Meditation Sculpture by Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti is a 49 year old carpenter who creates  intricate miniature sculptures from the tips of graphite pencils as not only an art practice, but a meditation. 
He is a carpenter/house re-modeler and describes himself as a self-taught artist: “Sharpens” pencils as a hobby/meditation. Dalton is Brazilian by birth and lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.

I am reminded straightaway of mindfulness and the complete dedication of mind and action. Of course creating such work would require such. If you have ever immersed yourself in any creative process to the point of flow, painting, knitting, writing, sculpting, weaving... then you will know this feeling. 
I often use it as a starting point for beginners in meditation. So many people experience it without realizing that THIS is the meditation state. That calm, focused feeling and state. 

For Dalton to describe his work process as a meditation is very just and it shows in the precion and context of his works. The narrative pieces such as the tools and buildings really bring out the artist through his work. 


Susquehenna Art Mueum

Educational Traveling Exhibit
August 2012 - July 2013

Morris Museum
Morristown, New Jersey
December 2012 - March 2013

New Britain Museum of American Art
Ongoing Exhibition
Visit the NBMAA Website

Lori Warner Gallery
Ongoing Exhibition
21 Main St
Chester, CT USA

You may not YET have the skills of Dalton, but remember, he is a self taught artist who has followed his passions and TAUGHT himself to create in this way. To illustrate his thoughts and passion through this chosen medium. 
How did he come up with it? He is a carpenter! He used what was there. 

What is around YOU right now? 
What inspires you? 
Do you do something now which puts you in that meditative state? 
Practice Mindfullness and keep notes in a journal on the little things that have given you big ideas. 

Happiest Creative Blessings! 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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