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Blogging LOVE!

WHO HAS A BLOG!! I would love to see it :) 

I've had a few people ask me about Blogging this week after finding mine. I've kept a Blog online here, I think 5 years, 
There are nearly 500 posts on it! 
Magic, Art, Craft are the themes of my posts.
I love blogging as I love reading blogs! 
(Brigids' Fire Temple Ireland June 2013)

The questions I've received have been asking me...

Which site provider is 'best'?
I use Typepad and I love it! 

What should I Blog About? 
Same as EVERYTHING in Life... what are YOU most Passionate about! 
(my exhibition at the International Activists and Environment Center Conference 2011)

Next... this is a FUNNY one... 
Do you write your own Blog posts
or does a company write them for you? 
Ummmm didn't know this existed until this week. A company offered their services to write them for me & someone also asked me if I used the service, I guess they also got asked. 
I write all my own EVERYTHING... you may have to put up with my dyslexia at times and my spontaneous nature BUT to me that's Blogging.

(something I love to MAKE!!!... Talismans!... in fact if you pop that word in the search box you should see a few :) ... use the search box to find things of interest ) 

NOW... Who BLOGS!!!!!! 

Share your Blogs in the comment field... I need some new reading and I'd love love love to see who in my friend list HAS A BLOG!

“Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up.”

I'm amazed at the amount of perfection around at present. Hello, I'm Cheralyn, I've made mistakes before and you know what, I'll do it again. BUT each time I learn a little, I change a little and I carry on enlightened. 

We COULD change the world if we held out our hand and said...
"Here's A BETTER way, come with me. Try it like THIS"
Instead of wingeing and condemning and bickering over who is RIGHT.

I've had jobs that are now cringeworthy because of what I did or the company I was under, I've done things I'm not proud of and should of known better at the time. 

Some things? Yes, they seemed alright at the time, but then my ignorance was shown up for me or perhaps by my deeper thought.   I realized the error of my ways during or after and I rethought my actions and I made new commitments after the new understanding was undertaken.

I have realised through this almost 50 years on Earth the meaning of a good life is that you do the good you can, every day. You don't need to do it to prove anything to someone who may be watching, but you physically make a difference each day. 

To the Planet, to Other people and to Yourself because the first two are no good without the third one. 



Some times in life, all the resources you have can only be enough to keep you alive and moving, I get that, I've lived that... BUT still... EVEN in the tinniest way...

PHYSICALLY... not through Memes or Facebook posting... you get off your butt and you...

*Look after yourself: Mind Body and Spirit. 

*You are respectful of others and you do some form of community care work to help others. (As well as the 'full on volunteer stuff"...yes this includes school helpers and even just ringing a friend to say hi and to LISTEN)

*You look after the planet. If you can organise a rally, join a local environment centre, go to a clean up day etc AWESOME, but day in day out you recycle, you refuse plastic, you do your bit PHYSICALLY. 

IN EACH THING, you do your best, you learn, you improve and regroup and do better. 


Guess what?? you will still stuff up... you will buy that plastic coffee disposable cup, you will eat crap one day, you will work for a multi national company that all your friends are protesting about, you will be scared to adopt a stray dog and opt for a puppy, you will realise that you too did something or didn't do something that the masses are proclaiming as the ONLY way, the BEST way or the most IMPORTANT WAY. 


I've lived a very full life and I know that no one is perfect. Certainly not me. I volunteer for a few organisations and while some people are aware of these things, I'm very mindful that not everyone has the gift of time I do in this stage of my life. 

There are times I've squandered my time and resources too and now know better. I'm sure as the future unfolds I will still grow and do things, sometimes not the best but I will learn and I will keep working at it. 


We are all on a journey and none of us really know the map, the terrain or the history of the other. 

Inspiring People INSPIRE through amazing action, powerful positive words and emitting a feeling  to others of "I can do it too!". 

and remember.... 

“Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up.”

― Michael P. Watson  

"Peace in Our Hands" Hecksher
Heckshe Hands-side

"Peace in Our Hands"..... above 


Talisman Dedication

How to use the Spell and Blessing Dedication Kit that comes with your Talisman! 


Maddison & I had MORE than a bit of fun creating this Video for you...
Though its light hearted, it does contain a basic simple Dedication Ritual and really THAT is what magic is all about. Magic still serious and smile. 
Its YOU, its how you feel you express your connection with the All and if it is with Faery Wings, Tiaras, Butterfly Masks, Cloaks or a Business Suit, you do it. Be the Magic that is YOU!

Your kit comes with a scroll that has a good outline of Dedication Rituals so you create one as simple or as fancy as you wish! Its also has ideas to entwin your Path and beliefs into the Ritual you create and a guide to timings as well as rededications and cleansing of your Talisman. 


We HAD fun sharing this with YOU! 
The past few days, I shared these videos and the Magic behind the creation of Talisman and Magical Tools and you can find the information on the following posts... 




Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn & Maddison
Kindred Alchemy 

Sharing the Magic with You!

Pop into our ONLINE STORE OPENING via this link
from THURSDAY 25th July 2013  7:30pm Sydney Australia time
There will be more videos, links, sharing and learning. 

 - - See more at: 

Talisman Grounding Video

We announced our Online Store Opening on Sunday
KindredAlchemy ~
and wanted to share with you the actual Magic that goes into creating your Talismans. 

As I outlined yesterday and wanted to share with you, 

there are a few steps for a piece of jewellery to become a Talisman.
If you are creating them then its a good outline to look at.
Remember, all steps can be as Simple or as Intricate as you feel you want them to be or need them to be, just as long as the basics are adhered to. If not, they are just pretty trinkets. 

They are:

As it was the Super Full Moon yesterday, I did share the consecration ritual first. Lets look at where the Talismans and Magical Tools and Art Maddison and I preform the Grounding and Clearing, which is one of the Rituals in the creation..... 

These Two Videos outline the Rituals  I preform to Ground, Cleanse and Energise Your Talisman.

After bringing the Talisman Up from the Ground...
they are always Consecrated. 
Here is the Consecration from last night under the Super Full Moon.
I am sharing with permission, the consecration of one 
Commissioned Talisman 
*for more detailed information, visit yesterday's post HERE

A Spell & Blessing Kit has always been included with all my Talismans and Magical Tools as a Guide for you to Align enegeries with your piece. 
This continues and you can use it as it is or as a base for more intricate workings. 
Because Maddison and I have just returned from our Journey to the lands of Avalon and Ireland we now include a candle lit from the Flame at either Chalice Well in Glastonbury or Goddess Brigid's Flame in Ireland, depending on the energetic qualities of the Talisman. 
I include a kit of herbs, flowers, resins, a the dressed candles as mentioned, a charcoal block and a simple ritual in poem form which can be used exactly as is or can be blended with your own ideas, elements and additions. 
Here is Your Talisman Spell & Blessing Kit.... 
 Our opening sale is this coming Thursday, for more information: CLICK HERE

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn & Maddison
Kindred Alchemy 
Sharing the Magic with You!

Pop into our ONLINE STORE OPENING via this link
from THURSDAY 25th July 2013  7:30pm Sydney Australia time
There will be more videos, links, sharing and learning. 

See more at:

Talisman Energy Empowerment Video

Consecration, Blessing, Empowerment, Dedication...
Most importantly, What exactly is it that Cheralyn does to my Talisman before I get it? 

The terms over the years have become very interchangeable, depending on who you speak with.
While these terms are just descriptive words, a Talisman or Magickal Tool MUST go through the following stages to be such a thing otherwise? Its just a pretty piece of jewellery NOT a Talisman.


It must be created in an environment dedicated just for this purpose. This area must be energetically cleansed before and after each creation session. The intention for each session must be set in motion too. I do this with the setting up of an Altar that is seasonal and energetically connected with the intention. 

These are preformed by the Creator to activate the energies within the object and to bring in additional energies through the moon, sun, planets, elements, deities and any other energy the Creator uses.  The intentions for the object are also set. 


Once the eventual owner is in possession, an alignment ritual is preformed to ensure full empowerment of intentions and energies. This can be as simple or elaborate as the owner wishes and feels right with. The structure should include a statement declaring ownership and the intentions the owner is using the object for.  

Talismans and all  Magickal Works are created in our Studio, affectionately known as "The Magick Workshop". Its a place of creativity dedicated to the Goddess Brigid. We work under her Flame.
A permanet high Altar is set for her and a lower Altar set with seasonal and intentional offerings and energies that changes with the work being created. 

After this, they are taken to my Forest Altar in the Australian Bush amongst Wildflowers and Birdsong where I nestle them near a spring. Left here for different periods, depending on the elements that made them up, the intentions they are being made for and how they feel when uncovered. This is why you see designs that are reminiscent of past designs. I have to be sure to know when the time is right. 

Below is a little part of my Talisman Consecration
filmed last night under
the Glorious Super Full Moon
and a Blessing I wished for you!

They have been in the Earth, dark and grounding, connecting and now...
A Circle is created and the Talismans brought forth each in turn to meet the Moon and be bathed in her light and filled with her energies. The Moon will now know the Talisman each and every Full Moon forward to cleanse and re~energise him or her.
As you will see........ A video from last night 22nd July 2013.....


So then the Talismans and any other Magickal Tools I have created lay in the grass, on the earth, near the strong trunk of a giant gum, under the moon, or the sun or whatever planet or seasonal energies I wish to impart to the creation all night or day. 

They come inside and they lay on our main Altar under the watchful eye of Magpie, an Altar Guardian, created by Cheralyn. He ensures Balance of the energies and intentions that have been set in motion for you.
This is another Ritual I preform to ensure full Dedication of your Talisman or Magickal Tool. 
(this morning 5am Sydney time 23rd July 2013)

For Alignment, I have always included a Spell/Blessing Kit with Talismans that you can use to Align your Talisman or Magickal Tool with your energies and intentions. 
Because Maddison and I have just returned from our Journey to the lands of Avalon and Ireland we now include a candle lit from the Flame at either Chalice Well in Glastonbury or Goddess Brigid's Flame in Ireland, depending on the energetic qualities of the Talisman. 
I include a kit of herbs, flowers, resins, a the dressed candles as mentioned, a charcoal block and a simple ritual in poem form which can be used exactly as is or can be blended with your own ideas, elements and additions. 

Maddison and I are also more than happy to answer any questions about
Magickal Tool Creation and Use.
Please feel free to comment below or email me at [email protected]

On our recent journey during the Northern Summer Solstice, we not only travelled to many Sacred Sites, but enjoyed a very enriching visit and meetings
at the Pitt Rivers Anthropological Museum in Oxford. I am so grateful for the time and research that Maddison and I where able to do which has inspired our new Creations and given us an increased knowledge of the work we love most as Magickal Dedicated Talisman and Tool Makers. 

With Thanks... 
Its a Blessing too reading the email from the people that have worked with the Talismans. There have even been a few babies, new business success and yes marriages...
A few words from recent emails & messages.... 

.....An amazing powerful talisman. Thank you so much!......Jodie 

Beautiful and bold talisman bursting with symbolism, packed with love, care and blessings. I love him - thanks so much! Zarina 

......I thought my talisman might help me find a new guy. Its early days but I want you to know how confident and glowing I feel when I wear it. The energy is so powerful I felt it before I opened it...... Barb

..... It's so beautiful and powerful and my most treasured thing to wear.... Swan
I bought this as present for a treasured friend. It has become part of her Cheralyn Darcey "collection" and is much appreciated. Sam 

......I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! You are a Goddess..... Rachael 

I love it. Truly special, unique and personal. Thank you for your extra goodies to truly make my talisman my own. I'm so honoured I have this special piece!! Meeka 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 



Shop Opening ONLINE ~ Kindred Alchemy


You are invited to join us, 
this Thursday evening as Kindred Alchemy opens online. 
7:30pm, Sydney, Australia time. 
Talismans, Essences, Magickal Tools and Small Artworks. 

It takes place ONLINE at this link:

After a month of travels, experience, study and research during the Northern Summer Solstice, 
Cheralyn and her daughter Maddison have begun a new chapter in their family's hereditary line. 
Both are also trained and experienced Artists with their personal lifetimes' work and study of 
Magical Creation now coming together.

Cheralyn is a Professional Artist, Writer, Magickal Toolmaker and Teacher with over 30 years experience. 
She is well known for her assemblage and sculpted Fine Art Talismans, Goddess Sculptures and Magickal Tools and Objects. They are created in her Eco-Aware Studio (The Magick Workshop) in a workspace dedicated to positive energy. All creations are always consecrated at her Bush Altar amongst the Wildflowers and Bird Song of the nearby forest. 
Her passion is using what is already here and weaving new stories and energies to keep magick alive and growing. 

Maddison is in her final year of a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Sydney majoring in Sculpture, Installation & Performance Art and begins her Masters in 2014. 
She has exhibited in exhibitions and art prizes in Sydney and has just returned from a semester exchange to the UK. 
Her passion is creating Magickal objects with a focus on design that connects with the natural rhythms of Sacred Sites and Magick concepts. 

Over the month of the Northern Summer Solstice 2013 they journeyed alone together, wandering the lands of 
Avalon and where gifted with the magick of the flowers and waters of Chalice Well.
They followed Goddess Bridget's Path and learned the Magick of the Fae in Ireland. 
The lands of their Heritage (Scotland & France) visited and connections with land and tradition remade. 
Study of Magical Tool History and Crafting in Oxford & London was undertaken and new treasured skills found 
and held knowledge uncovered. 
These are just a few of the moments of Magick when Kindred Alchemy was born.
We look forward to sharing the things we love with YOU!

It takes place ONLINE at this link:

Everyday Magick ~ Dreams of Understanding

Had the most beautiful dream last night...
Often people ask me... what their dreams mean or ask for a book to help
them. I'm going to use this dream from last night to show you how
YOU can work out your dreams.

Dreaming is a way for our minds to work out things that we haven't really

resolved. YES these dreams contain 'signs' and 'messages' and yes these both
can be connected with your faith
and connection to the ALL.

You are part of the All and your dreaming?
It part of you, NOT something planted
mysteriously into you.

So while books and sometimes the interpretations of others can be helpful,

starting with what YOU can read and see in your dreams with your
own intuition and interpretations
and knowing better than anyone what is
actually going on in your life is the very best starting point.

THEN when you get a little stuck or are new to interpretation of symbols
look to books or share with others to see what other illuminations may help.


My dream..... 
I was at Heathrow airport crying, not wanting to get on a plane to come home because
I was going to miss a woman I had made friends with.
I kept saying, "She's just such a good friend and "gets me", I love the understanding
between us, so now what do I do?!"
There was a man I was talking to about it and he said,
"Its fine now, don't cry you can come back on Monday if you like, didn't you know that?
Things aren't so hard"

Instantly I was happy and felt so wonderful with the news.
YES... the woman looked just like Goddess Brigid

NOW the dream was all lovely on face value yes,
the thing is I was dreadfully painfully upset and then awoke

feeling incredibly, physically uplifted. The dream was big one for me.

So this week....
I've been a little confused over the was others have misinterpreted me
or relayed things I've said or done incorrectly.
I HAD been putting this down to the other people and getting upset over
it but really perhaps I hadn't firstly, really looked at all the possibilities
surrounding these circumstance and secondly that things where only as hard as I made them.
I've been also a little stopped in my tracks
by the restrictions of a few large organisations and people

so have felt a little helpless at times.

My initial nterpretation.....

Was is the Goddess? Perhaps but I also feel that the dream state creates the physical
manifestation of out faith at times when we need to hear the big messages.
Also, I was in a low state in the dream, so who better to be a pivotal person than the
Goddess I' dedicated to? My dream state found me as her friend. Thats pretty natural and to
have her 'acceptance' too.
Here my doubts about my faith are erased as shes not only the focus of my

happiness but shes my friend.
Another thing to look at, am I doubting my faith at present? Why?

Next layer....
I was so happy that this woman 'got me'... mmmm so is this REALLY that important to me?

I need to ask myself, WHY is it that important? What would change if everyone got me?
Is it even possible?

The mystery man.... who is he this holder of information that changed
everything for me. Hes probably me. Internal me.
Me who could of quite easily found out that one could

actually "come back Monday' "didnt I know?"
It appears to be something most people know.

So its not a great secret. This is telling me to be deeper thinking and to not take situations at
Face value. There is other information and my reaction to cry was
based on me not seeking all of the facts.

I could come back Monday easily. Not magick, not divine intervention, it was easy!

So, ok ok, there are lots of little messages and signs I saw and I will go through those...

This is also the part where dream books really help if you are unsure about symbolism
of things....
Black and white cushions on every seat at Heathrow..... = BALANCE!
Black and White anything usually means this (think Magpies!)
I need to balance my thinking and reactions.
And cushions on every hard seat? To find balance is to be more comfortable.

It was Sunrise in the dream
A new beginning, the end of darkness.

OK there are lots of other parts to this dream but I hope this gives you a few ideas
on working out YOUR dreams. Writing it all down and keeping a dream journal helps too.
Often you will re read your dreams and see more in them as the day or weeks even go by.

Wishing you insightful dreams!
Cheralyn xx

PS... You can share your dreams and what you have worked out...
love to hearing what others find! x



Living with Grace

Last week I wrote a blog post about the most important lesson I learned on my Journey
to Avalon, to Brigid's  Flame and beyond.
It's here at this link: Blog Post 7th July 2013: Understanding & Growth 
(Fire Temple of Brigid, Kildare, Ireland, June 2013) 

I spoke of the understanding of living with Grace and the realisation that this was the path I had in fact glimpsed but had many times turned away from thinking myself soft, silly and somewhat dis-empowered by it. 

The term "Living Gracefully" conjures up images of sipping ice tea on Southern Mansion porches. Thats probably just me as I lived in the USA for a time. :) So I prefer "Living with Grace". The words came to me the day I met Sister Mary, one of the Keepers of Brigid's Flame in Kildare Ireland.
Her teaching Blessings that day went beyond the words we exchanged and isnt that the way true teaching and illumination happens? Connections from even a simple sentence are made and then the synergy fires up. You, on your own then learn, old paths are reilluninated with this new teaching and you find the things you lost along the way or the things that you failed to see in the first place.

There where many such moments on my Journey but it is true, my time in beautiful, magickal Kildare was the most important and probably why I was called to go there first. You don't have to trek across the Globe to find such openings and illuminations, they happen anywhere and at any time. Sometimes though, you need a big light shone before you to see and I know that's where I was in my life earlier this year. I had also been dedicated to my Path for a lifetime so it was time. 

To Live with Grace. 
Exactly what does it mean? 
It probably means something different to everyone and so it should! 
Lives are not one size fits all. 
I'll share what I have learned and what it means to me, if you see a glimmer of something that resonates with you, then by all means, explore and try it out for size. 

To Live with Grace is not always easy. 
You know some days I feel uncharitable, grumpy, cynical and selfish. I am far from love and light and ever-loving kind. Its not easy to Live with Grace every minute, every day or even every week. But to Live with Grace actually means I acknowledge that and I don't beat myself up. 
I will Live with Grace by acknowledging that I am not perfect. 

 To Live with Grace is non denominational. 
Remember, a Nun illuminated my path. She actually embraced my love of the Goddess and called Brigid the Balance between all Callings and Paths. We did not lecture each other on who came first, we did not compare our knowledge or our Paths. They just are. Though Grace can make your Faith and connection to your Belief stronger, it is not Faith itself. 
I will live with Grace by not connecting Grace with Faith. 

To Live with Grace is to find Balance. 
This word kept coming up. Balance. I have found that the problems in my life, right down to the smallest day to day incidents could mostly of been easier if I had of Balanced my actions, my view and my emotions. 
I will Live with Grace by finding Balance. 

To Live with Grace means I don't keep score. 
Now this was a big one to me. I found it very hard in the past when others didn't see the work I did and then did or said something to indicate this lack of knowledge. You have to look deep and hard at why it matters if you get upset over these things. Often I'd feel I would to have to keep score somehow. If you do, then you subtract from the positive energy you created in the first place. Good deeds can not be counted, they can only be lived. 
I will Live with Grace by not Keeping Score.

To Live with Grace means Understanding Emotions. 

I'm a very emotional person. Good, Bad and Ugly. (yes cue the music). I often read all the "I'm an Empath and it means this...." literature, but my journey taught me that we all connect and understand in different ways and that whether we use our intellect more than our emotions to do so changes even individually for each of us depending on the situation and hour. To brand ourselves one or the other can help to understand ourselves a little more, but it can alienate not only ourselves but our understanding of others.
If we do use either emotion or language more than the other, then we brand ourselves as 'being' one over the other. We are all both and have the potential at any time to be extreme or balanced between them.
If we are living and functioning in the extreme of one, we often frown on the other end of the scale. Both are part of the human makeup and living with Grace means understanding this, whichever end you are at. 
I will Live with Grace Understanding Emotions. 

To Live with Grace means I don't have to Fight every Battle. 
Such old advice, "Choose your Battles." I used to have to wade into every tiny thing that I saw as an injustice. (look back at score keeping!) Oh Facebook you are so good at laying out a Platter on which to feast. I cant tell you how energetically revived I am since I learned to "Walk Away with Grace". Some people, some situations are just there to battle for the sake of battle. If it wasn't the issue they bring up today, its another. These people, these things, they actually have their place and can bring about change for the good at times, but YOU don't  have to engage all the time.
You need to work out what is worth your time and ENERGY and then walk away from the rest. You can also change so much by example. Through example comes education. I have found it far easier and successful to show the young adults I teach art to how to live a productive, good life by example. Standing there debating with them about it, showing them statistics and facts? Well I am sure you can picture that. 
I will Live with Grace by Learning when to Walk Away. 

As I'm still working on my understanding of my Journey and its illuminations, I'm still writing this... but I thought I'd share what I'd found so far. 


Cheralyn xx 


Art Magick Get Together! ~ August 11th~ Exhibition Excursion Invitation for YOU

I love love love going to exhibitions... well you can imagin how busy I was on my trip this past month overseas, especially Paris and London... am I full up with Art? Noooooooo!!!! 

And how could I be with this treat in Sydney??
There is ALWAYS room for my favourite. 

SYDNEY MODERNS: art for a new world
Art Gallery of NSW
(painting: detail...GraceCossington-Smith ~ The Bridge in Curve)

Last time we went to see Alexander the Great Exhibition and had an amazing day!
THIS time its "Sydney Moderns" at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney. 
Come along for an afternoon at the Art Gallery with other like minded HAPPY Magickal People.

This exhibition focuses on Sydney in a period of massive energetic shift. The Artworks and Artists of this time are my favourites and I'm sure, if not familiar with you now will still bring lots of "ohhhhhhs" of recognition once you reconnect with them. Did I mention Flowers? Yes there will be Flowers and lots of Sydney icons! 

no additional cost, just your entry fee for the exhibition payable at the desk once we enter ($15) 
You can prebook at

WHERE: Meet on the steps at the front of the Art Gallery of NSW in the Domain. If its raining, hop inside the main first hall and look at awesome artworks while you keep dry.

TIME: SUNDAY 11th August 2013, 1pm 

Yes you can share this event with friends who may be interested and YES bring friends. 

MORE info? Message me or email: [email protected] 

Well I will be working on a few pieces inspired by this exhibition to express my city now and blogging the progess here. You can join me too if you like! 
You can just come along for the afternoon of friendship but for those Arty/Creative joining me: 
During this period of great excitement and change, the artists presented here (and many others) found magick in their surrounds, in this urbanized growing mini metropolis. By looking at the way these Artists expressed this, think about the magick around you in your Urban Environment. Yes man made as well. I will be working on a small body of work "Urban Magick" and you are more than welcome to join in and create pieces yourself or just watch it grow on my blog after our visit.

 go to this Facebook Page or if you don't have Facebook, email me: [email protected] 


The Circle of Service

On my travels I met a Nun. 
She was an amazing human being and spiritual person, oh and she was one of the Keepers of Bridgets Flame. Now you my think, oh Cherie, you probably had such a wonderful time talking about the Goddess and gazing on her Flame and yes I did.... BUT what Sister Mary gave me was a gift and that gift was one of those moments of true enlightenment that are beyond religions, beliefs and paths. 

They are the moments of enlightenment when the connections and the realization of why you feel the way you do and why you do things a certain way, when you get angry over something or why you are passionate about something all come into crystal clarity before you. It is those moments that the energy can then be channelled into productivity and change.  And so it has been. 

Through example of my family, I have always lived a life where Service to my Community is not only the way I express my Pagan Spirituality, but its just what decent people do. I have never worried or been upset when others follow suite or take up similar causes, why would I? Its bloody hard work doing all these things alone. The whole point of being an 'Aware Human" helping my Earth and Community is to inspire others to do the same. More hands make light work after-all. Oh and I've been the only Girl Guide Leader across four districts in Sydney, the only Art Teacher in the USA Volunter system, one of only a few supporters of my Local Environment Center turning up to do hands on WORK and so on and so on. 

Not long ago, a few months in fact, after many years quietly working hands on supporting local environmental initives because my heart really resonates with the "start local" energy I was confronted rather sharply by a person about my 'Bandwagon Jumping" online re a post I made supporting a very public Global environmental cause. I was stunned. Stunned because firstly I had in fact donated monthly to the main organization that supports this cause. I'd been a member since the early 80s and had physically helped out as well. 
Secondly, isnt that the POINT of causes??? 
To get as much public awareness and support as possibly?
I realized... my mistake was, I hadn't been the FIRST on FACEBOOK to proclaim all this. ANd now I was SECOND I should of just re-posted Number Ones post (not the organizations, but this persons post) and not created my own. I wasn't First. 

The reality is, a lot of people think of supporting causes and charities as a marketing opportunity for themselves and their businesses. Is this a good or bad thing? Well, no one, I am sure supports something they are not interested in or believes in, even a TINY bit. So its a GOOD thing!  Any publicity is good publicity, however the skin must be thicken  if you revolve in the same arenas as those who do this as there seems these days to be a lot of 'ownership' of causes and this is very immediate and stronger due to the rise of Social Media.

Are the cause ownership gurus wrong? I'd say, that although they are doing wonderful work, if they feel this ownership, yes they are! If you seriously feel this way, I'd suggest you look at why you do and what you really are trying to achieve with this sentiment because it will and it does destroy the very thing Community Service is all about, assisting and inspiring. To assert ownership over your support of something, to claim some sort of monopoly on activism is to block the flow of change. Then is it just a market branding and not a catalyst. Its an event, not a movement. 

Why am I changed by the connection with a Nun in a tiny town in Ireland? 
But I am mostly changed because...
She is a Catholic and I am a Pagan. 
She is a Nun and I am a Witch and yet
TOGETHER we both share the same visions, the same beliefs, the same passions. 
We do not do our Works of Service as a mean to an end, it is Circle. 
There are no Firsts, no Bandwagon Hoppers.....
just the Circle of those who care and  Connect and join hands and inspire others to do the same. 

If someone is doing a good work, supporting the same cause as you or  doing what you are doing, even if they are interpreting it differently  be joyful that the catalsy for change is working! 
The perfect example is of course...... the Flame....... 

Stbrigid    Goddessb

Saint Brigid: unknown Artist 
Goddess Brigid: Emily Balivet