Art Magick Get Together! ~ August 11th~ Exhibition Excursion Invitation for YOU

I love love love going to exhibitions... well you can imagin how busy I was on my trip this past month overseas, especially Paris and London... am I full up with Art? Noooooooo!!!! 

And how could I be with this treat in Sydney??
There is ALWAYS room for my favourite. 

SYDNEY MODERNS: art for a new world
Art Gallery of NSW
(painting: detail...GraceCossington-Smith ~ The Bridge in Curve)

Last time we went to see Alexander the Great Exhibition and had an amazing day!
THIS time its "Sydney Moderns" at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney. 
Come along for an afternoon at the Art Gallery with other like minded HAPPY Magickal People.

This exhibition focuses on Sydney in a period of massive energetic shift. The Artworks and Artists of this time are my favourites and I'm sure, if not familiar with you now will still bring lots of "ohhhhhhs" of recognition once you reconnect with them. Did I mention Flowers? Yes there will be Flowers and lots of Sydney icons! 

no additional cost, just your entry fee for the exhibition payable at the desk once we enter ($15) 
You can prebook at

WHERE: Meet on the steps at the front of the Art Gallery of NSW in the Domain. If its raining, hop inside the main first hall and look at awesome artworks while you keep dry.

TIME: SUNDAY 11th August 2013, 1pm 

Yes you can share this event with friends who may be interested and YES bring friends. 

MORE info? Message me or email: 

Well I will be working on a few pieces inspired by this exhibition to express my city now and blogging the progess here. You can join me too if you like! 
You can just come along for the afternoon of friendship but for those Arty/Creative joining me: 
During this period of great excitement and change, the artists presented here (and many others) found magick in their surrounds, in this urbanized growing mini metropolis. By looking at the way these Artists expressed this, think about the magick around you in your Urban Environment. Yes man made as well. I will be working on a small body of work "Urban Magick" and you are more than welcome to join in and create pieces yourself or just watch it grow on my blog after our visit.

 go to this Facebook Page or if you don't have Facebook, email me: 


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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