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The Weekend News ~ 13th October 2012

ohhh a little intro to Magical Faeryland! 
Loving sharing my special magic place with you all and one hope you can join me for a walk and a day of adventure there... lol... yes planning planning! 

to see more of my Adventure Videos go to


just love finding and sharing these... spread the LOVE! oh and GOOD LUCK!! 

Writing Australia’s Unpublished Manuscript Award
[WAUMA] is now open for submissions.
The $10,000 cash prize and $2,000 mentorship will aid in the development of the next stage of an unpublished adult fiction manuscript. It will be granted to the work that shows the greatest promise and is likely to benefit most from this opportunity.
Unrestricted by genre, geographic location or age, the award is designed to support writers on their journey to publication by provided a monetary prize as well as an invaluable formal mentorship.
On the phenomenal success of the 2011 award, Writing Australia has secured a group of highly respected judges for 2012, including Nobel Prize winner JM Coetzee, Toni Jordan, Alan Gould and Aviva Tuffield.
Winners will be announced in late January.
The Award is managed by the SA Writers’ Centre on behalf of Writing Australia.


Knocking on heaven’s door: How to get exhibitions and money. 

Danny Lacy and Kelly Fliedner
Sunday 4 November, 12 – 3pm 

This seminar is a part of the West Space Professional Practice series.
This series is designed to develop the skills of artists, writers, curators and arts workers across a range of professional competencies. To meet this need, West Space have developed a series of afternoon workshops, each of which is designed to tackle some ‘frequently asked questions’ and to help you navigate the (sometimes treacherous) waters of the Melbourne art world.
This workshop covers:
How to write a grant proposal

How to write an exhibition proposal

Writing artist statements and bios

Preparing CVs

The importance of good support material

Understanding the importance of criteria

Preparing viable budgets and timelines
Who: West Space Director Danny Lacy and Program Curator Kelly Fliedner

When: Sunday 4 November 2012, 12 - 3pm
Maximum 30 participants

Cost: $35


Studio Residency Program 2012 ~ Sydney Australia 

The Firstdraft Emerging Artist Studio Residency program provides emerging artists with the opportunity to develop their practice and exhibit within a dynamic artistic community in central Sydney. Firstdraft studio artists are encouraged to use the timeframe and studio to create and exhibit work not normally encouraged by the short time frames available for installing work. The program provides an opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with access to a community of peers, encouraging artists to become more involved in an Artist Run Initiative (ARI).

All 2012 Firstdraft Emerging Artist Studio Residency Program applicants will complete their studio residency at the Depot in Woolloomooloo. This studio program has been developed to increase the breadth of Firstdraft’s involvement with and support for emerging experimental arts in Australia.

The Firstdraft studio residency program is supported by The Visual Arts and Craft Strategy through The Australian government and the New South Wales Government.

Firstdraft will provide the successful applicant with:

A studio space in the Firstdraft Depot at Riley St Woolloomooloo for 12 weeks [non-residential

A flat artist fee for work completed during the studio residency program.

A fully subsidised three-week exhibition at Firstdraft upon completion of the program

Applications will only be accepted via email in PDF format only. Please include ‘Residency Application’ in the subject of your email to: [email protected]

Applications for this round are due 18th October 2012.

I'm in Sydney so of course i get more information about what's on here. I do try and spread my wings in my adventuring BUt pleaase feel free to add anything you know about  near you that you can share in the comments box below. 
Ohhhh THIS is just divine! 

Eugène Atget 
Old Paris

Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney 

Lose yourself in the beauty of Old Paris with over 200 rare and original prints from the founder of documentary photography.

His bellows camera, glass plates and printing technique may link him to earlier 19th-century photography, but the vision of Eugène Atget (1857–1927) was an astonishingly modern one.

The best of Atget’s work is revealed through his images of the streets of Old Paris. In a time of rapid transformation, Atget captured the buildings, gardens, old shops and streets that had not been touched by Baron Haussmann’s 19th-century modernisation program. We are shown a city remote from the clichés of the Belle Époque, a genuine glimpse into the past of this iconic metropolis.

Considered the founder of documentary photography, Atget and his enigmatic images inspired numerous artists including Brassaï, the Surrealists, Walker Evans and Berenice Abbott, as well as Man Ray, who collected some of the photographs included in the exhibition.

We are creating GYPSY JOURNALS over at my Crew page so come and join in! 
videos are going up featuring lits of art techniques and ideas
Next month we are creating a mini Oracle deck. 

The next round by our Masterclass Teachers IS COMING!!!!!!
Sign ups begin today and most classes begin in about two weeks time.
Tlcreate to book and for more information!


This was so wonderful and I am THRILLED to be a part of this magical book by Serene & Lucy. 
The book is filled with so much wisdom, love, magic, ideas and well just everything! 
I chat about my art and spiritual connections and I've given ideas and on creating your own Talismans and looking after those you have! 
So many others have shared their love and insights in this book too! It really is going to be one of my favourites. I adored Faery Magic and her sister Mermaid Magic, this is the Crystal in the Magical Faery Crown for ME! :) 

From the Website:

Step into the world between the worlds and the wisdom of your inner Witch to create an inspiring and magical life...

Wise Woman, Medicine Man, Priestess, Druid, Shaman, Witch… Throughout the ages these magical practitioners have worked with natural forces for healing, divination and greater understanding of the world and our place within it. Today many more people are feeling the call to walk the path of the Witch, to be healer, spellcaster, eco warrior, intuitive and ritualist. To connect again with the energy of the earth and the wisdom of Witchcraft.

From the authors of Faery Magic and Mermaid Magic comes an enchanting new adventure into the power and beauty of the Craft of the Wise, with clear guidance on how you can access this ancient knowledge to create the life you dream of. Witchcraft is an earth-honouring spiritual path and an empowering, beautiful and balanced way of being at one with the universe, taking responsibility for your life, and transforming your every word and action into a ritual and an alchemical tool of change.

more information & to purchase

Banner witch

TALISMAN Flannel Flower Commissions

Flannelflower1I am working with Flannel Flower energy to bring about a Collection which focus on the energies of these beautiful messangers of the Australian Spring. 
I have an divine secret place in a quiet tucked away track. High on rocky clif overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here I collect Flannel Flowers  each year to use in my own potions and mists and this year, after perfecting my Talisman setting techniques, I will be creating Flannel Flower Talismans. 
Each month I will be working with a different flower so I can really focus on their energy and intentions.
If you would like to book a Talisman Commission (these will be ready in two weeks!) pop into my Etsy Store.

Each will look SIMILAR to my Mexican Daisy Talismans and be set in a slice of a fallen gum branch.

I create all my Talismans completely by hand, myself, in the Magic Workshop. 
This video on Youtube will give you a very clear idea of what they look like! 

They will float within a little watery pool and I'm happy to add wings if you would like, including my new hand painted wings! 
The Flannel Flower Talismans will be blessed and dedicated in a ritual I will video for you back where they grew on completion. 
She will be sent to you with a Blessing & Spell Kit for you to Dedicate your Intentions
and empower your Talisman Energetically. 
Each Talisman is a little work of art, no two are ever the same or ever could be and all are created with love, positive energy, magic and care.  

These white Goddesses of the Australian Spring promote joy, happiness and success in new beginnings. 
A very positive influence in promoting trust in self and in allowing healing to commence and trust rebuilding in others and situations that have caused negative influence in the past.
Gentleness and grace with openness are energies that Flannel Flower embody
with those who work with her.
Feelings are more easily understood and communicated. Your ability to understand and verbalise your feelings is another gift of Flannel Flower when worn. 
Flannel Flower is a very good energy for males who feel they require balance with sensitivity and gentleness.
for more information and to purchase pop into my Etsy Store. :)  

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend, 
Much Love & HAPPIEST Creative Blessings,
Cheralyn xx  

Spring Sale! 20% Off Everything ~ be quick!



I rarely have sales... in fact, THIS IS MY VERY FIRST ONE! 

I am extending this sale BECAUSE so many of you have asked for me to hold items
until 'pay day' etc... so to be fair to everyone you now have until THIS Friday. 


These Talismans have all been blessed and empowered
through moon rituals, the Spring Equinox
and strengthened through the past full moon.
All come with a spell and blessing kit for
YOU to use to dedicate with as well!

The Magic Workshop is being cleaned up for Spring,
commissions completed, new works begun and those
items looking for YOU are ready to go. 

All sale items are Express Post
bagged up and leaving this week

(YES commissions included!)
but only until midmight Friday (Sydney time)
The Code you need in the checkout is DAYLIGHTSAVINGSALE
(all upper case, no spaces) and the discount will be applied at checkout,
any problems at checkout? PM me. 


The Coupon Code will not work for Talisman Commissions...
these are usually $149.00...
has already been changed at my shop. 

Wishing you Blessings on finding your magical piece today! 

Blessings & Spells Postcard ~ Path Clearing Spell

A request this week!
A Path Clearing Spell and PERFECT timing as the moon is Waning. (getting smaller after the full moon) 
This period is fantastic when working with Intentions to remove things and decrease things from our lives. If you do not have a purple candle, then a single white candle will do. 

Though this spell does not call for the burning of any set incenses or herbs, I would use any that you feel aid in clearing negative energy or blockages. You really cant go too far past Thyme for this as it's properties of being an energy clearer and cleanser are very powerful and YES simply sprinkling some in your candle flame would be wonderful if you didn't have a charcoal block. 

A few other ideas:

FENUGREEK Seeds: Success
FRANKINCENSE RESIN:  Cleansing negative energies

 If you click on the picture you will be taken to a larger version that you can print out, download and are more than welcome to share these postcards....



For this spell you will need to first protect and ground yourself, as with ALL spell work..
Protection can be in the form you find works for you or simply by surrounding yourself with pure white light from above. 
Grounding can also be as you see fit or by visualizing yourself connected to earth and then spreading roots deep within the earth to the warm glowing core.
Bring the energy back to you and feel it beat with your intentions. REALLY focus on wht you want to happen and be positive with your energy! 
After your spellcasting, send the light back, release your attachment to the core of earth, shake, clap, yell, stamp your feet!
Come back to now and here.

I post Blessings & Spell Postcards for you to download, share & print EVERY Monday.

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx 

Brigit Returns

I have been in a place where creating a Goddess or completeing one of my Goddesses was impossible.. but now...
SHE RETURNS!........

and there is one who fills my heart with light... one who's return signals to me that again I can create with her guidance, hear her encouragement and lift up to the flame and feel it's warmth and hear the flames roar in my heart. 
Your word is my work Goddess!  

Goddess Brigit is a beloved Celtic Goddess associated with Healing Waters, Wells and Springs.  She is the Lady of the Sacred Flame, the Flame of Inspiration, the Flame of Creative Consciousness.  Brigit is the “Bringer of Prosperity,” Goddess of Fertility, New Growth and Birth.  She is the Patroness of Poetry, Healing, Smithcraft, Midwifery and Animal Care & Breeding.  Brigit is Warrior and Healer, Protectress and Goddess of Healing Grace.

Brigit is said to have been born at the exact moment of day break, she rose with the sun, her head radiant with rays of luminous light, associating her with ascended awareness, enlightenment, new beginnings, sun beams and warmth. She is celebrated on Imbolc, celebrating the return of the light and the coming of the spring.  Thus her solar aspects may also represent Brigit as the Promise of Spring, the Bringer of Light after the dark months of winter. This energy brings with it HOPE, renewed enthusiasm, renewal, and new beginnings.

42 x 14 x 25cm
sculpture & assemblage
pill box c1960s, candelabra fitting c1930s, vase c1970s, pendant c1980s, hand dyed reclaimed silks ~ dress c1980s, wedding dress c1950s, salt dish c1970s, reclaimed drink cans, heart pendant c1950s, champagne bottle holder c1950s, cabinet fittings c1980s, ceramic plates pieces c1970s, found feathers, charms modern reclaimed




Card of the Day ~ Hear the Yellow Tiger Moon

Kuan Yin Oracle
Hear the Yellow Tiger Mother
  Yello"Sometimes we must be strong and hold true whilst all around us seems to be shifting and changing. The Yellow Tiger Mother, Kuan Yin in her Guardian role, is roaring her divine sound within you. She asks you to hear her, to remember that you are a powerful being of light and even whilst you are in a flow with universal forces, your strong roots help you be at peace with your truth, standing your ground whilst your light shines through." from guidebook by Alana Fairchild



WOW, perfect for me today! Wonderful message really for all us xx

I am loving this new deck so much.
The artwork is amazing and the energy very true and well connected.

A lovely gentle oracle deck with healing qualities and divine feminine connections which explore deeply the many layers, faces and energies of this beloved Goddess.

In what ways do you feel you might listen more closely to what is within?
What do you hear?
And now what will you do about it? 

Blessings & Love C xx 

Rose Magic!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this special place!
A few years ago a very good friend of mine took me down the Rabbit Hole to this wonderful place.

I adore flowers and THIS would have to be the most magical entrance to a Rose Garden I've ever come across. Some of the roses here are ancient wisdom holders, I'll share more of their majesty soon.

Rose Colour Correspondences
Roses are usually strongly aligned energetically with the colours they hold.
RED: Love, beauty, courage, respect
DARK RED: Unconscious beauty
WHITE: Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Happy Love
PINK: Appreciation,  Grace, Perfect Happiness, Admiration, Gentleness
DARK PINK: Appreciation, Gratitude
LIGHT PINK: Admiration, Sympathy, Gentleness, Grace, Gladness, Joy, Sweetness
YELLOW: Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight,  new beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me,  Jealousy
YELLOW WITH RED TIPS: Friendship, Falling in Love
ORANGE: Desire, Enthusiasm
RED & WHITE together: Unity
RED & YELLOW together: much joy & happiness
PEACH: Appreciation, togetherness, Sincerity, Gratitude

CORAL: Desire
LAVENDER: Love at first sight, enchantment

Numerology & Roses:
  • A single rose of any color depicts utmost devotion
  • Two roses entwined together communicate "Marry me"
  • Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished
  • Eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved
  • Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer


QUEEN of the Roses! 

Happiest Creative Blessings!
Cheralyn xx


Blessings & Spells Postcard ~ Problem Solving Spell

The answers ARE within :)
Make sure you follow the Spellcrafting advice below, protection and grounding are essential
as are VERY clear Intentions...


For this spell you will need to first protect and ground yourself, as with ALL spell work..
Protection can be in the form you find works for you or simply by surrounding yourself with pure white light from above. 
Grounding can also be as you see fit or by visualizing yourself connected to earth and then spreading roots deep within the earth to the warm glowing core.
Bring the energy back to you and feel it beat with your intentions. REALLY focus on wht you want to happen and be positive with your energy! 
After your spellcasting, send the light back, release your attachment to the core of earth, shake, clap, yell, stamp your feet!
Come back to now and here.

I post Blessings & Spell Postcards for you to download, share & print EVERY Monday.
(yes I'm a day late this week due to the launch of the Spiritual Art Adventurer CREW 

Happiest Creative Blessings,

Cheralyn xx 

Spiritual Art Adventurer ~ Gypsy Journaling!

We have set sail!... ♥ JUMP ON BOARD! 
Spring brought with it my dream to get an
Art Community blog going. I do this sort of thing in person 
in a VERY different world to ours and have wanted
to share it as I know how good it feels! 

This month I present Gypsy Journaling. 
YES it CAN be your Book of Shadows and I will be presenting
tips along those lines later in the month as we progress. 
Come and have a wander on the decks and join in. 
It's FREE, it's FUN and it's HERE....