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Blessings & Spells Postcard ~ Seven Flowers Blessing Bath

Card of the day ~ The Fool

Micheal Tierra and Candis Cantin

Ginseng is known as the world’s wonder. It improves memory function, replenishes energy, strengthens the immune system, and is adaptogenic. 
The fool is walking towards the edge of a cliff with his eyes closed. He smells a red rose. There is a ray of sunshine directly on the fool. The forest is behind him. The carries a travel bag with him, and is wearing a cloak over his clothing and cap with a feather on it. There is a large ginseng plant at the edge of the cliff, it’s roots almost bursting out of the ground.

The sun is contentment, and appears almost as if it is spiritual, thus spiritual contentment. The forest is behind him, thus he’s able to see things more clearly if he opens his eyes. The red rose is a typical symbol of love. The feather is symbolizing his forward movement, as are his steps. The ginseng is representing the adapting of new ways.

New beginnings; Adaptability; Improved memory