Shop Opening ONLINE ~ Kindred Alchemy


You are invited to join us, 
this Thursday evening as Kindred Alchemy opens online. 
7:30pm, Sydney, Australia time. 
Talismans, Essences, Magickal Tools and Small Artworks. 

It takes place ONLINE at this link:

After a month of travels, experience, study and research during the Northern Summer Solstice, 
Cheralyn and her daughter Maddison have begun a new chapter in their family's hereditary line. 
Both are also trained and experienced Artists with their personal lifetimes' work and study of 
Magical Creation now coming together.

Cheralyn is a Professional Artist, Writer, Magickal Toolmaker and Teacher with over 30 years experience. 
She is well known for her assemblage and sculpted Fine Art Talismans, Goddess Sculptures and Magickal Tools and Objects. They are created in her Eco-Aware Studio (The Magick Workshop) in a workspace dedicated to positive energy. All creations are always consecrated at her Bush Altar amongst the Wildflowers and Bird Song of the nearby forest. 
Her passion is using what is already here and weaving new stories and energies to keep magick alive and growing. 

Maddison is in her final year of a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Sydney majoring in Sculpture, Installation & Performance Art and begins her Masters in 2014. 
She has exhibited in exhibitions and art prizes in Sydney and has just returned from a semester exchange to the UK. 
Her passion is creating Magickal objects with a focus on design that connects with the natural rhythms of Sacred Sites and Magick concepts. 

Over the month of the Northern Summer Solstice 2013 they journeyed alone together, wandering the lands of 
Avalon and where gifted with the magick of the flowers and waters of Chalice Well.
They followed Goddess Bridget's Path and learned the Magick of the Fae in Ireland. 
The lands of their Heritage (Scotland & France) visited and connections with land and tradition remade. 
Study of Magical Tool History and Crafting in Oxford & London was undertaken and new treasured skills found 
and held knowledge uncovered. 
These are just a few of the moments of Magick when Kindred Alchemy was born.
We look forward to sharing the things we love with YOU!

It takes place ONLINE at this link:

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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