Spirit Dolls with Sacred Familiar

I adore Workshops. 
I adore creating them, holding them and YES! I adore attending them.
Coming together with others to create is the heart of my own path in its many facets. 
I have always been a teacher of creativity in some way but it is not, as some may put it, "The Calling to Teach", it is the knowing that my calling is to bring people together, not to teach them but to ignite that passion, to plant the seeds that they may grow and find directions, new ways and become the Creative that we all are. To connect strongly with the Artist in us all.

Why is this so important? 

Because I've never met someone EVER that said, "I'm not an Artist" in a POSIVIE way... it is ALWAYS with a drop in tone, a sideways look, a feeling of lament. 
So oviously it is something we all would like to be. 
As any of my 'students' (Oh I need new terms... I shall find them ONE DAY!)... as any will know, I believe, no actually, I KNOW we are all Artists, we are all Creative and we all hold within us great power once we connect with the part of us that is The Artist. 

If you do not believe you are an Artist, you just haven't found your medium.


The Artist we all are is not the end result of our creative 'work'. 
It is NOT the Painting, the Sculpture, The Dreamcatcher, The Talisman, The Doll.
 I am an Artist because I see things and their potentials as subjects, as concepts as part of creativity and creation. 

I am Artist because I share with other Artists on both sides of the canvas and together we create with our twinned emotional responses to the World and all that is within it.
I am an Artist because I am more than the canvas, the paint, the clay, the thread and needle. The materials do not matter, because I can Create with anything.
 I am an Artist, because I am Human. 

So it was a beautiful affirming night when I attended the Julia Inglis of Sacred Familiar Workshop this week in Manly, Sydney. As well as teaching, I of course attended many workshops in creativity and spirituality. Those that combine the two are naturally those I adore most!

Julia is just wonderful. I can not begin to find words to describe an experience as profound as being part of the Space of great Creative Sacred that she weaves. A strong and powerful Storyteller, a Woman of great Magic and an Artist who embodies all I've just shared with you... I did not have to see any painting, sculpture, creative 'eveidence' to judge whether I was in the company of an Artist. Her passion and connection with the Artist in her was there in flesh, in breath, in voice, in spirit.

Julia brought us together to each create a Spirit Doll, a felted doll, a muse, that was born from a meditation that Julia took us on through a past life. Nestled in my favourite Bookshop "Desire" in Manly on a strangely warm August night, on Imbolc this Artist connected all of us to the Artist within.
Tony Esta drummed the heart beat that guided us, his calming presence was supportive and lifted us from the everyday to feel safe, ready and connected to the Journey ahead.
Rory Julia's familiar made us all smile as he too became part of the magic, the workings, the weavings of that night.

We where taken through to the past to meet another Artist and work through that life and find the mantras of limitations we had believed and still lived today.  It was a deep, layered, vivid dreaming that I am still meditating with, journalling, reflecting on and discovering each moment since that night.

After the Journey to the Artist of before, we had all awoken from this suspended sleep of self imposed doubts, we each took up the wools, the needles and each was the Artist of now, no matter our experience or belief, and we knew how to create our Spirit Doll. Our new muse with new understanding could be born. 

The silence while we all worked with spun yarns, forming our Muse, placing herbs and treasures within their bellies, mine an acorn, others crystals, shells sacred herbs while the overlaid chimes that Julia played enriched  the energy of the room with the knowing of Artists of all time. We could of been in temple in Ancient Greece creating votives of devotion, a clearing in a Native America community making dolls of protection for our children... the energy, the sense of ancient Creation in Community was strong, healing and so affirming. 
No one in that Space of Julia's made a Great Doll, the Best Doll, the Worse Doll. No one. 
This is what Real Art is. It just is. We all looked at each others dolls with amazement, with love, without the learned eye of criticise because THAT is not Art, judgement of Art is actually impossible. 
But that is another story for another day. 

Each of us listened to the story of our fellow Artists as we described our mediation journey and our Spirit Doll but really I feel we could easily have known the story by looking at these spirit held creations but more importantly, because we had created TOGETHER.
 That is what a gifted Teacher, an Artist with connection to their Craft, to their spiritual being can do. And Creation in Community is sadly a lost intuitive skill, one that would be ignited in any who had yet to find it or had lost their way that night. 

My Creation.... Lion Woman
Lion woman

Lion Woman Walking Away 
Lion woman walking

Creation in Community is vitally important. 
So how can YOU recapture this and be the Artist you are?? 
These are al examples of creation in community and the thing you need is not a great supposed inherent talent in a medium. It is the, even tiniest shimmer of yearning that you can hold in your hands and blow with the creative breath into the flame of Creativity. 
Do not attempt any of these without leaving your self imposed mantras of limitations at the door. 
Yes you may create a great work of Art, but that is not the point. The point is to start and create a living breathing, STRONG ARTIST... the one you already are, have been, will always be. 

*Attend a Workshop
*Do a Community College Course
*Start a Creativity Circle... a meeting up in person of people on a regular basis, you could all do the same Art or  Craft or all just bring something you are working on. YES you could have sharing times where you demonstrate something you do. ideas? sewing, quilting, felting, bead-making, card making, stamping, calligraphy... ANYTHING!
 *Join in online communities
*Join an Art Swap Round Robin (there are heaps online)
*Discover Artists Trading Cards ~ I have had great success with many doubting Aritsis with these treasures
*Soul Collage!!!!! I can not recommend the journey and gift that is Soul Collage. ANYONE can do it and its a life changing and affirming experience

And of course, MAKE the opportunity to spend an evening with Julia, Tony & Rory because it will make all those other things so much easier, richer and affirming. You are an Artist, because you are Here. 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn x 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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