Drawing Again

I just wanted to MAKE SURE you lot knew about this gorgeousness of an Artist I've found.....!
 Jane Davenport!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing her online course at the moment.
Well I'm doing ONE and am itching to do the next. 
Jane teaches something I'm a bit crap at, drawing people. 
So all those pictures you have been seeing of me saying check out this girly face, look at this, and this and THIS... (heh heh heh.... sorry for boring you I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!!)... well they all are results of Janes teaching. 
Here's one  again.... just incase you missed my Facebook Explosion... 

SEEEEEE told you all I'm not this PERFECTLY PERFECT Artist of PERFECTION. 
I take courses all the time, you know no one knows it all and if you think you do, actually if you think you do, thats just very sad because you are missing out on a whole lot of joy, fun, excitement and enchantment. 
I find that there is nothing as magical as discovery and learning is such a beautiful feeling! 

I am LOVINg the results I'm getting while learning from Jane and I just LOVE ♥ ♥ her videos, fun and awesome attitude.
ANYHOW... if you want to check out an awesome Arty girl and if you wanted to learn to draw Peeps... check her OUT! ..... 
Jane dave

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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