Stay TRUE to what you believe.... 


You know I began creating Talismans MANY years ago out of recycled and reclaimed items. Much like my spiritually based Artwork, I kind of thought that going to chain stores and purchasing the items en~mass or getting others to make components for me was like being a vegetarian who ate bacon.

If you really believe in what you live, then when you create something that is aligned with it, especially an energetic tool, then shouldn't it respect the earth and reflect this? 
Using what is already here is an powerful base on which anything can stand. 
I've not been able to create things at times or in volume because the compromise would of been far too great. 

Today my little passion was heard a very long way away and it was very exciting to have another amazing institution track me down (lol) and interview me about modern Talisman creation for a book. Its a great project and I'll let you all know about it when its released next year. :) 

LEARNING Talisman Creation...... 
oh and if you are interested in learning ALL of my secrets I DO teach Talisman creation online! 

Here is where you willl find all the details....
Its not too late to join in either as all content is always available to you.

ONLINE TALISMAN COURSE WITH CHERALYN... details at this LINK, click here. :) 


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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