I'm having A LOT of fun and inspiration from all my new buddies over at the Facebook group I set up a couple of weeks ago called "FIT WITCH".
I don't like gyms as I spend the majority of the time  deflecting shuddering glances at my tattoos, or being moved away from because *GASP* I'm a cheerful person who
actually says HELLO to people and smiles at them!
OK OK OK It's probably the flower headband and the pixi skirt! :O

I also HATE the crowds and the last gym I joined?
I ended up with a nasty reoccurring skin problem that never returned once I scooted out of there! 
It's not ALL bad I have heard of lovely gyms... just haven't lucked in with one around here. 
In fact... shout outs for awesome gyms WELCOME :) 

THE other huge thing is? I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE!! 
So I'm all for finding things I can do OUT THERE. :) 

Well the OTHER thing is... everything seems pretty plan specific, diet orientated and comes at it from a ONE SIZE fits just about all ideal. 
I thought, where's the gang 'like me'... we have goals, we might be doing different things, we even have slightly different thoughts on how, BUT we are all have an overall desire to BE HEALTHIER! And yeah, we are probably a bit Witchy to boot. 

I couldnt find this group, or these friends all together SO I decided to make a little space they could fly in to! 



click here to join in













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The inspirational people, the different fitness and health tips and sharing that's going on. 
ME? I'm running again... PIXI SKIRT AND ALL! :) 
I'm also doing Michell Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation after chatting with a few successful Fit Witches who spoke highly of it. 
Some Fit Witches are walking, some are doing Yoga (one has a goal of becoming a teacher!), some are still just getting into it and deciding and loving the support and motivation to get going from fellow Fit Witches! 
AND Do you have to 'be a Witch?" Nooooooo!
Pixi skirts and flower headbands are OPTIONAL too. 

If you want to join us? Just ask to be added to the group. 
There is NO ADVERTISING and the group is free. 

A FIT WITCH HIKE in Sydney in a few weeks with me. Details will be posted in the group. 
The other thing is, this is an awesome way to find others near you that you may be able to do walks/runs etc with. 


Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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