Sydney Moderns & Urban Magick!

Hello! and if YOU are in Sydney........ come along because.....
Today IS the day I'm seeing the Sydney Moderns exhibition for the first time AND I have organised an Art Magick get together... detals are over at Facebook at this event link.

Grace Cossington Smith The bridge in-curve, 1930 (detail)

So come along to the Art Gallery of NSW and join us. 
Its a social FREE get together. You just need to pay for your ticket ($15) and you need to PURCHASE TICKET ONLINE before you meet us. It CAN take a long time queuing at this gallery to get tickets! We cant wait, we are beginning our entry TOGETHER at 1:30pm SHARP! 
Meet on the Gallery Steps out the front at 1pm. You can Facebook Message me for my mobile number if you need it. 
I see there are some people I haven't met (love new friends!) ... you can't miss me, I have very long wild blonde hair and I ALWAYS wear flowers in it. 
online ticket purchase:


I adore this time period in Australian Art, it features many of my early inspirations and it echos the time I lived right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge in my early 20s and early as a child when my grandfather was the office manager at Luna Park.
The paintings of Grace Cossington~Smith take me right back there and of course as the majesty of that arch spanned over everything I did in my daily life, loves, play and wanderings. Her energy infused linework in the colours only the very familiar see in The Bridge sing to me. 
That is JUST ONE of the many artists on exhibition here... yes there is my very beloved Margaret Preston too!  I'm excited and really looking forward to a gallery visit with a bunch of interested people. 

After, I'm starting a body of work under the title of Urban Magick and I invite YOU to join in. If you have never created for an exhibition before, it a great way to see how it all comes together.  You can just watch... I wont force you to create art... but its a great way to venture in as well! At crafts, Writing... anything at all that moves you. I will be creating an online exhibition and looking at an in person one too! You can join in no matter where you are too! 
First step is to join the Public Facebook Group so you can see what's going on....
THIS IS THE LINK for the Group.....


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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