Ready to Fly!

I love my very Polite Airline's email this morning... 
Am I?
Yes I'm ready!

I have a handbag filled with Art Supplies and awesome reading.... great meditation downloads for my ipod and loads of writing to do for my Flower Oracle blog:

LOVING this keyboard I picked up!!! Logitech awesomeness! 

Well "Geordie Shore" is the first stop for a couple of days...
Tyne Bridges, Newcastle upon Tyne

its where our daughter has been studying for a semester and its where our journey begins.
As soon as I'm over the 29 hours of travelling and have had a bit of time to explore Newcastle-Upon-Tyne... its off to Dublin.  

I miss Punki our beautiful daughter so much... there will be tears!!!!! 


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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