Year of the Snake

(photo ~Dian Kingdom 150 – 50 BC)

I was in the thick of YEAR OF THE SNAKE celebrations and a thought came to me. 
Why are the professed spiritual, clever and smart so blind at times? 

Those born this year are endowed with intellect, they are smart & bright. I noticed in my sphere that this week bought with it a cascade of snickering complaining posts and a blog roll to boot regarding bad grammar, terrible spelling and incorrect finer points in a few narratives. 
Ahhhh Year of Snake? Egoistical is another trait. 

The most AWESOME thing is that the world has expanded through the Internet and anyone, pretty much, can communicate and share with anyone else, anywhere, regardless of distance, culture, experience, religion, gender, age, language, intellect, education, and so on and so on... 
AND the "Spiritual" community is forever rejoicing in this fact. 

So why so many grammar and spelling Police? Why so many constant SNICKERING posts about people's inability to grasp certain concepts? Why so many "I'm so Clever but this person is DULL"

PATIENCE. The person, the seeker of connection with YOU could be intellectually handicapped, not have an education, have dyslexia, be sick at present, live in a sheltered situation, they have lacked your experience, or HUMAN for Goddess sake!

They made a MISTAKE. :O
When an animal tries to communicate with you... are you angry because he can't do so succinctly in prose? 
When a higher deity or Guide presents ideas and a path in a way you do not understand what do YOU do? I notice most people run onto the internet asking others "what does this dream mean? this vision, this message" Do you defer to Google? Books? Perhaps you do just stop and think and explore in your own time..
I don't think your Guide is snickering to her friends or lamenting on GoddessBook what a doofus you are for spelling her name wrong AGAIN or tapping her foot and yawning because you are slooooow in coming up with a witty, clever, BRILLIANT response! 

SO Year of the Snake! 
Clever is wonderful...but WISE is NICER :) 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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