Everyday Magick ~ Dreams of Understanding

Had the most beautiful dream last night...
Often people ask me... what their dreams mean or ask for a book to help
them. I'm going to use this dream from last night to show you how
YOU can work out your dreams.

Dreaming is a way for our minds to work out things that we haven't really

resolved. YES these dreams contain 'signs' and 'messages' and yes these both
can be connected with your faith
and connection to the ALL.

You are part of the All and your dreaming?
It part of you, NOT something planted
mysteriously into you.

So while books and sometimes the interpretations of others can be helpful,

starting with what YOU can read and see in your dreams with your
own intuition and interpretations
and knowing better than anyone what is
actually going on in your life is the very best starting point.

THEN when you get a little stuck or are new to interpretation of symbols
look to books or share with others to see what other illuminations may help.


My dream..... 
I was at Heathrow airport crying, not wanting to get on a plane to come home because
I was going to miss a woman I had made friends with.
I kept saying, "She's just such a good friend and "gets me", I love the understanding
between us, so now what do I do?!"
There was a man I was talking to about it and he said,
"Its fine now, don't cry you can come back on Monday if you like, didn't you know that?
Things aren't so hard"

Instantly I was happy and felt so wonderful with the news.
YES... the woman looked just like Goddess Brigid

NOW the dream was all lovely on face value yes,
the thing is I was dreadfully painfully upset and then awoke

feeling incredibly, physically uplifted. The dream was big one for me.

So this week....
I've been a little confused over the was others have misinterpreted me
or relayed things I've said or done incorrectly.
I HAD been putting this down to the other people and getting upset over
it but really perhaps I hadn't firstly, really looked at all the possibilities
surrounding these circumstance and secondly that things where only as hard as I made them.
I've been also a little stopped in my tracks
by the restrictions of a few large organisations and people

so have felt a little helpless at times.

My initial nterpretation.....

Was is the Goddess? Perhaps but I also feel that the dream state creates the physical
manifestation of out faith at times when we need to hear the big messages.
Also, I was in a low state in the dream, so who better to be a pivotal person than the
Goddess I' dedicated to? My dream state found me as her friend. Thats pretty natural and to
have her 'acceptance' too.
Here my doubts about my faith are erased as shes not only the focus of my

happiness but shes my friend.
Another thing to look at, am I doubting my faith at present? Why?

Next layer....
I was so happy that this woman 'got me'... mmmm so is this REALLY that important to me?

I need to ask myself, WHY is it that important? What would change if everyone got me?
Is it even possible?

The mystery man.... who is he this holder of information that changed
everything for me. Hes probably me. Internal me.
Me who could of quite easily found out that one could

actually "come back Monday' "didnt I know?"
It appears to be something most people know.

So its not a great secret. This is telling me to be deeper thinking and to not take situations at
Face value. There is other information and my reaction to cry was
based on me not seeking all of the facts.

I could come back Monday easily. Not magick, not divine intervention, it was easy!

So, ok ok, there are lots of little messages and signs I saw and I will go through those...

This is also the part where dream books really help if you are unsure about symbolism
of things....
Black and white cushions on every seat at Heathrow..... = BALANCE!
Black and White anything usually means this (think Magpies!)
I need to balance my thinking and reactions.
And cushions on every hard seat? To find balance is to be more comfortable.

It was Sunrise in the dream
A new beginning, the end of darkness.

OK there are lots of other parts to this dream but I hope this gives you a few ideas
on working out YOUR dreams. Writing it all down and keeping a dream journal helps too.
Often you will re read your dreams and see more in them as the day or weeks even go by.

Wishing you insightful dreams!
Cheralyn xx

PS... You can share your dreams and what you have worked out...
love to hearing what others find! x



bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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