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Card of the Day ~ Inner Child Deck 8 of Wands

8wandsInner Child Cards
A Fairy-Tale Tarot

Isha Lerner & Mark Lerner
& Christopher Guilfoil

This deck... WOW! I purchased this a few years ago, new from a shop.
I've looked at the box in stores, I have read and reread articles about them and I have pondered, as you do! 
I admit, the artwork and the oversized cards DID put me off a bit nd you will notice more than a few comments sprinkled throughout the internet complaining about the low quality cardstock. 
Ok, I'm pretty ok with the cardstock. It's not SO thin and it's not SO cheap and nasty as some comments will have you believe. It's average and for the type of deck i think this is better suited as, works just fine. 

On that, I feel this is more of a meditation and study deck and defiantly better suited to single or low card spreads. 

In person, I have grown to actually like the artwork, it feels familiar and soft and VERY friendly. Inviting in it's simplicity and very easy to 'read' and with the advantage of larger size, a great opportunity to really meditate and focus on the images and layers. Borders are well done, backs, very basic but again well suited.
The attributed meanings are based on Fairy tales and childhood symbols and as such, lead you on a lovely journey to your Inner Child. As mentioned, a REALLY great deck for study and I would think Tarot Journalling would work wonders with this deck!
Though created and focusing on the inner child and archetype journey for adults, this deck could easily be used where appropriate for younger readers. My own daughter has grown up with tarot and I would of given her these when she was much younger. 

(from the accompanying guide book)
Eight of Wands

Of the Four elements, fire is he lightest because it rises upward in the air. Fire moves in many shapes and and forms and is used in ritual and ceremony to accentuate transformation, purification, and spiriual awakening. Fire Gods and Goddesses where said to be born in the woods, much like Greek heros and heroines where said to be born of tree maidens. These Gods and Goddesses where then impregnated by lightening and the sun. 

On the eight of wands card there are eight fairies who are being initiated or reborn into the fairy realm of power and transmutation. Their wands are being re~energized and alchemized as they invoke the birth of new consciousness. Ultimately, what is truly being awakened in them is the light of the world. 
Join the fairies as they light their wands in blazing fire. It may be a time for you to reunite with a group, family, or consciousness that moves you beyond self-interest or personal power. The way you use your power has significant consequences in the world. Fire can destroy or heal. Become a light bearer who honours truth and feels compassion for al who share the Earth. 

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