Living with Grace

Last week I wrote a blog post about the most important lesson I learned on my Journey
to Avalon, to Brigid's  Flame and beyond.
It's here at this link: Blog Post 7th July 2013: Understanding & Growth 
(Fire Temple of Brigid, Kildare, Ireland, June 2013) 

I spoke of the understanding of living with Grace and the realisation that this was the path I had in fact glimpsed but had many times turned away from thinking myself soft, silly and somewhat dis-empowered by it. 

The term "Living Gracefully" conjures up images of sipping ice tea on Southern Mansion porches. Thats probably just me as I lived in the USA for a time. :) So I prefer "Living with Grace". The words came to me the day I met Sister Mary, one of the Keepers of Brigid's Flame in Kildare Ireland.
Her teaching Blessings that day went beyond the words we exchanged and isnt that the way true teaching and illumination happens? Connections from even a simple sentence are made and then the synergy fires up. You, on your own then learn, old paths are reilluninated with this new teaching and you find the things you lost along the way or the things that you failed to see in the first place.

There where many such moments on my Journey but it is true, my time in beautiful, magickal Kildare was the most important and probably why I was called to go there first. You don't have to trek across the Globe to find such openings and illuminations, they happen anywhere and at any time. Sometimes though, you need a big light shone before you to see and I know that's where I was in my life earlier this year. I had also been dedicated to my Path for a lifetime so it was time. 

To Live with Grace. 
Exactly what does it mean? 
It probably means something different to everyone and so it should! 
Lives are not one size fits all. 
I'll share what I have learned and what it means to me, if you see a glimmer of something that resonates with you, then by all means, explore and try it out for size. 

To Live with Grace is not always easy. 
You know some days I feel uncharitable, grumpy, cynical and selfish. I am far from love and light and ever-loving kind. Its not easy to Live with Grace every minute, every day or even every week. But to Live with Grace actually means I acknowledge that and I don't beat myself up. 
I will Live with Grace by acknowledging that I am not perfect. 

 To Live with Grace is non denominational. 
Remember, a Nun illuminated my path. She actually embraced my love of the Goddess and called Brigid the Balance between all Callings and Paths. We did not lecture each other on who came first, we did not compare our knowledge or our Paths. They just are. Though Grace can make your Faith and connection to your Belief stronger, it is not Faith itself. 
I will live with Grace by not connecting Grace with Faith. 

To Live with Grace is to find Balance. 
This word kept coming up. Balance. I have found that the problems in my life, right down to the smallest day to day incidents could mostly of been easier if I had of Balanced my actions, my view and my emotions. 
I will Live with Grace by finding Balance. 

To Live with Grace means I don't keep score. 
Now this was a big one to me. I found it very hard in the past when others didn't see the work I did and then did or said something to indicate this lack of knowledge. You have to look deep and hard at why it matters if you get upset over these things. Often I'd feel I would to have to keep score somehow. If you do, then you subtract from the positive energy you created in the first place. Good deeds can not be counted, they can only be lived. 
I will Live with Grace by not Keeping Score.

To Live with Grace means Understanding Emotions. 

I'm a very emotional person. Good, Bad and Ugly. (yes cue the music). I often read all the "I'm an Empath and it means this...." literature, but my journey taught me that we all connect and understand in different ways and that whether we use our intellect more than our emotions to do so changes even individually for each of us depending on the situation and hour. To brand ourselves one or the other can help to understand ourselves a little more, but it can alienate not only ourselves but our understanding of others.
If we do use either emotion or language more than the other, then we brand ourselves as 'being' one over the other. We are all both and have the potential at any time to be extreme or balanced between them.
If we are living and functioning in the extreme of one, we often frown on the other end of the scale. Both are part of the human makeup and living with Grace means understanding this, whichever end you are at. 
I will Live with Grace Understanding Emotions. 

To Live with Grace means I don't have to Fight every Battle. 
Such old advice, "Choose your Battles." I used to have to wade into every tiny thing that I saw as an injustice. (look back at score keeping!) Oh Facebook you are so good at laying out a Platter on which to feast. I cant tell you how energetically revived I am since I learned to "Walk Away with Grace". Some people, some situations are just there to battle for the sake of battle. If it wasn't the issue they bring up today, its another. These people, these things, they actually have their place and can bring about change for the good at times, but YOU don't  have to engage all the time.
You need to work out what is worth your time and ENERGY and then walk away from the rest. You can also change so much by example. Through example comes education. I have found it far easier and successful to show the young adults I teach art to how to live a productive, good life by example. Standing there debating with them about it, showing them statistics and facts? Well I am sure you can picture that. 
I will Live with Grace by Learning when to Walk Away. 

As I'm still working on my understanding of my Journey and its illuminations, I'm still writing this... but I thought I'd share what I'd found so far. 


Cheralyn xx 


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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