Happiness & the "PROJECT"

I know I tease the crap out of so many of you with my...
"oh you don't know my BIGGEST secret and I can't WAIT to share" mantra but I am VERY VERY close to the reveal! ....
It's been way way over a year of work, actually 19 months!! since 
I picked up tools to do this and sometimes been hard to keep going and always really difficult to actually keep to myself. 

I'm a people person, a pack animal and I ♥ to share. I find it very difficult to create in the hermit mode like so many of my art friends. I actually admire their centerness to do so!!

Personality wise: I'm just better off in a big noisy busy workshop, surrounded by mentors, peers and students with music, talking, brainstorming, dancing, critiques and more laughter and talking!!

BUT THIS has had to be a solitary journey and it's taught me loads about myself, art and life! 

Just before the reveal... (about two weeks) I want to thank the FoUR people who have known about this and watched it come to life... you know who you are! :) Oh and I want to thank my totem FOX because without your screaming in my ear the past few months we wouldn't be so close would we?

A friend said a few days ago that was a return for me and it is VERY much so on MANY many levels!!
It's also been my little touchstone, my reminder and my passion.

Do what you love, even if NO ONE sees it
because your heart will thank you every day with HAPPINESS!

Happiest Creative Blessings!
Love Cheralyn x
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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