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Card of the Day ~ Wabun

EastSpirit of the Wheel
Linda Ewashina & Jody Bergsma

I purchased this deck second hand through the online Facebook site Owl Feather... wonderful community!

This deck is actually presented as a meditation deck, though I have had no problems using it as an oracle at all. Very clear messengers and very accurate. Better suited to one card draws, though more experienced readers certainly can read layered interpretations with multi card spreads. 

Aesthetically I adore the illustrations and don't mind the over-sized borders, they actually unusually do not distract from it. I am a fan of collage style so I found I gravitated easily to the artwork and to me it feels very true to the messages conveyed. 

The backs... oh my pet issue with decks and this one is a real shame. If only the text was left off, it would of been just about perfect. I have to admit, though a cliche, the opportunity to use that beautiful dream catcher featured on the box was a miss too! 


card 10  
KEYWORDS: new beginnings, thought process, inspiration

as you look towards the east and watch the sunrise, feel the gift of inspiration growing within you. Be aware of the new path emerging before you. Before you take that first step, be well aware of the thoughts and energy that you ultimately shape your future as a self-fulfilling propechy. Let passion and inpiation of the East card give rise to a fresh start and a new horizon. 
(excerpt from the Little White Book... more is available in it!) 

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