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Talisman Grounding Video

Talisman Energy Empowerment Video

Consecration, Blessing, Empowerment, Dedication...
Most importantly, What exactly is it that Cheralyn does to my Talisman before I get it? 

The terms over the years have become very interchangeable, depending on who you speak with.
While these terms are just descriptive words, a Talisman or Magickal Tool MUST go through the following stages to be such a thing otherwise? Its just a pretty piece of jewellery NOT a Talisman.


It must be created in an environment dedicated just for this purpose. This area must be energetically cleansed before and after each creation session. The intention for each session must be set in motion too. I do this with the setting up of an Altar that is seasonal and energetically connected with the intention. 

These are preformed by the Creator to activate the energies within the object and to bring in additional energies through the moon, sun, planets, elements, deities and any other energy the Creator uses.  The intentions for the object are also set. 


Once the eventual owner is in possession, an alignment ritual is preformed to ensure full empowerment of intentions and energies. This can be as simple or elaborate as the owner wishes and feels right with. The structure should include a statement declaring ownership and the intentions the owner is using the object for.  

Talismans and all  Magickal Works are created in our Studio, affectionately known as "The Magick Workshop". Its a place of creativity dedicated to the Goddess Brigid. We work under her Flame.
A permanet high Altar is set for her and a lower Altar set with seasonal and intentional offerings and energies that changes with the work being created. 

After this, they are taken to my Forest Altar in the Australian Bush amongst Wildflowers and Birdsong where I nestle them near a spring. Left here for different periods, depending on the elements that made them up, the intentions they are being made for and how they feel when uncovered. This is why you see designs that are reminiscent of past designs. I have to be sure to know when the time is right. 

Below is a little part of my Talisman Consecration
filmed last night under
the Glorious Super Full Moon
and a Blessing I wished for you!

They have been in the Earth, dark and grounding, connecting and now...
A Circle is created and the Talismans brought forth each in turn to meet the Moon and be bathed in her light and filled with her energies. The Moon will now know the Talisman each and every Full Moon forward to cleanse and re~energise him or her.
As you will see........ A video from last night 22nd July 2013.....


So then the Talismans and any other Magickal Tools I have created lay in the grass, on the earth, near the strong trunk of a giant gum, under the moon, or the sun or whatever planet or seasonal energies I wish to impart to the creation all night or day. 

They come inside and they lay on our main Altar under the watchful eye of Magpie, an Altar Guardian, created by Cheralyn. He ensures Balance of the energies and intentions that have been set in motion for you.
This is another Ritual I preform to ensure full Dedication of your Talisman or Magickal Tool. 
(this morning 5am Sydney time 23rd July 2013)

For Alignment, I have always included a Spell/Blessing Kit with Talismans that you can use to Align your Talisman or Magickal Tool with your energies and intentions. 
Because Maddison and I have just returned from our Journey to the lands of Avalon and Ireland we now include a candle lit from the Flame at either Chalice Well in Glastonbury or Goddess Brigid's Flame in Ireland, depending on the energetic qualities of the Talisman. 
I include a kit of herbs, flowers, resins, a the dressed candles as mentioned, a charcoal block and a simple ritual in poem form which can be used exactly as is or can be blended with your own ideas, elements and additions. 

Maddison and I are also more than happy to answer any questions about
Magickal Tool Creation and Use.
Please feel free to comment below or email me at [email protected]

On our recent journey during the Northern Summer Solstice, we not only travelled to many Sacred Sites, but enjoyed a very enriching visit and meetings
at the Pitt Rivers Anthropological Museum in Oxford. I am so grateful for the time and research that Maddison and I where able to do which has inspired our new Creations and given us an increased knowledge of the work we love most as Magickal Dedicated Talisman and Tool Makers. 

With Thanks... 
Its a Blessing too reading the email from the people that have worked with the Talismans. There have even been a few babies, new business success and yes marriages...
A few words from recent emails & messages.... 

.....An amazing powerful talisman. Thank you so much!......Jodie 

Beautiful and bold talisman bursting with symbolism, packed with love, care and blessings. I love him - thanks so much! Zarina 

......I thought my talisman might help me find a new guy. Its early days but I want you to know how confident and glowing I feel when I wear it. The energy is so powerful I felt it before I opened it...... Barb

..... It's so beautiful and powerful and my most treasured thing to wear.... Swan
I bought this as present for a treasured friend. It has become part of her Cheralyn Darcey "collection" and is much appreciated. Sam 

......I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! You are a Goddess..... Rachael 

I love it. Truly special, unique and personal. Thank you for your extra goodies to truly make my talisman my own. I'm so honoured I have this special piece!! Meeka 

Happiest Creative Blessings,