“Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up.”

I'm amazed at the amount of perfection around at present. Hello, I'm Cheralyn, I've made mistakes before and you know what, I'll do it again. BUT each time I learn a little, I change a little and I carry on enlightened. 

We COULD change the world if we held out our hand and said...
"Here's A BETTER way, come with me. Try it like THIS"
Instead of wingeing and condemning and bickering over who is RIGHT.

I've had jobs that are now cringeworthy because of what I did or the company I was under, I've done things I'm not proud of and should of known better at the time. 

Some things? Yes, they seemed alright at the time, but then my ignorance was shown up for me or perhaps by my deeper thought.   I realized the error of my ways during or after and I rethought my actions and I made new commitments after the new understanding was undertaken.

I have realised through this almost 50 years on Earth the meaning of a good life is that you do the good you can, every day. You don't need to do it to prove anything to someone who may be watching, but you physically make a difference each day. 

To the Planet, to Other people and to Yourself because the first two are no good without the third one. 



Some times in life, all the resources you have can only be enough to keep you alive and moving, I get that, I've lived that... BUT still... EVEN in the tinniest way...

PHYSICALLY... not through Memes or Facebook posting... you get off your butt and you...

*Look after yourself: Mind Body and Spirit. 

*You are respectful of others and you do some form of community care work to help others. (As well as the 'full on volunteer stuff"...yes this includes school helpers and even just ringing a friend to say hi and to LISTEN)

*You look after the planet. If you can organise a rally, join a local environment centre, go to a clean up day etc AWESOME, but day in day out you recycle, you refuse plastic, you do your bit PHYSICALLY. 

IN EACH THING, you do your best, you learn, you improve and regroup and do better. 


Guess what?? you will still stuff up... you will buy that plastic coffee disposable cup, you will eat crap one day, you will work for a multi national company that all your friends are protesting about, you will be scared to adopt a stray dog and opt for a puppy, you will realise that you too did something or didn't do something that the masses are proclaiming as the ONLY way, the BEST way or the most IMPORTANT WAY. 


I've lived a very full life and I know that no one is perfect. Certainly not me. I volunteer for a few organisations and while some people are aware of these things, I'm very mindful that not everyone has the gift of time I do in this stage of my life. 

There are times I've squandered my time and resources too and now know better. I'm sure as the future unfolds I will still grow and do things, sometimes not the best but I will learn and I will keep working at it. 


We are all on a journey and none of us really know the map, the terrain or the history of the other. 

Inspiring People INSPIRE through amazing action, powerful positive words and emitting a feeling  to others of "I can do it too!". 

and remember.... 

“Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up.”

― Michael P. Watson  

"Peace in Our Hands" Hecksher
Heckshe Hands-side

"Peace in Our Hands"..... above 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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