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Free Monthly Online Spiritual Arty Projects?

I KNOW my online world is a TAD all over the place at the moment but I am working very hard behind the sceens to bring it all together into one awesome next of creative goodness!
I began a Spiritual Art Adventurer group over
and its buzzing along nicley. 

This month it's GYPSY JOURNALING and there are videos, exercises and loads of awesome ideas that YOU can play with, and join in. It's flexible, free and FUN!

If you joined in my free Book of Shadows workshop earlier this year you will see a little repetition of content for just this month, BUT there is additional content and stick with it as we unfold each month to more adventures featuring lots of new journeys.

Next month we will be creating our own Oracle/Tarot Deck and you don't need to know how to draw stick figures. OK MAYBE stick figures if you want a deck featuring "The Saint" ... hey wait a minute, what a great idea! mmmmmmm
Along with discussion and exercises to explore themes, I will be sharing lots of ways you can put together your own deck, including collage, computer assisted art, traditional art mediums and ways that don't even include CARDS! 

Hey there is a Facebook page too that provides the Forum support for the CREW
just search "Spiritual Art Adventurer" on Facebook... you will find us there! :)
Happiest Creative Blessings,
Cheralyn xx 

Card of the Day ~ Inner Child Deck 8 of Wands

8wandsInner Child Cards
A Fairy-Tale Tarot

Isha Lerner & Mark Lerner
& Christopher Guilfoil

This deck... WOW! I purchased this a few years ago, new from a shop.
I've looked at the box in stores, I have read and reread articles about them and I have pondered, as you do! 
I admit, the artwork and the oversized cards DID put me off a bit nd you will notice more than a few comments sprinkled throughout the internet complaining about the low quality cardstock. 
Ok, I'm pretty ok with the cardstock. It's not SO thin and it's not SO cheap and nasty as some comments will have you believe. It's average and for the type of deck i think this is better suited as, works just fine. 

On that, I feel this is more of a meditation and study deck and defiantly better suited to single or low card spreads. 

In person, I have grown to actually like the artwork, it feels familiar and soft and VERY friendly. Inviting in it's simplicity and very easy to 'read' and with the advantage of larger size, a great opportunity to really meditate and focus on the images and layers. Borders are well done, backs, very basic but again well suited.
The attributed meanings are based on Fairy tales and childhood symbols and as such, lead you on a lovely journey to your Inner Child. As mentioned, a REALLY great deck for study and I would think Tarot Journalling would work wonders with this deck!
Though created and focusing on the inner child and archetype journey for adults, this deck could easily be used where appropriate for younger readers. My own daughter has grown up with tarot and I would of given her these when she was much younger. 

(from the accompanying guide book)
Eight of Wands

Of the Four elements, fire is he lightest because it rises upward in the air. Fire moves in many shapes and and forms and is used in ritual and ceremony to accentuate transformation, purification, and spiriual awakening. Fire Gods and Goddesses where said to be born in the woods, much like Greek heros and heroines where said to be born of tree maidens. These Gods and Goddesses where then impregnated by lightening and the sun. 

On the eight of wands card there are eight fairies who are being initiated or reborn into the fairy realm of power and transmutation. Their wands are being re~energized and alchemized as they invoke the birth of new consciousness. Ultimately, what is truly being awakened in them is the light of the world. 
Join the fairies as they light their wands in blazing fire. It may be a time for you to reunite with a group, family, or consciousness that moves you beyond self-interest or personal power. The way you use your power has significant consequences in the world. Fire can destroy or heal. Become a light bearer who honours truth and feels compassion for al who share the Earth. 

ALL CARDS OF THE DAY published so far can be viewed HERE at
Card of Day features cards from decks I use and own in my practise as a Tarot Reader & Teacher 

ONLINE COURSE ~ Gem~mer’s Treasure Chest of Ocean Magic

Gem1Sea Magic & Talisman Creation
featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum

BEGINS 29th October 2012

Dig your toes into the sand, allow the waves to caress your feet.
Breathe in deep the sweet ocean scent as the winds sweep past you, around you, through you.
And I shall share my magic, my knowledge, myself with you as we dive into a six week journey of discovery! 
Hidden in the depths of my treasure chest is a practical yet magical guide into the realms of Ocean. 

Our journeying will have you discovering Oceans Ways & The Magical Mermaids, Sea Gods & Goddess’s, The wonders of Sea~Creature Teachers & of course Seashells too! Shell divination, the magic of Sea Monsters & reminiscing on Sea Stories too! This tantalising taste of Ocean Magic’s will inspire you to connect & discover well as I guide you through the importance of self-discovery & trusting your own intuition as I take you into the deep blue sea, to your inner mermaid & so much more.

I have also included a bonus lesson for you to discover your own creativity! She is a step by step guide to creating your very own & very unique Mer~Goddess (or God) Necklaces or Sacred Space Healers.

Gem2There is much to discover as we explore the watery realms & lift the lid on a treasure chest of ocean magic! You need not be near the ocean to participate in this course; we will endeavour to bring her to you! 
My ‘Treasure Chest of Ocean Magic will have your heart swimming in Ocean alongside mermaids & sea~creature teachers & if you do not have seashells to create with, I will send you one!!! :) ♥ xo

Gem3 Tlcreate

Card of the Day ~ Wabun

EastSpirit of the Wheel
Linda Ewashina & Jody Bergsma

I purchased this deck second hand through the online Facebook site Owl Feather... wonderful community!

This deck is actually presented as a meditation deck, though I have had no problems using it as an oracle at all. Very clear messengers and very accurate. Better suited to one card draws, though more experienced readers certainly can read layered interpretations with multi card spreads. 

Aesthetically I adore the illustrations and don't mind the over-sized borders, they actually unusually do not distract from it. I am a fan of collage style so I found I gravitated easily to the artwork and to me it feels very true to the messages conveyed. 

The backs... oh my pet issue with decks and this one is a real shame. If only the text was left off, it would of been just about perfect. I have to admit, though a cliche, the opportunity to use that beautiful dream catcher featured on the box was a miss too! 


card 10  
KEYWORDS: new beginnings, thought process, inspiration

as you look towards the east and watch the sunrise, feel the gift of inspiration growing within you. Be aware of the new path emerging before you. Before you take that first step, be well aware of the thoughts and energy that you ultimately shape your future as a self-fulfilling propechy. Let passion and inpiation of the East card give rise to a fresh start and a new horizon. 
(excerpt from the Little White Book... more is available in it!) 

ALL CARDS OF THE DAY published so far can be viewed HERE at
Card of Day features cards from decks I use and own in my practise as a Tarot Reader & Teacher 

ONLINE COURSE with Trish ~ Crafting your own Vibrational Essence!

Intuitive Essence Making: How to craft your personal vibrational essence
with Trish Anderson-Young of Mermaids Garden
begins 29th October 2012 BOOKING NOW 

(this is your last chance to secure a spot at this price on Trish's VERY popular online course)

Like most of us I'm sure, I ADORE vibrational essences.
Bush Flower, Back Flower, Crystals... all of them!  Imagine being able to create your own personal essences... created for you, by you and in this online 6 week workshop you will do exactly this while learning so much more.
Trish is an amazing teacher and in this 6 week online workshop 
that is supported by videos, photos, notes, audio and  wonderful teacher/student private forum, you will explore so much on your journey with vibrational essences. 

limited spaces remain $75 for 6 week online course

Intuitive Essence Making: 
How to craft your personal vibrational essence
with Trish Anderson-Young of Mermaids Garden

For centuries, flower essences have been created and used by many civilisation as a form of restoring balance to our emotional and physical wellbeing. Like all life on Mother Earth, flowers and crystals carry a unique vibration and it is through working with flowers, crystals and nature spirits that we can craft vibrational essences to assist our journey 
through life.

During our six week journey you will learn about:

* A brief history of Vibrational Essences
* Understanding Doctrine of Signatures for Flowers and Crystals
* How to create your personal essence
* How the seasons, lunar cycles, planets and weather can influence your essence
* Understanding the "hidden" messages of the Nature Spirits and Devas.

and much, much more.

Each week will be supported with Online tutorials, exercises, written notes, photos, videos and discussion forum.
Trish Anderson-Young, founded the 
Mermaid's Garden back in 2004, after a 
series of life changing events turned her life 
into a rollercoaster of immense joy, love, 
gratitude and at times, deep sadness.

She likes to teach from personal experience 
~ the University of LIfe ~ and whilst Trish 
dislikes "labels" for what she does so 
describes herself as an Earth Alchemist - 
someone who works with many different 
modalities, weaving crystal healing, flower 
essences, earth wicca, reiki, aromatherapy 
and channelled messages from Nature 
Spirits, Devas and Ancient Civilisations into 
her work and teaching.

Her quest for knowledge has led he to 
studies in Reiki (Usui Level II); Crystal 
Healing; Australian Bush Flower Essences; 
Spiritual Alchemy; White Light Essences; 
Numerology and Kinesiology. Each course 
awakened another layer of the Ancient 
knowledge deep within her soul, always 
leading her forward towards the next clue 
along her life path.

A deep sense of “knowing” within her began 
to reconnect with the strong memories from 
her early childhood - memories of crystaline 
cities surrounded by water, strange symbols, 
distant stars and ancient civilisations, as well 
as mythical beings such as mermaids, 
dragons and flying horses.

Like many children with memories of past 
lives, Trish chose to shut down her intuitive 
gifts for almost 30 years, out of fear, until one 
day an acquaintance suggested she read a 
new book called “The Celestine Prophecy”.

Since that day 16 years ago, she's not looked 
back. Each day is a blessing no matter what 
it teaches - as Trish is now comfortable in 
the knowledge she will always be exactly 
where Spirit needs her to be for that moment 
of time. And her greatest joy is to see 
students reconnect with nature and their 
inner wisdom so they too can restore well 
being and balance to their daily life.


Blessings & Spells Postcard ~ Seven Flowers Blessing Bath

Welcome to Monday and that means Blessings & Spells Postcard Day!! *yeah*
As you all know... I LOVE FLOWERS! I try and sneek them in everywhere and YES I do ALWAYS wear flowers in my hair. Here's a hint, especially if you watch my videos ~ I work with colour energies too and the colour my flower is will very rarely be a fashion statement! You can guess what is going on with my day from the colour of my flower... oh and YES I do indeed have black ones for those days where protection is needed! Of late I've been wearing Turquoise... ok over to you all ... why do you think? ;) 

If you click on the picture you will be taken to a larger version that you can print out, download and are more than welcome to share these postcards on Facebook or as you please....


Intention is EVERYTHING in Spellcasting & Blessings. 
If you are not 100% focused on your Intentions and the work you are doing to create your blessing or spell, then it will not be successful. Think clearly and FOCUS. 

Protection can be in the form you find works for you or simply by surrounding yourself with pure white light from above. 

Grounding can also be as you see fit or by visualizing yourself connected to earth and then spreading roots deep within the earth to the warm glowing core.
Bring the energy back to you and feel it beat with your intentions. REALLY focus on wht you want to happen and be positive with your energy! 

After your spellcasting, send the light back, release your attachment to the core of earth, shake, clap, yell, stamp your feet!
Come back to now and here.

I post Blessings & Spell Postcards for you to download, share & print EVERY Monday.

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx 

Card of the day ~ The Fool

Micheal Tierra and Candis Cantin

Ginseng is known as the world’s wonder. It improves memory function, replenishes energy, strengthens the immune system, and is adaptogenic. 
The fool is walking towards the edge of a cliff with his eyes closed. He smells a red rose. There is a ray of sunshine directly on the fool. The forest is behind him. The carries a travel bag with him, and is wearing a cloak over his clothing and cap with a feather on it. There is a large ginseng plant at the edge of the cliff, it’s roots almost bursting out of the ground.

The sun is contentment, and appears almost as if it is spiritual, thus spiritual contentment. The forest is behind him, thus he’s able to see things more clearly if he opens his eyes. The red rose is a typical symbol of love. The feather is symbolizing his forward movement, as are his steps. The ginseng is representing the adapting of new ways.

New beginnings; Adaptability; Improved memory


ONLINE COURSE with Sonya Lowe booking NOW!

ONLINE COURSE! booking now:

Green Witches Garden & Herb Crafting
begins 29th October 2012
(this is your last chance to secure a spot at this price on Sonyas VERY popular online course and it's SPRING here in Australia so PERFECT TIME!)  
From pots on window sills to gardens in the country...
Sonya covers it all and then takes us on to the magic of uses for our grown creations! 

Sonya1-240x324Green Witches Garden & Herb Crafting
Come and join Sonya for 6 weeks 
of Garden and Herb Crafting magic.
From potted window boxes to country gardens,
Sonya will show you how!

featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum
we start on the New Moon
29th October 2012  BOOKING NOW

Course outline:


* Deciding & establishing a plan for the type of Garden to suit your desires
* From a single pot plant to planning a large Garden
* What do you want from your Garden? Magical, Medicinal & Culinary or all of the Above
* Preparing the Garden, Getting to know your Space and your Tools
* Establishing the Directions..North, South, East & West
* Herbs and their Directional Correspondences
* Introduction to Wildcrafting - Plant material, Rocks & Sticks - Sticky-beaking - Being Eco-Friendly & Aware
* Recycling! Start Collecting
* Keeping a Green Journal
* Herb resources - Dried and Plants

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Annointing Oil for Blessing Tools
                               Garden/Wildcrafting Offerings


Echinacea_600w* Communicating with your Land - A Meditation Practice
* Soil & Water - Infusing & Using Crystals, Blessed Water, Sun, Moon & Elements
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 1
* Plant Safety - Kids & Pets
* Moon Gardening Basics
* Taking Cuttings & getting them Started
* Seed resources - Where to get them & What to look for!

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Preparations - Making an Infusion
                               Sacred Herbal Water


* Attracting Bees, Bugs & Wildlife to your Sacred Space St_johns_wort_1
* Flowers & their Special Place in the Garden
* The Language of Flowers
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 2
* Flower Communication - A Practice
* Planting Seeds
* Making a Flower Press & Pressing Flowers and Herbs
* Planting into the Earth

Two recipes/Activities: Natural Cleaners for Everyday use & Cleansing & Purifying Indoor Space
                               Eco-friendly Spray and Fertilizer for Outdoors


* Inviting Garden Visitors through Light & Sound
* Tree Communication - With a Practice
* Tree Correspondences
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 3
* Incense Blends - Different Types
* Making Incense Blends & Blending Techniques
* Using your Herbal Incense & Tools

Two Recipes/Activities: Making Herbal Bath Bags for Relaxation, Magic and Ritual
                               Creating your own Herbal Amulets & Talismans


Comfrey_plant* Harvesting! What's in YOUR Wicker basket
* Drying your Herbs, Flowers & other Plant Materials
* Herbs & Flowers of the Full Moon for Offerings & Ritual
* Smudging - What is it & Why - The purpose of Smudging
* Herbs to use for Smudging
* Making your Smudge Sticks
* Making Herbal Braids
* Herbal Fire Starters

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Scrying Wash for Crystals, Mirrors & Windows
                               Herbal Teas - Making the Perfect Brew


* Bringing the Garden Inside - Blurring the Edges
* Creating mini Eco-systems & Micro Climates
* Using the Power of Stones in the Garden
* Building Prayer Cairns
* Creating a Garden Altar
* Herbs of Offering for Goddesses
* Herbs of Offering for Gods
* The Different Moons and their Herbs

Two Recipes/Activities: Making Magical Ink from Herbs
                               Brewing Elderflower Wine

ONLINE COURSE with Natasha Heard!

ONLINE COURSE! booking now:
Blessed Branches ~ How to Create Your Own Magical Tool
begins 29th October 2012
(this is your last chance to secure a spot at this price on Natashas VERY popular online course)  

26miraclesbigHere at Creative Witchery we are thrilled that the amazingly talented and magical Natasha Heard of Blessed Branches is teaching her very first classes ANYWHERE with us!
I own a staff of that Natasha made me for as a commission last yer and this is a lady who knows her stuff to put it mildly. Not only do you feel the intention, the magic and the deep connections she has in creation, the quality and workmanship is second to none. 

Our online courses are fatastic, if we don't say so ourselves!
They featured 6 weeks of lessons available to you for a three month period. You can download everything from your colourful, gorgeous classroom. We provide a forum, it;s nice and private, just students and your teacher nd me (Cheralyn, from Creative Witchery). It's a great place to share ideas, ask the teacher questions and meet people who like the things you do. It's really easy to upload pictures to share too which is great when trying to identify things like trees in this class.

Blessed Branches ~ How to Create Your Own Magical Tool
For years many have wanted to know, begged and pleaded for me to share my magical tool making 
Here for the first time EVER! in this course I will show you step by step how to create and how to use 
these magical tools!
Create your own Blessed Branch!
~ WANDS ~ SCEPTRE'S ~ STAVES ~  29twilightbig

*Seek the branch.

*The crystal calls.

*Two become one ~ a Blessed birth.

*Feathers, Shells, Threads and Bells.

*Intuitively connecting to your creation.

*Making Magic! ~ how to use your magical tool.

how to create your own magical tool
by Natasha Heard
6 week course


Natasha Heard is a creatress of all  Tash2
things magical!
A natural witch ~ her magical life and 
connection to the Earth flow into all her 
Whilst her speciality is Wands, 
Sceptre's and staves, her 
horticulturalist husband Michael has 
joined her in creation making Blessed 
Rune sets and Tree of Life BindRune 
they live with their two children on the 
coast of NSW and spend much time 
together on the beach and in the 
nature reserve behind their home 
gathering the gifts Mother Earth has to 
offer, they never take from living tree's 
and only use fallen branches and 
driftwood for their Blessed Branches.
Natasha is very intuitive and deeply 
connects to every tree, in touch with 
with the nature spirits and loves to 
spend time communing with Tree 
Dryad's, faery's, elves, animal spirits 
and ancient god's and goddess's.
This connection and passion for magic 
is what makes her a true creatress of 
powerful, Magical tools.


Card of the Day ` The Secret Doorway

YES a bit late... by a FEW days due to boys & bikes! *sigh*
OK here's today...
NO really not Bias, I'm selecting a deck randomly that I actually do have and drwaing a card...

ohhhh what a card!.......



by Lucy Cavendish
Artwork by Selina Fenech


Secret Doorway

Working with intuition, Second sight opening, Dimensional doorways 

SecretdoorwayThis beautiful being is half-human, half-fae, and is rediscovering herself, and her ability to intuit the messages of nature – of all that is. She is an awakening being, who is undergoing a process of deep and real change based on her association with the fae, and her ability to finally understand that the trees and natural world are the keys to establishing communication with the fae. But she stands on the threshold of a world that seems ill-fitted to her; to understand and roam freely within, what can she do? Change her shape? Become smaller, like Alice in Wonderland? Truly, in order to reach the wonderment of faery, you must become “smaller”. But that does not mean to become a reduced version of yourself. Rather, it means to approach them, or whatever situation is currently at hand, as a beginner, a walker in a new land, and to be humble and willing to learn. This threshold will see her walk into another land, but she will still be able to walk in her own. See the light pouring through – through this humble doorway is en-LIGHT-enment. Meaning, more knowledge, understanding and the ability to communicate. She is peering through this doorway, through which light can shine into the darkening world of humans. A world that is only darkened by the thought forms that provide a kind of emotional pollution in our world. She is ready to step through, to allow her imagination’s wisdom to lead her into new realms, and to accept the mystery of faery communication. They have much to share with her, and she is open to learning. Faeries circle about her now, rejoicing at this breakthrough, and she is breaking through her own fears of communicating with the faery beings, and has unlocked a doorway to another dimension. As a result, her life’s work will start now, and she will find herself in the right place at the right time. As long as her relationship with nature remains pure and strong, so too will her relationship with the natural world. As this relationship deepens, her health and material wealth will also benefit in powerful ways, as the faeries love to see their own prosper and thrive, and take the messages back. She is a luminal being, an in-betweener, and will walk between worlds and in the three realms: of humans, of faery, of the afterlife (the Summerland). 

Divinatory Meanings
Being able to see change ahead, but not knowing how to deal with it. Understanding that in order to learn something new, one must forget what one thinks one knows. Getting “down” to the level of others who you do not know. Receiving messages from nature. Understanding that wonderment is the natural process of change. 

Reversed Meanings
You are receiving messages from the realm of faery, particularly tree spirits and beings, but you may be closing your eyes to these messages, refusing to hear them. Fearing these messages are not from a pure source as they do not feel celestial in origin. Feeling that light comes from above, rather than from within and underneath, and an unwillingness to be humble in the face of these messages. Humility, gratitude and an open heart will dissolve the dilemmas facing the seeker at present. Treating nature with love and respect, and some awe, too, will change so much for them. Above all, they need not overcomplicate, they must not judge. A possibility that judgement is rife, even if it is being called discernment. Mistrust of the world of this planet, and of its magickal beings. Refusing to be humble when faced with a change, a transition from one way of life to another.