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My Day on the Hour...

I found this really awesome idea over at another Blog...
to stop and take a photo each hour of your day.
I like it!!
 The idea is to set an alarm on your phone to go off on the hour and just take a photo of whatever you are doing right there and then. 
SO here we go...... 

5am... WAKE UP MUM!

6am... COFFEE & MAIL & NEWS!
7am... Curves Workout! 
8am... Cooking! A Week's worth of Healthy Organic Soup

9am... POWERwalking the Dogs! 

10am....The Admiral won a local Raffle and I picked up the Prize! 


11am... Computer work!


12pm... Starting a New Painting

1pm... with daughter at Mosman Art Gallery visiting an Art Exhibition at The Cube
2pm... Art Supply Shopping at Vinnies!

3pm... Online God & Goddess Nicho Shrine FILMING for Creative Witchery Workshop
4pm... Talisman Creation time in the Magick Workshop

5pm... Creative Witchery Website Building, creating new Course pages for Teachers


6pm... answering Creative Witchery emails, messages and formatting classrooms


7pm... Creative Witchery work.. moved to lounge to be cosy and warm :)


8pm... Another Creative Witchery Classroom launched!


9pm... Magic Workshop.. a bit of painting, sculpture & surface prep


10pm... Goodnight Mum :) ...
ummm you have BEDS!!!!!



I'd Like to Learn... How to Do THAT!

Well...... I never stop learning! 
You never should.
Keeps the mind, heart, body and soul active. 
As an Artist, its called development and its what takes your work into the realm of "Art". 

On my easel this week ~ unfinished "Aphrodite Sails"

I teach and people are often surprised when they realise that I can do something a little left of what they are observing at the moment. There is a lot to be said for discipline but you can not let yourself get stale. 


I see it a lot. People who learn how to master one skill in art and that's it. That's all you see. There are MANY shortcuts and easily replicated methods these days thanks to computers, air brushes and thanks to advanced manufacturing methods and online shopping  the availability of a consistent supply of materials from anywhere on the planet. 

If you have? Time to break out because this statement is so true. 


This is not about changing styles, its about development, improvement, exploration. 
Unfortunately so many get to a level of success and then hang up their spirit for learning on the mantle next to their trophies.
Its so easy to see and a little disappointing. It's rampant in certain fields where the Artist has brought something a little new into the arena, garnered a following and applause. They then think that's it, the match is won. The churning begins.
That's manufacturing a product for a market, not Art.

Is is ok?
Sure it is! Coke and McDonalds do it everyday. It works, everyone is used to seeing their burger and drink look that way. Every now and then a little twist is added for a limited time, but really its the same old crowd pleaser that has its following and market. 

If YOU want to be an Artist, you create Art. You answer a question in your heart, in the world and you go get it. You LEARN, you never stop learning. If you develop a skill, you get better at it! Once you do that, you learn other layers to bring into your work from all sorts of places. Go left of field because over there will be really good stuff!

Right now, I'm doing a few classes with the lovely Jane Davenport to improve my skills in certain mediums (pencil!!!!) and  I would very much love a more characterized feeling to some of my work. 

Yeah dont be surprised! Sure I've won a few Art Prizes and I teach, but as I said I learn!!
I have mentors, I have teachers.
I'm NOT a guru, Spiritual OR of the Art kind. I'm a real person like YOU.
The only different is, if you are my student? I'm just a bit further down the Path you are taking. My job is to hold you hand and say, "Come on, lets go exploring TOGETHER and I'll show you what I know and we can explore TOGETHER!!" 

No one woke up knowing how to paint with a computer or a brush!  
Sorry but it just didn't happen... they either read a book written by A PERSON, went to class by A PERSON, trained with A PERSON, found the information on the internet created by a PERSON. 

Yes they probably blended it and developed their own style (PERFECT!)
These people are not shrouded in Mystery either. 
Mentors and Teachers deserve to be 'outed' and loved by everyone! 

It's a very insidious (and transparent) thing to do to NOT praise these people however you came across them and how they inspired your work or worse still, and oh dear  I see this so much,....

"I can't tell you because I'm sworn to secrecy because this person is very (famous, revered, a hermit) and never teaches and passed the information on to me only as the anointed one"
Well *sigh*, sorry to sound so cynical but the computer age seems to have created a lot of these secret mentoring people!

YOU are just as SPECIAL, WORTHY & ABLE as them to obtain this knowledge...
ok??!!!! got get 'em Tiger!  
.....and then... be awesome to your Mentors & Teachers wherever you may find them!

I am so incredibly grateful for the teachers I have had in Spirituality and in Arts and Crafts and for those I know I will STILL have in the future! You can see them mentioned throughout my blog and work. 

Do not stop learning! 
You will never know it all. 
I would like to Learn?..... Whatever comes next! 


Sydney Moderns & Urban Magick!

Hello! and if YOU are in Sydney........ come along because.....
Today IS the day I'm seeing the Sydney Moderns exhibition for the first time AND I have organised an Art Magick get together... detals are over at Facebook at this event link.

Grace Cossington Smith The bridge in-curve, 1930 (detail)

So come along to the Art Gallery of NSW and join us. 
Its a social FREE get together. You just need to pay for your ticket ($15) and you need to PURCHASE TICKET ONLINE before you meet us. It CAN take a long time queuing at this gallery to get tickets! We cant wait, we are beginning our entry TOGETHER at 1:30pm SHARP! 
Meet on the Gallery Steps out the front at 1pm. You can Facebook Message me for my mobile number if you need it. 
I see there are some people I haven't met (love new friends!) ... you can't miss me, I have very long wild blonde hair and I ALWAYS wear flowers in it. 
online ticket purchase:


I adore this time period in Australian Art, it features many of my early inspirations and it echos the time I lived right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge in my early 20s and early as a child when my grandfather was the office manager at Luna Park.
The paintings of Grace Cossington~Smith take me right back there and of course as the majesty of that arch spanned over everything I did in my daily life, loves, play and wanderings. Her energy infused linework in the colours only the very familiar see in The Bridge sing to me. 
That is JUST ONE of the many artists on exhibition here... yes there is my very beloved Margaret Preston too!  I'm excited and really looking forward to a gallery visit with a bunch of interested people. 

After, I'm starting a body of work under the title of Urban Magick and I invite YOU to join in. If you have never created for an exhibition before, it a great way to see how it all comes together.  You can just watch... I wont force you to create art... but its a great way to venture in as well! At crafts, Writing... anything at all that moves you. I will be creating an online exhibition and looking at an in person one too! You can join in no matter where you are too! 
First step is to join the Public Facebook Group so you can see what's going on....
THIS IS THE LINK for the Group.....


Something Magical!

If I had to choose a Magical thing in my life it would have to be the skill I'm blessed with ~

Teaching at the Wiccan Conference 2013
Teaching at the Wiccan Conference 2013

Teaching, Getting People Together,
Creating Groups,  Making Learning Experiences fun, interesting and productive. 


I find it the MOST Magical thing I've ever experienced and I am Blessed with the skill and the desire to keep improving and to keep learning myself. 

It began a very long time ago when I started teaching Arts & Crafts and volunteering as a group leader in various youth organisations. My experience spans just over 30 solid years.
It's the Magic of watching the spark ignite in those who join me.
The Magic isn't me telling or teaching anything.

I simply share what I know with those who have an interest and I shine a light on new possibilities.

Facilitating and Teaching are nothing to do with ME,
they are everything to do with with US
and the Magic that happens as we laugh, learn and share together.

During the 1990s through to the 2000s I taught at Craft Fairs in Australia and the USA. There where A LOT of firsts that I conquered, the first Powerpoint Presentations in an Australian Craft Workshop, The first Australian to teach a craft that shall remain nameless (HA!) in the USA, the first teacher to organise cross promotion of companies at a national fair AND not get FIRED! :P 

But that was NOT magical, it was just stuff that happened along the way. I mention it because too many people put WAY too much emphasis on these things when really, the important, the truly magical is what happens when the people you are sharing with, who come along to learn from you....
.......CONNECT, LEARN, ACCOMPLISH and then... spread their own wings and FLY. 

                                          Something Magical!  





Year Talisman

Each year I make MYSELF a Talisman
and it always becomes something incredibly important as the year unfolds.

I wear it at times when I need protection, confidence, when Im celebrating something, when I'm teaching, when I just feel her or him) calling for me to do so. 
Last year my beautiful friend Lucy Cavendish gave me a Brigid's cross that she brought back from Kildare and I created my Birthday Talisman from it, NEVER thinking at that time I would actually ever have the opportunity to visit the UK & Ireland. 


Well that Talisman not only gave me an amazing year, but it took me on my month long Journey to Avalon, England Scotland, Paris, Ireland and once there.....yes Kildare.

Yes I do create faux finishes.... BUT....The verdigris is COMPLETELY natural and I ADORE it.... it occurred over the year as she has been through rainstorms, a fall in a river, tears of joy & sadness ~ mine and friends, dog kisses, baby dribbles, spilt drinks, showers and bath taken in absent minded exhaustion, overzealous essence adornment and of course Rituals, Circles and Blessings when she has been cleansed, enriched and empowered. 
There are things I've probably forgotten but are now always held in the patina of time.


I've also been blessed with an wonderful last year and I am truly grateful... I sit and I look at this beginnings of this year's Talisman lying on the Magic Workshop Bench, found at very pivotal moments the past week and I wonder... what will reveal itself this 12 months ahead? 
I have intentions but I also have an open adventurous heart that enjoys exploring possibilities undreamed of.

Green garnet

Spirit Dolls with Sacred Familiar

I adore Workshops. 
I adore creating them, holding them and YES! I adore attending them.
Coming together with others to create is the heart of my own path in its many facets. 
I have always been a teacher of creativity in some way but it is not, as some may put it, "The Calling to Teach", it is the knowing that my calling is to bring people together, not to teach them but to ignite that passion, to plant the seeds that they may grow and find directions, new ways and become the Creative that we all are. To connect strongly with the Artist in us all.

Why is this so important? 

Because I've never met someone EVER that said, "I'm not an Artist" in a POSIVIE way... it is ALWAYS with a drop in tone, a sideways look, a feeling of lament. 
So oviously it is something we all would like to be. 
As any of my 'students' (Oh I need new terms... I shall find them ONE DAY!)... as any will know, I believe, no actually, I KNOW we are all Artists, we are all Creative and we all hold within us great power once we connect with the part of us that is The Artist. 

If you do not believe you are an Artist, you just haven't found your medium.


The Artist we all are is not the end result of our creative 'work'. 
It is NOT the Painting, the Sculpture, The Dreamcatcher, The Talisman, The Doll.
 I am an Artist because I see things and their potentials as subjects, as concepts as part of creativity and creation. 

I am Artist because I share with other Artists on both sides of the canvas and together we create with our twinned emotional responses to the World and all that is within it.
I am an Artist because I am more than the canvas, the paint, the clay, the thread and needle. The materials do not matter, because I can Create with anything.
 I am an Artist, because I am Human. 

So it was a beautiful affirming night when I attended the Julia Inglis of Sacred Familiar Workshop this week in Manly, Sydney. As well as teaching, I of course attended many workshops in creativity and spirituality. Those that combine the two are naturally those I adore most!

Julia is just wonderful. I can not begin to find words to describe an experience as profound as being part of the Space of great Creative Sacred that she weaves. A strong and powerful Storyteller, a Woman of great Magic and an Artist who embodies all I've just shared with you... I did not have to see any painting, sculpture, creative 'eveidence' to judge whether I was in the company of an Artist. Her passion and connection with the Artist in her was there in flesh, in breath, in voice, in spirit.

Julia brought us together to each create a Spirit Doll, a felted doll, a muse, that was born from a meditation that Julia took us on through a past life. Nestled in my favourite Bookshop "Desire" in Manly on a strangely warm August night, on Imbolc this Artist connected all of us to the Artist within.
Tony Esta drummed the heart beat that guided us, his calming presence was supportive and lifted us from the everyday to feel safe, ready and connected to the Journey ahead.
Rory Julia's familiar made us all smile as he too became part of the magic, the workings, the weavings of that night.

We where taken through to the past to meet another Artist and work through that life and find the mantras of limitations we had believed and still lived today.  It was a deep, layered, vivid dreaming that I am still meditating with, journalling, reflecting on and discovering each moment since that night.

After the Journey to the Artist of before, we had all awoken from this suspended sleep of self imposed doubts, we each took up the wools, the needles and each was the Artist of now, no matter our experience or belief, and we knew how to create our Spirit Doll. Our new muse with new understanding could be born. 

The silence while we all worked with spun yarns, forming our Muse, placing herbs and treasures within their bellies, mine an acorn, others crystals, shells sacred herbs while the overlaid chimes that Julia played enriched  the energy of the room with the knowing of Artists of all time. We could of been in temple in Ancient Greece creating votives of devotion, a clearing in a Native America community making dolls of protection for our children... the energy, the sense of ancient Creation in Community was strong, healing and so affirming. 
No one in that Space of Julia's made a Great Doll, the Best Doll, the Worse Doll. No one. 
This is what Real Art is. It just is. We all looked at each others dolls with amazement, with love, without the learned eye of criticise because THAT is not Art, judgement of Art is actually impossible. 
But that is another story for another day. 

Each of us listened to the story of our fellow Artists as we described our mediation journey and our Spirit Doll but really I feel we could easily have known the story by looking at these spirit held creations but more importantly, because we had created TOGETHER.
 That is what a gifted Teacher, an Artist with connection to their Craft, to their spiritual being can do. And Creation in Community is sadly a lost intuitive skill, one that would be ignited in any who had yet to find it or had lost their way that night. 

My Creation.... Lion Woman
Lion woman

Lion Woman Walking Away 
Lion woman walking

Creation in Community is vitally important. 
So how can YOU recapture this and be the Artist you are?? 
These are al examples of creation in community and the thing you need is not a great supposed inherent talent in a medium. It is the, even tiniest shimmer of yearning that you can hold in your hands and blow with the creative breath into the flame of Creativity. 
Do not attempt any of these without leaving your self imposed mantras of limitations at the door. 
Yes you may create a great work of Art, but that is not the point. The point is to start and create a living breathing, STRONG ARTIST... the one you already are, have been, will always be. 

*Attend a Workshop
*Do a Community College Course
*Start a Creativity Circle... a meeting up in person of people on a regular basis, you could all do the same Art or  Craft or all just bring something you are working on. YES you could have sharing times where you demonstrate something you do. ideas? sewing, quilting, felting, bead-making, card making, stamping, calligraphy... ANYTHING!
 *Join in online communities
*Join an Art Swap Round Robin (there are heaps online)
*Discover Artists Trading Cards ~ I have had great success with many doubting Aritsis with these treasures
*Soul Collage!!!!! I can not recommend the journey and gift that is Soul Collage. ANYONE can do it and its a life changing and affirming experience

And of course, MAKE the opportunity to spend an evening with Julia, Tony & Rory because it will make all those other things so much easier, richer and affirming. You are an Artist, because you are Here. 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn x