Mayan Calendars

Good Morning! 
Sharing something rather beautiful in regards to 21/12/12.

My gorgeous very magical Grandmother also had a 'thing' about the Mayan Calendar
~ she collected them. 
I am the one who now looks after them and it was a rather funny one day recently to realise I now have so many of them in my home when a visitor dropped in and was asking me about "Doomsday". 
"Here let me show you" 
I said, and then turned to find one, realising there was more than one in each room! 

Here are my some of my favourites INCLUDING... 
The bottom left, my most treasured and loved 'thing' in the world ~ a huge hand beaten copper smokey glass table I learned to walk around amongst other magic ;) and YES you can Scry in that table top!
Bottom right.. ohhh that's solid Malacite and very very old. 
I have nothing but beautiful memories of her magic and her home adorned with her magical calendars.

Have a Magical Day... there is something amazing and wonderful in everything.
LIfe and how you look at it, is really UP TO YOU! xxxxxxx
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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