Talisman Collection Sale Tonight

Talisman Creation is not a part of my Spiritual Practice, 
it is the very heart of it. 


A lifetime of Magical Tool making handed down through my family. 
Herditary Witchcraft is where my journey here begins. I am a third generation (that we can confirm!) Witch. My Mother is an Artist and Witch and being brought up in a Pagan Artists family, Art and Witchcraft and Creativity where not things anyone in my family DID, it was simply LIFE. 
Everyone is Creative, everyone is a Witch OR accepts it as the natural way of things. 

It took a while to find my own style, my true voice.  
I am a gleaner, a collector of that which has potential to be combined with my carvings on stone, ceramic and crystal. Though Assemblage is the term that can describe my process, I do combin with other traditional sculptural practices including carving and with painting, metal smithing and other fine art ideas as they come! 

Why do I prefer this medium? 

Its because I strongly believe we are all connected, we share energy with all, with each other, the animals, the plants, the earth, the stars, ALL. 


The combining of that which is already here, which has lived a purpose already to then become an Energetic Tool for others to SHARE into our future is the most spiritual and meaningful use of the skills I have. 
As my heart sings its truest when I create Talismans in Sculpture it is this skill which I use. My hands in deep connection with the meditation of creation. 
The collecting, the conversations with those who cross my path in my process of discovery, the dreams, thoughts, study and mediations while art materials lay alongside treasures~ working though potentials. 

I listen.

What may begin as one thing, bends and shapes,
moves my hands to become its true self.

But I am never surprised by the final revelation. The pure feel of it's energy has flowed until empowered, the Talisman draws me to the ritual and dedication of its purpose. 

All of my Talismans are dedicated and empowered through ritual for specific purposes by me personally. Then they are sent to you with a Ritual Bag that includes a written ritual, candles, resins & herbs and these are for you to align your personal energies with your new Magical Tool of Power, Protection and Intention.

A few special Talismans of Power, Love, Protection tonight, online at this Facebook Event Link ~

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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