The FLOWER ORACLE Online Course!

The Flower Oracle 
Online Course 
the messages, growing, herb-crafting, art and magic of flowers
an 8 week online course featuring
tutorials, videos, audio, notes, exercises, photos 
and private teacher/student forum 


BEGINS Wednesday 14th NOVEMBER 2012
an 8 week online course featuring
tutorials, videos, audio, notes, exercises, photos 
and private teacher/student forum 

with Sonya Lowe & Cheralyn Darcey
course fee $130

In what IS two whole courses in one over 8 BIG weeks
You will learn
*to read flowers as oracles
*create spirit flower art
*make flower talismans
*create a Flower Dream Catcher
*flower blessing and spells
*make you own flower collage oracle or tarot deck
* Growing & Caring for Flowers - Living Floral Magic
* Creating Floral Waters & Oils
*create flower vessels
* Floral Incense Blends - and their uses
* Edible Petals - A Magical Feast
* Magical Correspondences (a selection weekly!!!)
* Preserving Flowers - Pressing & Drying
* Floral 'Nectar of the Gods' - Champagnes & Cordials
* Growing Flowers for Magic & Spirituality - Scent, Colour & Styles
* Conjuring a Night Flower Garden
and believe it or not much more!

This course  of flower love magick consists of eight weeks tuition by both 
Cheralyn & Sonya.
Each lesson includes:
One audio lesson with Cheralyn, (mediations) downloadable to your 
computer or music player.
(Audio lessons vary in length, from 15 minutes to 35 minutes, depending 
on the content to be covered.)
Video lessons by Cheralyn & Sonya : Each video lesson runs between 7 to 
thirty minutes.
This is available via private Youtube link.
LOADS of written lessons including photos, enough in fact to fill more than 
a book!
An online forum exclusive to class
members and attended to by Cheralyn & Sonya.





Flower Spirit Canvas... 
YOU will be creating one in week FOUR!
you will also be creating your own
Oracle Deck featuring you own artwork
in the medium of your choice!
NOT an 'artist'?
Cheralyn has MAGICKAL means to
create your deck :)  
Other projects include flower stamp making, flower dreamcatchers and more ... shhh I cant share ALL my secrets! :) 
There are meditations, storytelling, how to read flowers as oracles and YES there WILL be Goddesses, Gods, Faeries and Angels and other flower wisdom keepers.

from pot plants on a windowsill
to outback gardens and everything inbetween
Sonya shares her amazing knowledge of the
growing, care and the use of flowers
Along the way she shares her Green Witchery
with YOU!
The lore, wisdom, uses of flowers, seeds, oils and aromas.
All the Green Witch Magick of Flowers you could possibly wish for!  



with Sonya
*What are flowers? ~ Basic Botany
*Correspondences and Lore
 ~ 5 featured   Flowers
*Caring for Cut Flowers
*Growing Your Own Flower Garden - Part 1
*Wild Crafting of Flowers *video*
*Goddess Flora Relaxing Beauty Bath Bag  



with Cheralyn

*What is Magical about Flowers
*My journey with Flowers
*The Flower Goddesses
*Traditions of Cut Flowers in the Home
*Goddess Flora Relaxation Meditation 
*A selection of Flower Decks and Books  
*Materials List for the Oracle Cards
*Flower Spell Postcards with Your Flowers



with Sonya

*Correspondences and Lore
~ the next 5 Featured Flowers
*Growing your own Flower Garden-Part 2
*Harvesting and Drying Flowers
*Pressing & Preserving Flowers
*Essence & Dew *video*
*Blessing Anointing Oil *video*

with Cheralyn P1011617

*Make Flower Talismans *video*
*A Flower Oracle Walk
*Wood carving *video*
*Basic Jewellery Creation lessons
*Dremel and Handsaw how tos *videos*
*Resin Setting *video*
*Creating a Flower Stamp for your Anointing 
Oil Label
*Flower Spell Postcards with Your Flowers

 Each week is as feature filled as these  with the 

Magick and Love of Flowers as these!


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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