Understanding & Growth.

Before my month of travels I was constantly worried that somehow I was too soft. 
Happily I went about my work and my dedications but there often where times I would come to question myself as I seemed to be surrounded by more than a few people who seemed intent on negative competition and un-supportive behaviour.

I found it suffocating as I was such a sharing open person who had been bought up in a Pagan home and been gifted with Hereditary knowledge that I've shared openly. I was constant bewildered at the snarking apparent meanness of others. It just did not make sense. 

Time and circumstance had indeed weaken me. It had done so with cracks that this sort of thing, the un-confident egos and bitterness of others seeped in. Though not expected, it was no surprise, on hind-sight, that my journey not only shook the hold these things had on me, but it filled me with the light of new mentors and connections. 

I felt on leaving my home in Australia last month for the UK, Ireland and France,  excitement but an undercurrent of release. I was right, it was and when one releases and is removed from such energies, the opportunities for the healing can begin and the new layers can grow. 

I was blessed with so much pure good wise company. Old friends, new friends, strangers with simple words or actions that affirmed my inner core beliefs. Very blessed, energetically renewed. 

The time to listen, to share, to think and to grow. 
Brigit's Well, Kildare, Ireland 

Now I see it is not softness at all but simple Grace. 

There is no need to scream my beliefs in the face of others when I am happy in mine.

There is no need to negatively critique without invitation or speak ill of the creative work or path of others in order to live and create honestly.

There is no need to assert any position or power over others. To do so is to immediately lose the thread in the weaving of the All as one winds it around their own finger tighter in fear of losing hold.

There is no need to vocalise each good deed in order for it to be counted. Good works can not be counted they must be lived. Being each day in Service and with hands-on dedication brings the real rewards of harmony and love for all. Words may inspire initially but without example they are hollow self-proclamations. 

I am blessed for the light of Grace that those I connected with this last month have shown me. 

Quiet consistant and dedicated works, of honest devotion are stronger and more sustaining for us all than the shouting of egos.

I have learned great understandings of myself and of my path and am filled with gratitude.  
And I have learned to grow strongly and happy. 

Blessings. xx 

Have you ever been on such a journey?
Has something changed the way things where for you, especially un-expectantly?
I was not seeking such changes at all, so they came as a wonderful delight.  
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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