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CARD of the DAY ~ Children's Spirit Animal Cards ~ Fox

This deck is DELIGHTFUL, there is no other word for it, oh and you really DO NOT have to be a child to enjoy the images and messages either. Baby animals with simple, heartfelt, honest messages. I found the deck to be SPOT ON time and again, including alerting ME to my Totem ears arriving from Canada today after a couple of weeks.
The artwork IS delightful, remincint of children's storybook illustrations. Warm and soft and you just want to curl up with them. Heavy durable cardstock (GREAT for little hands) with a high gloss slip finish. The border is bottom only, featuring a simple message in easy to read text for little ones and the backs feature the box art (bunny).

I was so excited about THIS CARD turning up... here I was waiting for my Fox ears to arrive from overseas and this was my card of the day... say no more REALLY! lol
Children's Spirit Animal Cards
Dr Steven D. Farmer, Jesseca Camacho
Pamela Anzalotti & Michelle Williams

Do secret favours for others
Fox Says: Sometimes people think er're kind of sneaky, but that's not really true. We do try to be careful about being seen because we're sort of shy, but believe it or not, we also really like to do things for each other and other animals. So today, try and do some things without anyone knowing it's you doing it. These are called secret favours, where you don't take credit for it or let whoever you're doing these things for know it was you.

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