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ONLINE COURSE with Trish ~ Crafting your own Vibrational Essence!

Intuitive Essence Making: How to craft your personal vibrational essence
with Trish Anderson-Young of Mermaids Garden
begins 29th October 2012 BOOKING NOW 

(this is your last chance to secure a spot at this price on Trish's VERY popular online course)

Like most of us I'm sure, I ADORE vibrational essences.
Bush Flower, Back Flower, Crystals... all of them!  Imagine being able to create your own personal essences... created for you, by you and in this online 6 week workshop you will do exactly this while learning so much more.
Trish is an amazing teacher and in this 6 week online workshop 
that is supported by videos, photos, notes, audio and  wonderful teacher/student private forum, you will explore so much on your journey with vibrational essences. 

limited spaces remain $75 for 6 week online course

Intuitive Essence Making: 
How to craft your personal vibrational essence
with Trish Anderson-Young of Mermaids Garden

For centuries, flower essences have been created and used by many civilisation as a form of restoring balance to our emotional and physical wellbeing. Like all life on Mother Earth, flowers and crystals carry a unique vibration and it is through working with flowers, crystals and nature spirits that we can craft vibrational essences to assist our journey 
through life.

During our six week journey you will learn about:

* A brief history of Vibrational Essences
* Understanding Doctrine of Signatures for Flowers and Crystals
* How to create your personal essence
* How the seasons, lunar cycles, planets and weather can influence your essence
* Understanding the "hidden" messages of the Nature Spirits and Devas.

and much, much more.

Each week will be supported with Online tutorials, exercises, written notes, photos, videos and discussion forum.
Trish Anderson-Young, founded the 
Mermaid's Garden back in 2004, after a 
series of life changing events turned her life 
into a rollercoaster of immense joy, love, 
gratitude and at times, deep sadness.

She likes to teach from personal experience 
~ the University of LIfe ~ and whilst Trish 
dislikes "labels" for what she does so 
describes herself as an Earth Alchemist - 
someone who works with many different 
modalities, weaving crystal healing, flower 
essences, earth wicca, reiki, aromatherapy 
and channelled messages from Nature 
Spirits, Devas and Ancient Civilisations into 
her work and teaching.

Her quest for knowledge has led he to 
studies in Reiki (Usui Level II); Crystal 
Healing; Australian Bush Flower Essences; 
Spiritual Alchemy; White Light Essences; 
Numerology and Kinesiology. Each course 
awakened another layer of the Ancient 
knowledge deep within her soul, always 
leading her forward towards the next clue 
along her life path.

A deep sense of “knowing” within her began 
to reconnect with the strong memories from 
her early childhood - memories of crystaline 
cities surrounded by water, strange symbols, 
distant stars and ancient civilisations, as well 
as mythical beings such as mermaids, 
dragons and flying horses.

Like many children with memories of past 
lives, Trish chose to shut down her intuitive 
gifts for almost 30 years, out of fear, until one 
day an acquaintance suggested she read a 
new book called “The Celestine Prophecy”.

Since that day 16 years ago, she's not looked 
back. Each day is a blessing no matter what 
it teaches - as Trish is now comfortable in 
the knowledge she will always be exactly 
where Spirit needs her to be for that moment 
of time. And her greatest joy is to see 
students reconnect with nature and their 
inner wisdom so they too can restore well 
being and balance to their daily life.