THIS LINK: