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Kids Colour In Wildflowers! Gymea Lily

Happy Monday! 
A few friends with young children have asked me if they could have any
'cast offs' in my printing process for them to colour in. 

GREAT idea... BUT... the inks I use are not oil based for Eco friendly
reasons so would disperse too easily under the artistic efforts of exuberant Art Adventurers! 

I'm also REALLY careful and don't have any 'cast offs' as I've gotten my printing
down pat these days after one completed deck and two more nearing completion. 

But what I DO have is THIS! 


Click on the image and you will be taken to a full sized image to download
for an A4 printout.
YES you can share... YES I'd love you to post them on my Facebook wall
 to decorate it for me and YES I'll keep making more...
voting for NEXT flower starts now!  

I left the name off it as I think its a great way for you to explore with your kids.
This is an Australian Wildflower and the words around
it are usually attributed to it through indigenous legends
and essence creation practices. 
psssttttt it's a Gymea Lily

*the website listed on the bottom is my new wildflower home on
the internet! Moving soon. :)