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ONLINE COURSE ~ Gem~mer’s Treasure Chest of Ocean Magic

Gem1Sea Magic & Talisman Creation
featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum

BEGINS 29th October 2012

Dig your toes into the sand, allow the waves to caress your feet.
Breathe in deep the sweet ocean scent as the winds sweep past you, around you, through you.
And I shall share my magic, my knowledge, myself with you as we dive into a six week journey of discovery! 
Hidden in the depths of my treasure chest is a practical yet magical guide into the realms of Ocean. 

Our journeying will have you discovering Oceans Ways & The Magical Mermaids, Sea Gods & Goddess’s, The wonders of Sea~Creature Teachers & of course Seashells too! Shell divination, the magic of Sea Monsters & reminiscing on Sea Stories too! This tantalising taste of Ocean Magic’s will inspire you to connect & discover well as I guide you through the importance of self-discovery & trusting your own intuition as I take you into the deep blue sea, to your inner mermaid & so much more.

I have also included a bonus lesson for you to discover your own creativity! She is a step by step guide to creating your very own & very unique Mer~Goddess (or God) Necklaces or Sacred Space Healers.

Gem2There is much to discover as we explore the watery realms & lift the lid on a treasure chest of ocean magic! You need not be near the ocean to participate in this course; we will endeavour to bring her to you! 
My ‘Treasure Chest of Ocean Magic will have your heart swimming in Ocean alongside mermaids & sea~creature teachers & if you do not have seashells to create with, I will send you one!!! :) ♥ xo

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