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I'd Like to Learn... How to Do THAT!

Well...... I never stop learning! 
You never should.
Keeps the mind, heart, body and soul active. 
As an Artist, its called development and its what takes your work into the realm of "Art". 

On my easel this week ~ unfinished "Aphrodite Sails"

I teach and people are often surprised when they realise that I can do something a little left of what they are observing at the moment. There is a lot to be said for discipline but you can not let yourself get stale. 


I see it a lot. People who learn how to master one skill in art and that's it. That's all you see. There are MANY shortcuts and easily replicated methods these days thanks to computers, air brushes and thanks to advanced manufacturing methods and online shopping  the availability of a consistent supply of materials from anywhere on the planet. 

If you have? Time to break out because this statement is so true. 


This is not about changing styles, its about development, improvement, exploration. 
Unfortunately so many get to a level of success and then hang up their spirit for learning on the mantle next to their trophies.
Its so easy to see and a little disappointing. It's rampant in certain fields where the Artist has brought something a little new into the arena, garnered a following and applause. They then think that's it, the match is won. The churning begins.
That's manufacturing a product for a market, not Art.

Is is ok?
Sure it is! Coke and McDonalds do it everyday. It works, everyone is used to seeing their burger and drink look that way. Every now and then a little twist is added for a limited time, but really its the same old crowd pleaser that has its following and market. 

If YOU want to be an Artist, you create Art. You answer a question in your heart, in the world and you go get it. You LEARN, you never stop learning. If you develop a skill, you get better at it! Once you do that, you learn other layers to bring into your work from all sorts of places. Go left of field because over there will be really good stuff!

Right now, I'm doing a few classes with the lovely Jane Davenport to improve my skills in certain mediums (pencil!!!!) and  I would very much love a more characterized feeling to some of my work. 

Yeah dont be surprised! Sure I've won a few Art Prizes and I teach, but as I said I learn!!
I have mentors, I have teachers.
I'm NOT a guru, Spiritual OR of the Art kind. I'm a real person like YOU.
The only different is, if you are my student? I'm just a bit further down the Path you are taking. My job is to hold you hand and say, "Come on, lets go exploring TOGETHER and I'll show you what I know and we can explore TOGETHER!!" 

No one woke up knowing how to paint with a computer or a brush!  
Sorry but it just didn't happen... they either read a book written by A PERSON, went to class by A PERSON, trained with A PERSON, found the information on the internet created by a PERSON. 

Yes they probably blended it and developed their own style (PERFECT!)
These people are not shrouded in Mystery either. 
Mentors and Teachers deserve to be 'outed' and loved by everyone! 

It's a very insidious (and transparent) thing to do to NOT praise these people however you came across them and how they inspired your work or worse still, and oh dear  I see this so much,....

"I can't tell you because I'm sworn to secrecy because this person is very (famous, revered, a hermit) and never teaches and passed the information on to me only as the anointed one"
Well *sigh*, sorry to sound so cynical but the computer age seems to have created a lot of these secret mentoring people!

YOU are just as SPECIAL, WORTHY & ABLE as them to obtain this knowledge...
ok??!!!! got get 'em Tiger!  
.....and then... be awesome to your Mentors & Teachers wherever you may find them!

I am so incredibly grateful for the teachers I have had in Spirituality and in Arts and Crafts and for those I know I will STILL have in the future! You can see them mentioned throughout my blog and work. 

Do not stop learning! 
You will never know it all. 
I would like to Learn?..... Whatever comes next!