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The Flower Oracle Online Workshop

Our main website page for the Flower Oracle has a little glich this morning! 
We are ALMOST full and the link had a little melt down.... we are working on it BUT
You can book still... here via this link below

The Flower Oracle

messages, growing, herb-crafting, art and magic of flowers

onya Lowe & Cheralyn Darcey.
EIGHT weeks featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum
Begins 14th November 2012
on the Solar Eclipse & New Moon

lower Oracle

You will learn
*to read flowers as oracles
*create spirit flower art
*make flower talismans
*flower blessing and spells
*make you own flower collage oracle or tarot deck
* Growing & Caring for Flowers - Living Floral Magic
* Creating Floral Waters & Oils
* Floral Incense Blends - and their uses
* Edible Petals - A Magical Feast
* Magical Correspondences (a selection weekly!!!)
* Preserving Flowers - Pressing & Drying
* Floral 'Nectar of the Gods' - Champagnes & Cordials
* Growing Flowers for Magic & Spirituality - Scent, Colour & Styles
* Conjuring a Night Flower Garden
and believe it or not much more!

This course  of flower love magick consists of eight weeks tuition by both Cheralyn & Sonya
Each lesson includes:

One audio lesson with C
heralyn(mediations) downloadable to your computer or music player.
(Audio lessons vary in length, from 15 minutes to 35 minutes, depending on the content to be covered.)

ideo lessons by Cheralyn & Sonya : Each video lesson runs between 7 to thirty minutes.
This is available via private Youtube link.

LOADS of written lessons including photos, enough in fact to fill more than a book! 

An online forum exclusive to class members
 and attended to by Cheralyn & Sonya.

The Flower Oracle Online Workshop
with Sonya Lowe & Cheralyn Darcey 
8 week course ~ $130