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Something Magical!

If I had to choose a Magical thing in my life it would have to be the skill I'm blessed with ~

Teaching at the Wiccan Conference 2013
Teaching at the Wiccan Conference 2013

Teaching, Getting People Together,
Creating Groups,  Making Learning Experiences fun, interesting and productive. 


I find it the MOST Magical thing I've ever experienced and I am Blessed with the skill and the desire to keep improving and to keep learning myself. 

It began a very long time ago when I started teaching Arts & Crafts and volunteering as a group leader in various youth organisations. My experience spans just over 30 solid years.
It's the Magic of watching the spark ignite in those who join me.
The Magic isn't me telling or teaching anything.

I simply share what I know with those who have an interest and I shine a light on new possibilities.

Facilitating and Teaching are nothing to do with ME,
they are everything to do with with US
and the Magic that happens as we laugh, learn and share together.

During the 1990s through to the 2000s I taught at Craft Fairs in Australia and the USA. There where A LOT of firsts that I conquered, the first Powerpoint Presentations in an Australian Craft Workshop, The first Australian to teach a craft that shall remain nameless (HA!) in the USA, the first teacher to organise cross promotion of companies at a national fair AND not get FIRED! :P 

But that was NOT magical, it was just stuff that happened along the way. I mention it because too many people put WAY too much emphasis on these things when really, the important, the truly magical is what happens when the people you are sharing with, who come along to learn from you....
.......CONNECT, LEARN, ACCOMPLISH and then... spread their own wings and FLY. 

                                          Something Magical!