Blogging LOVE!

WHO HAS A BLOG!! I would love to see it :) 

I've had a few people ask me about Blogging this week after finding mine. I've kept a Blog online here, I think 5 years, 
There are nearly 500 posts on it! 
Magic, Art, Craft are the themes of my posts.
I love blogging as I love reading blogs! 
(Brigids' Fire Temple Ireland June 2013)

The questions I've received have been asking me...

Which site provider is 'best'?
I use Typepad and I love it! 

What should I Blog About? 
Same as EVERYTHING in Life... what are YOU most Passionate about! 
(my exhibition at the International Activists and Environment Center Conference 2011)

Next... this is a FUNNY one... 
Do you write your own Blog posts
or does a company write them for you? 
Ummmm didn't know this existed until this week. A company offered their services to write them for me & someone also asked me if I used the service, I guess they also got asked. 
I write all my own EVERYTHING... you may have to put up with my dyslexia at times and my spontaneous nature BUT to me that's Blogging.

(something I love to MAKE!!!... Talismans!... in fact if you pop that word in the search box you should see a few :) ... use the search box to find things of interest ) 

NOW... Who BLOGS!!!!!! 

Share your Blogs in the comment field... I need some new reading and I'd love love love to see who in my friend list HAS A BLOG!

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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