Talisman Sale ~ this Thursday!

I know its been a long while... BUT its been busy to say the very least. 
There are a few mini Collections on offer this Thursday evening and a couple of surprises.
This looks like the last Talisman Release from me for about 5 months as I have a lot of commitments.

THURSDAY 11th APRIL 2013 at this LINK

Animal Totem Guide Talismans
I have been very busy on a new technique which I'm in love with and I have saved to bring to life a very close to my heart Talismans ~ Animal Totem Guides.
The unveiling will be at the event! Love you to be there to have a peek.
(no photo peeks!, this is tooooooo special & secret!) 

Faery Talismans
LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of requests for more faeries so yes I have five Fae Talismans. 
As you may know, most of my artworks are created from treasures in such a way that I can never repeat them. They are one of a kind unique works of art. 
Here is one coming up this Thursday.... 


Blessing Beads
Though I did share the technique earlier this week, I will have sets of these available for you to use in your projects. These will be Blessed by me with the Intentions they represent. 
They can be used in jewellery and talisman creating, in magickal tool making, as book marks/ embellishments for a BOS or Journal, your imagination is your only limit! 


Wildflower Talismans 
Featuring my Linoprint Artwork from my Australian Wildflower Oracle, natural crystals and all created by hand by me, these are very popular and all flowers will be available this Thursday. Along with the standard size and design, a very few one of a kind larger Talisman Pendants and brooches will also be available. 

(standard Wildflower Talismans set with natural crystals)


(a one of a kind Found Treasure Wildflower Talisman Pendant ` can be converted to a brooch if required)

(another example and yes these two will both be avialble on Thursday) 

Charmed Wildflower Charms

A new release of Wildflower Charms will be released on Thursday too! 


Goddess Talisman Pendants
Just a few very special ones will be available on the night
here is one... Artemis.... this is one I'm happy to finih off as a brooch or pendant as the new owner wishes. 
*my faces are all hand sculpted, silver or gold leafed and set 

a few other surprises and old favourites will be available. 
I have gifts, chatting and sharing so I REALLY hope you can join me.....
THIS is the Facebook Event page where it will be happening 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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