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ONLINE COURSE with Natasha Heard!

ONLINE COURSE! booking now:
Blessed Branches ~ How to Create Your Own Magical Tool
begins 29th October 2012
(this is your last chance to secure a spot at this price on Natashas VERY popular online course)  

26miraclesbigHere at Creative Witchery we are thrilled that the amazingly talented and magical Natasha Heard of Blessed Branches is teaching her very first classes ANYWHERE with us!
I own a staff of that Natasha made me for as a commission last yer and this is a lady who knows her stuff to put it mildly. Not only do you feel the intention, the magic and the deep connections she has in creation, the quality and workmanship is second to none. 

Our online courses are fatastic, if we don't say so ourselves!
They featured 6 weeks of lessons available to you for a three month period. You can download everything from your colourful, gorgeous classroom. We provide a forum, it;s nice and private, just students and your teacher nd me (Cheralyn, from Creative Witchery). It's a great place to share ideas, ask the teacher questions and meet people who like the things you do. It's really easy to upload pictures to share too which is great when trying to identify things like trees in this class.

Blessed Branches ~ How to Create Your Own Magical Tool
For years many have wanted to know, begged and pleaded for me to share my magical tool making 
Here for the first time EVER! in this course I will show you step by step how to create and how to use 
these magical tools!
Create your own Blessed Branch!
~ WANDS ~ SCEPTRE'S ~ STAVES ~  29twilightbig

*Seek the branch.

*The crystal calls.

*Two become one ~ a Blessed birth.

*Feathers, Shells, Threads and Bells.

*Intuitively connecting to your creation.

*Making Magic! ~ how to use your magical tool.

how to create your own magical tool
by Natasha Heard
6 week course


Natasha Heard is a creatress of all  Tash2
things magical!
A natural witch ~ her magical life and 
connection to the Earth flow into all her 
Whilst her speciality is Wands, 
Sceptre's and staves, her 
horticulturalist husband Michael has 
joined her in creation making Blessed 
Rune sets and Tree of Life BindRune 
they live with their two children on the 
coast of NSW and spend much time 
together on the beach and in the 
nature reserve behind their home 
gathering the gifts Mother Earth has to 
offer, they never take from living tree's 
and only use fallen branches and 
driftwood for their Blessed Branches.
Natasha is very intuitive and deeply 
connects to every tree, in touch with 
with the nature spirits and loves to 
spend time communing with Tree 
Dryad's, faery's, elves, animal spirits 
and ancient god's and goddess's.
This connection and passion for magic 
is what makes her a true creatress of 
powerful, Magical tools.