The Circle of Service

On my travels I met a Nun. 
She was an amazing human being and spiritual person, oh and she was one of the Keepers of Bridgets Flame. Now you my think, oh Cherie, you probably had such a wonderful time talking about the Goddess and gazing on her Flame and yes I did.... BUT what Sister Mary gave me was a gift and that gift was one of those moments of true enlightenment that are beyond religions, beliefs and paths. 

They are the moments of enlightenment when the connections and the realization of why you feel the way you do and why you do things a certain way, when you get angry over something or why you are passionate about something all come into crystal clarity before you. It is those moments that the energy can then be channelled into productivity and change.  And so it has been. 

Through example of my family, I have always lived a life where Service to my Community is not only the way I express my Pagan Spirituality, but its just what decent people do. I have never worried or been upset when others follow suite or take up similar causes, why would I? Its bloody hard work doing all these things alone. The whole point of being an 'Aware Human" helping my Earth and Community is to inspire others to do the same. More hands make light work after-all. Oh and I've been the only Girl Guide Leader across four districts in Sydney, the only Art Teacher in the USA Volunter system, one of only a few supporters of my Local Environment Center turning up to do hands on WORK and so on and so on. 

Not long ago, a few months in fact, after many years quietly working hands on supporting local environmental initives because my heart really resonates with the "start local" energy I was confronted rather sharply by a person about my 'Bandwagon Jumping" online re a post I made supporting a very public Global environmental cause. I was stunned. Stunned because firstly I had in fact donated monthly to the main organization that supports this cause. I'd been a member since the early 80s and had physically helped out as well. 
Secondly, isnt that the POINT of causes??? 
To get as much public awareness and support as possibly?
I realized... my mistake was, I hadn't been the FIRST on FACEBOOK to proclaim all this. ANd now I was SECOND I should of just re-posted Number Ones post (not the organizations, but this persons post) and not created my own. I wasn't First. 

The reality is, a lot of people think of supporting causes and charities as a marketing opportunity for themselves and their businesses. Is this a good or bad thing? Well, no one, I am sure supports something they are not interested in or believes in, even a TINY bit. So its a GOOD thing!  Any publicity is good publicity, however the skin must be thicken  if you revolve in the same arenas as those who do this as there seems these days to be a lot of 'ownership' of causes and this is very immediate and stronger due to the rise of Social Media.

Are the cause ownership gurus wrong? I'd say, that although they are doing wonderful work, if they feel this ownership, yes they are! If you seriously feel this way, I'd suggest you look at why you do and what you really are trying to achieve with this sentiment because it will and it does destroy the very thing Community Service is all about, assisting and inspiring. To assert ownership over your support of something, to claim some sort of monopoly on activism is to block the flow of change. Then is it just a market branding and not a catalyst. Its an event, not a movement. 

Why am I changed by the connection with a Nun in a tiny town in Ireland? 
But I am mostly changed because...
She is a Catholic and I am a Pagan. 
She is a Nun and I am a Witch and yet
TOGETHER we both share the same visions, the same beliefs, the same passions. 
We do not do our Works of Service as a mean to an end, it is Circle. 
There are no Firsts, no Bandwagon Hoppers.....
just the Circle of those who care and  Connect and join hands and inspire others to do the same. 

If someone is doing a good work, supporting the same cause as you or  doing what you are doing, even if they are interpreting it differently  be joyful that the catalsy for change is working! 
The perfect example is of course...... the Flame....... 

Stbrigid    Goddessb

Saint Brigid: unknown Artist 
Goddess Brigid: Emily Balivet




bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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