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Creative Gypsy Art School WORKSHOP in Sydney!

Very busy last month full of fun, excitement, changes and new directions! 

Hope the Energy that many seem to be similarly experiencing is touching you in Blessed ways as well.
If you haven't gotten your Creative New Years Wishes & Goals started yet, here's a GREAT kickstarter... 
a day in my portable Magic Workshop in an awesome Function Room RIGHT ON the Beach in Sydney!!
Imagine a day of creative fun, new friends, improved or found artistic skills, oh and lets not forget LOTS of beautiful, magical tools & talismans to take home!!

Creative Gypsy Art School
Sydney 5th May 2013

ALL DAY Workshop with Cheralyn 
My passion is finding, kickstarting and extending the Magical Creative in YOU!
SO no matter how experienced or unskilled you THINK you are I will get 
you creating, having fun and making art with true personal meaning.

Early Bird Fee is ONLY $240 
$50 deposit secures your place  (12 places ONLY!!) 
 (FEE: $280 after 15th April) 

9am: Opening Circle & Welcome followed by centering 
meditation on the beach to relax and open ourselves to our 
inner creative.
9:30am: Discussion on the history, techniques and 
considerations when creating ritual and spiritual pieces 
begins our workshop along with Creative Gypsy kick-starter fun!
10:00am: The Magick BEGINS! Divine Goddess Clay & Crystal 
Pendant Creation
11:00am: Mystical Reclaimed Dreamcatcher
12:00pm: LUNCH
12:30pm: Meditation/Prayer/ Blessing Beads
1:30pm: Wand Making Magick
2:30pm: Found Treasure Talisman
3:30pm pack up
4:00pm Closing the Circle and Farewell on Long Reef Beach

ONLINE SUPPORT: Cheralyn will open an online Private Forum 
for students to provide continued technical and artistic support 
and a place for all students to keep in touch

The View from our beautiful spacious, comfortable studio for the day. Full glass wall looking at this!


including many developed by Cheralyn herself (secret recipe sharing time!).......
simple easy metal working, rotary tool usage, engraving, creative mould 
making, beading, jewellery design, textile art,
clay sculptural methods, metal painting techniques, art secrets & design 
methods, colour skills, how to create from and with the messages, 
dreams and passions we all have within while creating beautiful, 
meaningful artesian pieces and ritual tools.

Cheralyn has taught fine art and artesian craft workshops for over 30 years.
Its her passion! To see more of her work:
YES you can use these techniques in items you sell in the future.
YES Cheralyn will share suppliers details with you on the day.


*an amazing Found Treasure Talisman Pendant 

to see examples of the style you will be creating in go to:
DSCF3342 6a00e54f9bc06488340162fdf58f9e970d DSCF3373 DSCF3452

I will be bringing along a stash of found treasures but please feel free to bring an orphaned earring, a broken ring, or anything else you may be drawn to give a magical new purpose and life to! 




*a divine Clay and Crystal Goddess Pendant

this is an extremely popular technique which I first saw in a workshop in the USA in 2001.  I will be working with you using various moulds but will also give you lots of direction if you would like to extend and hand scult the face yourself. We will also look at other designs other than faces to set crystals and other objects in clay. 

*a personal Meditation Pagan Prayer Beaded Talisman
(my own design)
Gypsy2  Gypsy5

i LOVE Meditation beads. Some people call the Prayer Beads, Blessing Beads and so on. Basically it is a string of Beads (preferably natural crystals) strung in number and order to use as Talisman and Focus during Meditation, Spelcasting, Prayer and so on. The 'problem' I used to have is that due to the resukting size, they often are too short for a necklace and too long for a braclet. 
This design I have developed is completely convertable. Easily unhooks to join together as a circle for your Spiritual purpose and then rehooks to wear. 

*a reclaimed textile & Crystal Mystical Dreamcatcher

Gypsy14 Dreamcatcher2

*your own Empowered & Dedicated Wand

Gypsy1  Gypsy56
Your own wand! Made by you using any combination of the many many embellishment techniques I will be sharing with you. 
This photo shows just two!! We will be working with various textile, metal working, carving, painting and jewllery making techiques and your final design will be something that you want, you love and sings to your heart. 

* new ideas, skills, friendships & magic!

my Workshops are BRIMMING with tips, tricks, techniques, some you may of experience, some you may of wondered about, some long forgotten favourites! The important thing is that this is a day for YOU! Meeting like-minded new friends, developing your Creative Heart in a beautiful, friendly, happy environment. I have FUN in my Workshops, we all do  and I dont care if you cant draw a straight line, I've taught 100s of people, all ages, all skill levels and never once had a 'failure'. I promise: You will have fun and you will find you CAN do it. If you are 'experienced' then join us for a day of sharing, creating and making magic. :) 

*an ongoing student/teacher forum will be open online

Cheralyn will open an online Private Forum 
for students to provide continued technical and artistic support 
and a place for all students to keep in touch