Finding Your Spirit Guides

I have received a lot of email and noticed a few posts on good old facebook,
asking about Spirit Guides and how to meet them. 
Most people seem perplexed that no matter how hard they meditate, focus, intention cram, they just don't see the technicolour  7 foot high Angel Guide, booming out their life plan like a celestial shopping list.
"The Angel of the Other Track" Cheralyn Darcey assemblage sculpture 2007 

This is a path of forced and constant urging and is usually destined for one of two conclusions... either you will end up giving up or your ego will start chatting away and creating the experience you seek so desperately. 
Though there are people who see their guides as actual tangible visions, most do not. The experience is varied but a common thread is a knowing that someone or something is with you. The reveal ideas, thoughts, light paths, nudge you, assist in times of decision or despair, they give you a great kick in the pants when needed, they strengthen your inherent qualities and gifts, they support the greater good through you.
Do you hear actual words? Not always. I personally have found I am promoted to say certain words or phases that seem to come from nowhere and I recognise that they are not my inherent language patterns.
I say them, I think them and sometimes I hear them softly whispered when I'm in a relaxed meditive state. This is usually when I'm writing or creating art. These two are the sisters of focused meditation and I've always found the easiest way to reach that state between worlds. Oh and the byproduct!? Creativity! win win :) 

That's all well and good, but how do you know if what you are experiencing is  Guide or your Ego?
You need to examine what they "saying"?
Common Ego chatter...
"YOU are going to be famous" 
"YOU are to be gifted the Seven Oracles of the Seven Magical Cities"
"YOU are more powerful than everyone else"
YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!!!!!! That's Ego talk. 
Guides GUIDE. 
They nudge.
They 'speak' of things for the greater good. 
YOU are just a tiny piece of the ALL.
Guides will show you a suggestion to NUDGE you along the path. 

A Guide is a Lightbringer... NOT a Fawning Cheerleader. 

"The Unknowable Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds"
ceramic sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2010

Some people are connected with their guides from birth and have no real anchor point of first encounter, others will have that 'First Encounter". You often hear or read about that time when a Guide made it's presence known very clearly and usually through a apparition. I call this the LOOK AT ME~ LOOK AT ME Moment and it usually comes after or during a period of great physical, mental or spiritual detachment. When people decide this moment, listen to the whole story.... "My Mum had passed away, I was in hospital recovering, I'd been an addict for years and was at my lowest point, something pushed me from taking a step off the curb. A crisis, an accident, great illness, of abysmal despair, of teenage angst that is turning to depression, of great uncertainty. 
Sometimes they don't flesh out the background story because of privacy but nearly every time there is one and it is at these junctions that your Guides need you to take notice. 
Perhaps the Guide has been trying, like calling out through water and you have not felt the ripples. Now, in your moment of need, they appear, they 'say' LOOK AT ME! HERE I AM! Sometimes there is no apparent reason, they do 'just appear' but I will tell you this, you needed that Guide for some reason to show up at that moment. 
My first experience with one of my Guides began with such an encounter. I was dreadfully ill, living out a rather aimless part of my life at the time and in need of some sort spiritual kick in the pants as I really was going no where. 
Yes I did SEE someone and she though she didn't speak words but I hear her message clear as if they where spoken. She remains with me, I feel her and work with her and I am guided by her constant presence in my life. 
"The Goddess of the Secrets I Keep" 
assemblage and ceramic sculpture 
Cheralyn Darcey 2009

So that brings to how you can connect. 
I find asking goes a long way and listening! Just like humans, you learn more when you listen. 
To listen to your Guides, I don't mean just listening for words, but noticing their messages in what you see, feel and experience. Guides talk to you in all ways. Again brings us back to the word GUIDE.  
Mindfulness is a wonderful way to develop your Guide listening skills. 
It brings many other personal benefits, as you will experience as you practice it. Mindfullness is a wonderful de-stressor, a lovely opening and heart lifting experience and brings a deeper connection with you world. It develops your observation skills on all levels and so enables you to notice and more easily move your understanding of Spirit Guides in line with your own energy. 
AND as much as that sounds deep, its not! 
Simply? You are waking up! Learning to disregard distractions and notice what is actually happening. 

Every single thing that you do, concentrate on each single part of the process. 
Washing your hands. 
The feel of the tap in your hands, the sound the water makes as it rises to the facet. That first splash of water on your skin. The lights reflected in the water. The smell of the water, the tempreature. The sound of the water falling in the sink..... AND SO ON.... 
Go find a flower.
Write about the flower in your JOURNAL or whatever you wish to call it :)
Write about the colour of each section, the scent, the various shapes, how it feels brushed against your cheek, your hand. The patterns in each section, the thoughts you have, how you feel about the flower and so on and so on... keep reflecting, discovering......You are being in moment completely. 

In our busy, multi task, faster faster world, it's harder than it sounds but the benefits from that one day, I assure you, will change the way you connect and will bring you into a realm of noticing and being aligned with the subtle energies that Spirit Guides are. 
Not only that but other new experiences will open up to you. Try it, I'd LOVE to hear how you go! 
AND if you already practice Mindfulness, share your experiences, everyone is different and I for one adore learning more. 

I am the Queen of Journalling! Book of Shadows, Diary, Scrapbook, Journal... whatever you call it. Seriously its just a place to keep all your thoughts, special things, experiences and magic! By keeping the these things, reflection is much easier and just by looking through my journal, I begin to see patterns, paths and possibilities. 
Guides will steer you by lighting you up with new passions, ideas and views. Journalling about these new things brings enlightenment on their topics. Do you HAVE to actually write words? Well not entirely, drawings, collaged pictures, photos, ephemera (fancy word for collection of ticket stubs, pressed flowers, bits of ribbons and so on). 
Writing though, really does open you up to getting whats going on inside and reflecting on your connections. Which brings us to......

Another practice that I have found many people being somewhat intimidated by. You really shouldn't be. This is so easy to do! Sure some people have written volumes of ancient mysteries in another language challened to them in automatic writing sessions and that's awesome. But I've seriously found the most personally enlightening experiences in the simplest sentence during an automatic writing session. 
How do you do it? Paper pen, WRITE!  
You can do it anywhere anytime, but it is best done during a period of being in a Meditative and Mindful state. Candles, Crafted Circle of Light, Incenses, perhaps Music if that brings YOU into this state and so on can be added to your Automatic Writing Practice. 
Personally, I just do it first thing each morning in my Journal while sitting on my balcony. I spend 15mins minimum of just writing whatever is there in my head when I first wake up while being outside. Simple.
My Guides do speak to me on the page at that time. They now know that I'm there ready to hear them and I feel their presence strongly. Not every single time, but yes they know where to find me when I'm REALLY listening.

Repeat appearances is a pretty firm indicator. Though some energies may pass through your life, return visits are your first signal and very good confirmation that this in fact is a guide.
Guides enlighten your life. Thinking about this Guide usually brings with it a feeling of warmth, happiness, calmness, "being at home". This is the connection, the alignment. 
Just remember, Guides are subtle energies USUALLY whispering ideas and possibilities, Ego is the pedestal standing proclaimer. 

No you probably haven't done anything cosmically offensive or wrong! 
Sometimes you need to work through life on your own two feet, but keep up the exercises and exploring. Just relax though. Listen with your heart to YOU for a while and the rest of the world. 

There are lots and lots of other ways to find your Guides and this is just a little of my personal experience. I hope it helps those of you that have been asking me and wondering.
I wish you the Happiest Blessings of all!
Cheralyn x 

This is THE BEST book I have found on Psychic Protection...
"The Art Of Psychic Protection" Judy Hall

WONDERFUL book with lots of exercises and information on Animal Guides & Totems 

"Animal~Wise" Ted Andrews
and this one with many easy to follow ideas, tips and exercises .. 

"Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide" Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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