Year Talisman

Each year I make MYSELF a Talisman
and it always becomes something incredibly important as the year unfolds.

I wear it at times when I need protection, confidence, when Im celebrating something, when I'm teaching, when I just feel her or him) calling for me to do so. 
Last year my beautiful friend Lucy Cavendish gave me a Brigid's cross that she brought back from Kildare and I created my Birthday Talisman from it, NEVER thinking at that time I would actually ever have the opportunity to visit the UK & Ireland. 


Well that Talisman not only gave me an amazing year, but it took me on my month long Journey to Avalon, England Scotland, Paris, Ireland and once there.....yes Kildare.

Yes I do create faux finishes.... BUT....The verdigris is COMPLETELY natural and I ADORE it.... it occurred over the year as she has been through rainstorms, a fall in a river, tears of joy & sadness ~ mine and friends, dog kisses, baby dribbles, spilt drinks, showers and bath taken in absent minded exhaustion, overzealous essence adornment and of course Rituals, Circles and Blessings when she has been cleansed, enriched and empowered. 
There are things I've probably forgotten but are now always held in the patina of time.


I've also been blessed with an wonderful last year and I am truly grateful... I sit and I look at this beginnings of this year's Talisman lying on the Magic Workshop Bench, found at very pivotal moments the past week and I wonder... what will reveal itself this 12 months ahead? 
I have intentions but I also have an open adventurous heart that enjoys exploring possibilities undreamed of.

Green garnet

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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