The Weekend News ~ 13th October 2012
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Card of the Day ` The Secret Doorway

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by Lucy Cavendish
Artwork by Selina Fenech


Secret Doorway

Working with intuition, Second sight opening, Dimensional doorways 

SecretdoorwayThis beautiful being is half-human, half-fae, and is rediscovering herself, and her ability to intuit the messages of nature – of all that is. She is an awakening being, who is undergoing a process of deep and real change based on her association with the fae, and her ability to finally understand that the trees and natural world are the keys to establishing communication with the fae. But she stands on the threshold of a world that seems ill-fitted to her; to understand and roam freely within, what can she do? Change her shape? Become smaller, like Alice in Wonderland? Truly, in order to reach the wonderment of faery, you must become “smaller”. But that does not mean to become a reduced version of yourself. Rather, it means to approach them, or whatever situation is currently at hand, as a beginner, a walker in a new land, and to be humble and willing to learn. This threshold will see her walk into another land, but she will still be able to walk in her own. See the light pouring through – through this humble doorway is en-LIGHT-enment. Meaning, more knowledge, understanding and the ability to communicate. She is peering through this doorway, through which light can shine into the darkening world of humans. A world that is only darkened by the thought forms that provide a kind of emotional pollution in our world. She is ready to step through, to allow her imagination’s wisdom to lead her into new realms, and to accept the mystery of faery communication. They have much to share with her, and she is open to learning. Faeries circle about her now, rejoicing at this breakthrough, and she is breaking through her own fears of communicating with the faery beings, and has unlocked a doorway to another dimension. As a result, her life’s work will start now, and she will find herself in the right place at the right time. As long as her relationship with nature remains pure and strong, so too will her relationship with the natural world. As this relationship deepens, her health and material wealth will also benefit in powerful ways, as the faeries love to see their own prosper and thrive, and take the messages back. She is a luminal being, an in-betweener, and will walk between worlds and in the three realms: of humans, of faery, of the afterlife (the Summerland). 

Divinatory Meanings
Being able to see change ahead, but not knowing how to deal with it. Understanding that in order to learn something new, one must forget what one thinks one knows. Getting “down” to the level of others who you do not know. Receiving messages from nature. Understanding that wonderment is the natural process of change. 

Reversed Meanings
You are receiving messages from the realm of faery, particularly tree spirits and beings, but you may be closing your eyes to these messages, refusing to hear them. Fearing these messages are not from a pure source as they do not feel celestial in origin. Feeling that light comes from above, rather than from within and underneath, and an unwillingness to be humble in the face of these messages. Humility, gratitude and an open heart will dissolve the dilemmas facing the seeker at present. Treating nature with love and respect, and some awe, too, will change so much for them. Above all, they need not overcomplicate, they must not judge. A possibility that judgement is rife, even if it is being called discernment. Mistrust of the world of this planet, and of its magickal beings. Refusing to be humble when faced with a change, a transition from one way of life to another.