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Full Moon in Pieces ~ Xanthorrhoea (Spear Grass)

Blessings of the Full Moon in Pieces to you all. 
Such a Spiritual Magical Full Moon!! 
from The Australian Wildflower Oracle: 

A time for healing and reconnecting with the All, humanity and that which is of Service to others. 

On the Creative side? Harness the Power of this day and evening with Deep Meditation because right now is which messages, divine creative ideas and inspiration will flow.
all that you notice, feels and think today because there will be illuminations and glimmers of Paths ahead that you would not even of imagined existed until the light of this Full Moon! 


It's a Full Moon of doing things with the one you love, a great Moon for invoking Love, revitalising love, deeper levels of intimate understandings (think fish no longer swimming apart but swimming together). 
Helping and sharing with others for the greater good will have more impact at this time and if you have been wondering how you can help, then today you should be closer to the realisation of your gifts. Starting new endeavours that involve a level of Service will be incredibly prosperous for your spiritual health. 

Spiritual Awakening time! An understanding of your connection with the All, your place as part of, not apart and a fantastic time to meditation, do energy work, ritual and healing of self to realign and to awaken to new levels. 

The Flower of this Full Moon? 
Spear Grass (Xanthorrhoea) 

The flowers bloom as tiny tiny white flowers on the majestic spears.

Meditation on these flowers, taking the essence will lead to Crown Chakra Opening, awakening and connection. 
So if you cant find a beautiful Xanthorrhoea or its essence today... here is one of my Wood Block Carvings of one for you......

Happiest Blessings! xx