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FOX Energy, Finding Your Animal Spirit Guides & I have a Talisman for Someone ;)

Young Red Fox Kits Louisville KentuckyMy animal guide has been since, well since FOREVER... FOX! 

This was before I even knew it WAS a totem... I just adored Foxes more than any other, Well, ANYTHING really.

All of my life, people would ask which I preferred, dogs or cats and I'd say FOXES!

As I got older... I still loved Foxes but then I began seeing them everywhere, feeling their energy and when I felt unsure of myself working with Fox to strengthen my own magic! 
Fox to me is as familiar as as family. I feel great love and understanding in the presence of Fox and blessed with the understanding of the word, language and message of Fox. When lost I hear her voice. When scared I feel her powerful love. When unsure I see her clever paths. When sad I see her warm smile. When I reach out I feel her sisterly love. 
This is the difference between liking or loving an animal and knowing your Animal spirit guide or if you wish, Totem.


What do I think and feel about Foxes?
Foxes are happy, family minded, smart & clever, playful, quick to strike but quick to get on with it, oh yes they CAN be cunning... lol they like to lay low and hold their cards close to their furry little chests. But most of all foxes are strong, loving, boundless and adaptable.AND I ADORE THEM!


There are a few ways but I find most people realize it through simple attraction. You know how you 'get' certain people? You are drawn to them and their energy and what they do really gels with you? Well it's like that with animal spirit guides/totems. You will find that the ones that you feel you understand, you delight in and you really understand are the ones you call totem.

You will find you notice them more. In the wild, in symbolism, on clothing, tv shows, conversations, cloud shapes, dreams, sounds, feelings, thoughts. The energy of a particular animal will just be around you more than others.

There are lots of people who have produced visual meditation cds and tracks to assist you going deep into a journey to meet your animal guides.  i can highly recommend Scott Alexander King and Dr Steven Farmer. They both have divinely beautiful oracle decks available that can further assist you in working with animal guides. 

SHARE YOUR STORY & you COULD win a Talisman! 
SO!.... What do think About Foxes and more importantly what's your Totem animal and why or what animals are you most drawn to?

 I WANT TO KNOW :) so I'm going to drawn one of people who share and they will win a Talisman that I will create to celebrate THEIR Animal Totem/Guide valued at $150. 

All you need to do is hit the comment tab below and type away. I shall drawn this at 7pm THIS Sunday evening Sydney time and announce the winner here. Good LUCK and I can not wait to hear your awesome stories!

Happiest Creative Blessings,
Cheralyn xx