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Leader, Teacher, Master Tradesperson?

Remember to surround yourself with those who bring out 

If YOU are a Leader in your Field...
Learn to be a Master of your Trade!
~ someone who has proven to be a MASTER TRADESPERSON.

These are people willing to SHARE not to tell you things but to open their doors and let you in.
They say... "Here is something I have learned and come with me and
TOGETHER we shall learn more!

YOU will learn my trade and I will learn to Master it!"

There are so many that feel in order to make themselves 'right' 'better' 'bigger'
that they need to somehow prove how 'wrong' or insignificant the contributions of other's are.

Even if their work is well meaning and has light this occurs.

People who are doing similar work to you, MAKE YOU FEEL WELCOME!
Don't YOU fall into this trap either, its not something to emulate!!

I teach a lot of people and I work with many in various fields and time and time
(and AGAIN yesterday!) hear people worried about this, feeling alienated by
those they admire and not being encouraged to be Leaders, to be Artists, to be Game Changers.

They are or they INSPIRED by Leaders and TEACHERS but they really need to find
MASTER TRADESPEOPLE! 3-of-pentacles-rider-waite1

I used to be a Tradeperson so I understand COMPLETELY what the term...
"Master Tradesperson"

means and unfortunately its very much misinterpreted.

It dosen't mean that the person is so amazeballness and
that everyone loves them and their work.

It dosen't mean that they are JUST incredibly experienced
It dosen't meanthat they have a kazillion accolades and awards.

It DOES mean a very simple yet absolutely VITAL element that the world needs
in order for the work that the person does continues...

A Tradesperson has achieved all the skillsets required to do their job
through training and experience.

A Master Tradesperson is one who has trained someone to the same level.

Think about that.

The term actually comes from the way the word Master is used "a master of someone"
(to have an apprentice)
NOT as we think of it now as to "Master a Trade".
I know that's the WAY the term is used these days but really its not quite correct.
YES in days of old you would of been the "Master over someone" and we have grown a lot
since those days and improved our teaching methods! :)

A Master of their Trade, never makes you feel unwelcome on the work floor.
There is always room for another apprentice and there certainly is room for peers,
other Master Tradespeople!

No one has all the skills, answers,
inspirations, tools and materials.

Because the work MUST continue.

Once you learn your Trade you KEEP LEARNING!
(yup even if you are a 'Master', you need to keep going!)
Well this won't happen in your four walls with just your PAST experiences,
you need to do CONTINUING TRAINING, you need to get out in the world and listen to
your Peers and you need to cross train too!
You need to develop a group of diverse, challenging, encouraging peers so you don't stagnate.

Your work is your Passion and it lights a fire that others will see from a far.
WELCOME them to the fire, ask them to bring something to share around it, to add to it and
TOGETHER you can watch the fire burn brighter and bigger and stronger.
Avoid the Flame throwers and don't be one!
They stand with a Passion of Fire but spin in a circle burning
any who come near with a Flamethrower.

You should ALWAYS feel safe when you are learning and being inspired.

But never ever should you feel bad about yourself or your own work not matter what it is.

When you are the one with a message to share or something to teach
be the Fire Igniter and Stoker, tend that fire well... don't be the FlameThrower because the light
may burn brightly for a while and burn paths and whole areas but it will not be passed or even

survive once it burns everything and itself out.

The most magical flame I ever beheld was very small but it had the power to light the hearts of
all who came to see it...


and remember....... BE That Happy Magical PERSON too.....

Happiest Blessings!