PRESENTING....The Australian Wildflower Oracle by Cheralyn Darcey



After nearly ten years on a magical art journey of such love and 
enlightenment and happiness....
I have great excitement in announcing .....
The Australian Wildflower Oracle
created by
Cheralyn Darcey

a beautiful set
of 44 oracle cards
featuring the original linocut &
hand painted artworks
of Cheralyn Darcey
and nature's magick, healing and insights



I have dreamed this Oracle into being for over 20 years. About three years ago, dreams became plans, then plans became artworks and these came together to form something rather special. It's been amazing, exhilerating, hard, enlightening, fun, crazy, in fact it's been all the things a real life journey is suppose to be. 
If Passion Decides Fate then I have found myself back to the beginning as you will see but isn't that what Flowers, the Earth and life is all about? Cycles ever turning. There is no end, just new beginnings.

The Australian Bush Beginnings
Part of my childhood was spent on a wondrous farm, "Mountain View", nestled in the gentle rolling hills of the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. The closest town was Gulgong, a town rich with art history and it filled me with inspiration with its little art nooks, artists on corners with easels capturing the fading days, the country gold rush museum of Aladdin wonders, Opera House echoed with the poetry of Lawson and then the surrounding bush.
WEB Xanthorrhoea

I lived the life of a country kid, making fun and magick with what was there. Very lucky to be the child of an artist and an inventor in a time of self sufficiency on the land while having the seeds of love for our Earth and her jewels of wisdom planted deep in my soul.

Flowers in this rugged land sang promises of the cycles of life I had only just begun to tread. I watched, listened and learned from them. So now, I have brought what I just do into something to share with you. 
A deck of the Flowers I love and honour as an Oracle. 


The Healing of Flowers and a Magical Tool 

My Mum taught me how to read Tarot and I've been a Reader and loving collector of decks all of my life. When it came to creating my own deck and being able to use what worked for me as a reader, using images I created was something really special.

With this lifetime of experience,  I have created a deck in four suites, each containing 11 cards representing the elements ~ Earth, Air, Water and Fire and each card holds it's own meaning that is partly aligned with numerology. Through this, it presents a system to read with and makes connecting with and remembering the meanings of each card within the Oracle a lot easier and also I find that real relationships can be developed within readings as new deeper layers appear.  

The cards can be used alone as a Card of the Day or in full layouts and spreads. They can be used with other decks and with other forms of divination if you feel drawn to do so.  As a meditation, spellcrafting and contemplation deck, these cards are also especially come into their own magical realm. They are simply also a beautiful, artful deck of cards to connect with the magickal energies of the Australian Wildflowers. 

The Artworks
As an Artist with a very broad range of interests, I certainly had a lot of options to choose from when it came to how I would bring my vision of an Oracle of Wildflowers to life. I'm probably best known for my sculptures and assemblage jewellery but many of you know I do paint and I love to draw... BUT my very first love is Lino carving and printing! 
I was introduced, as we all are, in school and fell into crazy love with the entire process. Even the smell of lino makes me happy. 
Printing the Magic Workshop.... full sized prints drying 

WEB sturts desert rose SIGN

I find the process from start to finish so filled with the opportunity for deep focused work as well. Whilst in creation, I journal alongside on my workbenches and beside my easel, keeping notes and insights as the artwork for each card evolves. I can ensure no insight, no revelation or whispered vision is missed as they are created.

Every single part of the Flower has the opportunity to be thought through and meditated upon in it's positive and negative form and space as well as it's energy while carving out it's form. The printing process involves the laying of hands to evenly distribute the inks. Times must be felt and mettered with many earthly considerations, temperature, atmosphere and materials in the printing process and sometimes just a 'knowing'. I almost feel I am massaging their images to life. Then the colour! Paint brush in hand while I add their beautiful messages that sing out from Earth's spectrum of light to bring each flower to life. 

The Australian Wildflower Oracle features 44 works of art that I created exclusively for this Oracle Deck. They are not images collected randomly, this is a deck that I dedicated my complete attention on in it's creation. In this way they are each an Oracle in themselves and so,  I invite you to look deep within the images for you own additional insights, visions and messages. 

The Artworks for Purchase 
Yes, the full-sized Artworks are available and are all ORIGINAL hand printed and hand coloured signed artworks.  These Artworks will  be available early January.
What is an Original Lino Print? 
An original Lino print is created by inking up the hand carved plate and then printing by hand onto art paper. This is left to dry for 24 hours then hand coloured (painted). No two could ever be the same and eah is an orginal artwork. They are numbered as original editions of the same lino print. Each is hand signed. 
I personally create each print and use the same plate as I used to create the Oracle cards.
The prints are larger than the Oracle Cards and the finished print is A4 sized.

* full sized original hand printed 
and individually hand coloured lino-prints.

Each numbered, unique artwork is presented
in a ready to frame mat

print size:  297 x 210 mm

The Style
I have created the Australian Wildflower Oracle in the Art Nouveau/ Arts and Crafts Movement style because of many reasons but mostly because I simply love it! This period was also synonymous with a return to creativity by many professionals and this sings so loudly to me personally.

My great love of the Artists of this period, the style, the time, the abundance of wood and lino cut artworks and for some reason that I can not really pinpoint but its resonance for me and the feeling of Australia is why I felt the passion to create this way.  


The Printing
The Australian Wildflower Oracle is created from conception through to card creation by me. The printing is lovingly done by a small company I sourced which I found to be ethical and very fun to work with. I am able to oversee the process myself and bring you an Oracle Deck which in every single facet is my vision. The packaging is protective but minimal, as you know I tread as lightly as possible on this Earth. 

Beginning today, you can secure one of the very first 100 decks.


On purchase you will receive, via email, a beautiful Postcard confirming your order within 24 hours. 



The Limited Edition Hand Printed Card

The Emailed Certificate You Recieve on Purchase


These are all numbered and come
with a hand printed and hand coloured (painted)
signed and numbered additional card.
An A4 sized, framable signed certificate featuring artwork from the Australian Wildflower Oracle is emailed to you on purchase. (with 48 hours). This certificate also features your limited edition deck number. 

Australian Wildflower Talisman Kit
Another limited additional kit will be available that includes the above 
Limited Edition Kit and a Flower Blessing Talisman created by Cheralyn
The Talisman comes complete with a Ritual Kit with full instructions, a herb spell and candle
to bless your talisman with and create even stronger intention bonds. 
Australian Wildflower Talisman Blessings Kit is just $85 and includes free regular postage.


I have created Talismans for many years so this facet of myWildflower Oracle
was something Iwas naturally very excited about. These are not mass produced items,
I make each Talisman myself from beginning to end in my Magic Workshop.

Each Talisman begins as a miniature reproduction of my original artwork
that I used in the making of my Australian Wildflower Oracle Cards.
The Wildflower Oracle picture is then hand coloured and assembled
with feature crystals
and wings to bring your Talisman to life.

Before the artwork is embedded in your Talisman,
Flower Essence that is ONLY used
for my Talisman work and corresponding with
your flower is applied to the Talisman base along with a tiny Australian gum leaf.

I take the completed Talisman to a very special and
magical space in the Australian Bush
where I do most of my energy work. Here I dedicate and leave in a secret hollow
to empower your Talisman with earth energy and the magic of the Australian Bush..

All Talismans arrive to you with a Blessing/Spell Kit so you can actively align
your intentions and dedicate your talismans in alignment with your energies.
The kit contains herb mixture, resin, a charcoal block,
a dedication ritual printed on parchment paper.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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