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Card of the Day ~ Hear the Yellow Tiger Moon

Kuan Yin Oracle
Hear the Yellow Tiger Mother
  Yello"Sometimes we must be strong and hold true whilst all around us seems to be shifting and changing. The Yellow Tiger Mother, Kuan Yin in her Guardian role, is roaring her divine sound within you. She asks you to hear her, to remember that you are a powerful being of light and even whilst you are in a flow with universal forces, your strong roots help you be at peace with your truth, standing your ground whilst your light shines through." from guidebook by Alana Fairchild



WOW, perfect for me today! Wonderful message really for all us xx

I am loving this new deck so much.
The artwork is amazing and the energy very true and well connected.

A lovely gentle oracle deck with healing qualities and divine feminine connections which explore deeply the many layers, faces and energies of this beloved Goddess.

In what ways do you feel you might listen more closely to what is within?
What do you hear?
And now what will you do about it? 

Blessings & Love C xx